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  1. Thanks everyone for your offers of assistance and advice, as luck would have it I've now found a babysitter for the evenin'. Cheers Fraggle
  2. I want to do You're havin' a laugh Chickenpooooo is defo not up for this and has forbidden me to do the cache on my lonesome. Now, I am due to be up in Birmingham sometime this week, I don't know when exactly and I would like to do the cache on the way back to Wycombe. Is there anybody out there in caching society that would care to babysit me while I do the cache??? I am affraid you will have to be a little bit flexible with time and day as I am still not sure what the plan is with work this week. Cheers Fraggle69
  3. I was thinking of a Horror FlashMob Event in two or three places rolling from one location to the next dressed as ghouls for the night. Ghouling at each location for atleast 15 minutes before moving on to claim the next smiley and so on. Could be worked into a MAIN event depending on it;'s location. I am off to get me black cape and hood.... Aiiii
  4. surfies are joinging up to the NT because of the carparking and it is believed because of The NT's eco outlook.
  5. Seems to me that it was you who caused this situation to degenerate by verbally abusing the youth in question. How can you expect someone to show you any respect when you don't extend the same courtesy to them? You made a good point here though
  6. I told a girl at work she was about as much use as a chocolate fire gaurd and she should go home. The comment came after I gave it two warnings to back off and leave me well enough alone. She burst into tears almost instantly which made me feel somewhat satisfied, but then it grassed me up for being abusive. It seems we are in a society where views may need or must be curtailed, because of the softy nannies amongst us..... Hmm it's a true story too. can't we just burn her at the stake??
  7. yeah stupid old people, i'll be like that one day and carry a pick axe not a walkin stick []
  8. Come on then if you think you're hard enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. smoke a big fat one mate, nice and hey WELL DONE
  10. I use an otterbox 1900 for my palm and a smaller one for my BT GPS unit. I believe the 1900 will float, and is waterproof for so long at a certain depth you would need to check that on the otterbox website. I don't need to take my palm out once it's in the box, I even managed to download a software tool that will restart your palm instead of you having to press that difficult to get to switch in the pouring rain. I can certainly vouch that the thing is waterproof. As for shock proof, there doesn't seem to be much give in the case, but my unit has taken a few big shocks and everything still works ok. Infact the otterbox is a bit like the landrover of boxes as in it will always cause more damage to whatever is on the outside of the box. If you can charge your PPC while it's in the case this is probably going to be a huge plus to you, as it's a bit of a moose if you have to take it in and out of the case all the time. You might want to think about other connections like will your SD card be easily got to while it's in the case, and do you need access to your headphone jack etc etc..... Aiiiiii
  11. They may ofcourse be flooded and dealing with the mess at home, before dealing with any cache loss. An offer of cache maintenance assistance may be what is needed, if that's the case.
  12. It all went wrong today, my tyre popped as I got to within 2kilometers of the cache. Spent the rest of the day with the AA and trying to source a new tyre. Sob So close yet sooooooo far.....
  13. Is this a coin rescue thread or a congrats thread? Well done Alan and Susan, is there a projected target for your 1st years caching birthday?? Don't tell me it's going to be your 2000th find because that is just simply unbelievable. Good luck for all your future caches, I hope you'll continue to provide us all with bigger and better entertaining log entries as you have done so for the previous 1K!! Team_Cat_Satan_Pirates Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  14. No idea about your mac setup but I believe palm have some patches available. I suggest you take a look at a palm tungstenE2. Stay away from the power hungry zire 72 and lifedrives. I managed to get an e2 from a reputable high street store for about £70 a couple of years ago.
  15. beeline is a few quid more but for all the added features it's well worth the purchase. I am still stuck using cachemate and it's a really neat portable cache database - never had a problem with it.
  16. baaa went the little lone lamb baaa
  17. This moo moo got in the way of the cache I was hunting: Image even though presented as a link was offensive to some members, and not suitable for viewing by younger members Deceangi
  18. I agree, this makes perfect sense.
  19. COWS, I'd just be weary of any bull in the field. Other than that cows are stupid animals. Infact they provide ace entertainment on a night cache. Now get out there and tip that dozing cow, mooooooo.
  20. Regardless of the risks and a total disregard for my own safety I enjoy caching alone, but yeah I always tell atleast one person where I am going and what time I'll make contact.
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