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  1. Fallen - heard that your email was being goofy so thought I would catch you here. I replaced/repaired UNKnown on Saturday as promised. You can take it out of temporarily unavailable status.
  2. quote:Originally posted by sigJ:I like your avatar, Team GUI. dadJ of Team sigJ That is a picture of Google our team mascot. If you have ever seen how much a Newfoundland drools, you will understand why his nickname is GUI.
  3. Slow but steady wins the race. The best part is that one of the two Cannonball Racers to tie for first place is a CVC bug. Tilly Tortoise made it home to California tied with her friend Toby the Tortoise from Texas whom she met during the race. Tilly is from Stockton. Had to show all those racers that CVC rocks!
  4. Xine put both tortoises into baggie and dropped the baggie into the cache box to be sure that they tied! There was some thought about "ladies first" into the box, but Toby thought chivalry can be taken too far!
  5. Thank you to everyone who helped Tilly the Tortoise and Toby Tortoise win - unofficially as yet - the Cannonball Run. (See Geodillo's post above for the complete list of great helpers.) Additionally, thanks to Team Mixster who couldn't touch them, but willed them on. Especially happy that a CVC travel bug was the first one back home - bringing her new friend Toby (from Texas) with her. And thanks to Xine who drove Tioga Pass at night to bring them in. Team GUI
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