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  1. quote:
    Originally posted by sigJ:

    I like your avatar, Team GUI.


    dadJ of Team sigJ


    That is a picture of Google our team mascot. If you have ever seen how much a Newfoundland drools, you will understand why his nickname is GUI. icon_wink.gif

  2. Slow but steady wins the race. icon_biggrin.gif

    The best part is that one of the two Cannonball Racers to tie for first place is a CVC bug. Tilly Tortoise made it home to California tied with her friend Toby the Tortoise from Texas whom she met during the race. Tilly is from Stockton. icon_smile.gif Had to show all those racers that CVC rocks!

  3. Thank you to everyone who helped Tilly the Tortoise and Toby Tortoise win - unofficially as yet - the Cannonball Run. (See Geodillo's post above for the complete list of great helpers.) Additionally, thanks to Team Mixster who couldn't touch them, but willed them on. Especially happy that a CVC travel bug was the first one back home - bringing her new friend Toby (from Texas) with her. icon_biggrin.gif And thanks to Xine who drove Tioga Pass at night icon_eek.gif to bring them in.


    Team GUI

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