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  1. Bought in error??? But that's a top-of-the-line unit! I guess it is a long story...
  2. Will it eventually have to delay its clock by one second or will it indeed show 23:59:60 UTC when the leap second actually occurs?
  3. Why not have a feature on a personal GPS receiver called "aircraft mode", where the GPSr is plugged into a special jack in the wall of the plane so as to enable it to receive NMEA-formatted data from the aircraft's own avionics to show position, altitude and velocity?
  4. But, if you go into the pressure plot and hit "menu", you should see an option that says "plot ambient pressure".
  5. On a GPSMAP 76S, the direction in which you are moving is called "track", which is the same as "heading" on a Vista HCx. "Course" on a GPSMAP 76S and a Vista HCx is the direction from the point where you started navigation to your selected destination, in the case of a single-leg "goto". If your magnetic compass feature is turned on and you are not moving, then "heading" shows the direction in which you are pointing the unit.
  6. I use the 76CSx, which is really just the 60CSx in a different form factor, and believe me, it works fantastically. So I think you'd be making a great decision in getting a 60CSx.
  7. Are you sure about that? That's what the FAA told me.
  8. I think the moral here would be never to use an eTrex in temperatures above 25°C, or that rubber band will separate from the unit.
  9. Unfortunately, the coordinates of those stations are classified.
  10. BTW, most of those well-surveyed ground stations correspond to so-called "Air Route Traffic Control Centers", owing to the fact that WAAS is the FAA's baby. Also, WAAS being only available in the US? Puh-leeze! If you check this page, you'll see WAAS availability in Canada, Mexico, and even Cuba. That's because there aren't just 25 WAAS reference stations, but 38. Five of them are in Mexico, four in Canada, and the rest are in the US. I should know, because I'm in Canada, and I've actually gotten accuracy on the order of about one metre on my GPSr using WAAS.
  11. I still don't understand how you do it. When you do another sight-n-go, you will lose the first line. Go to the map, locate the waypoint that the sight-n-go function created, click on it and change its name.
  12. Then what you do before you do another sight-n-go is rename the first sight-n-go waypoint.
  13. Or you can mark your current location as a waypoint, do a sight-n-go, move to another location and repeat. BTW, that's not technically called triangulation, but it is called position fixing.
  14. The electronic compass can really help you when you reach the cache site, to get a better pin-down on the target coordinates in heavy tree cover. And personally, I prefer having a GPS with an integrated magnetic compass, 'cuz it means one fewer thing to carry with me.
  15. 24K Topo data is of better resolution than the 100K US 2008 Topo data, but Topo US 2008 covers a greater area. BTW, what state do you live in?
  16. That link doesn't work. It brings up an "access restricted" page.
  17. The other day, a local survey company was taking some measurements right outside my apartment building, and they were using a particular geographical point on the sidewalk. I asked them if the elevation of that point was known, and they said yes and gave me that elevation, and that's the figure I use to calibrate my barometer.
  18. The 76CSx allows you to split your track segments, at least when they're imported to MapSource. Just turn the GPS off and back on to set a split point.
  19. You need to make sure, though, that both map families you want to put on your unit are actually installed on your computer at the same time.
  20. Go to the map page, then hit [Menu] and select "Setup Map". At the top, highlight the "string" icon, which is the second icon from the left, and then set your track log to "AUTO". Also, you want to make sure your track log is on, by going to the main menu and selecting "tracks".
  21. Odd, because I can see the screen on my 76CSx just fine while using the buttons. Four reasons I chose the 76 series over the 60 series: 1: It floats on water. 2: The case has a more "regular" shape to it. 3: The microSD card is accessible without taking the batteries out. 4: I'm more used to operating a TV remote control than I am operating a mobile phone, so I like the "TV remote control" style of the 76 series better. But, whatever floats your boat, I guess. (groooaaan) BTW, comparing the 60CSx to the 76Cx is a bit apples-and-oranges. A fairer comparison would be between the 60CSx and the 76CSx.
  22. Main Menu → Setup → Units → Position format.
  23. This is based on my own experience. And remember, I said you get a clear view of the sky first, naturally implying "out in the open", not "in a thick forest", unless you had a high-sensitivity receiver. I'll keep this in mind for when I don't know what time it is and can't see the sun or moon. How can you not know what time it is with a GPS? Would the batteries have to be dead?
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