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  1. listen I've been listening to these guys on and off since I started geocaching. These guys have some issues with fire etc, they've been covering it on various podcasts/photos etc. Just thought those that listen in the UK that don't tune in that often might like to turn on and tune in and get the low down. Aiii
  2. Did they mention a date? Just wondering if it will be your grandchildren who will see the benefit you you. Er dude, take a pill man.
  3. Actually it was the broken english email I received from GS HQ that was more of a concern. Atleast the old technology works eventually lol I am sure it'll all come out in the wash, afterall I have a promise from them they're gonna fix it.
  4. I think what has happened is: I've sent out the coin and it's been logged by people, but then I realised that it needed to have been logged in and out of a cache or two before it was released. Anything added prior to the first mileage marker is ignored as far as mileage goes, does that make sense?
  5. I had an email back from Groundspeak after leaving my coin mileage issue with them. It basically wasn't or failed to update the 4700miles it should have showed. The email basically said Groundspeak were aware that the mileage wasn't working as well as it should and they were working to resolve the issue. Was I the only one aware of this or have I been snoozing too long? Aii
  6. I haven't, the venue is somewhere for us to go after the flashmob.
  7. Hi guys, This is just an invite to our flashmob event in Oxford at 8:30pm Wed 31st October 2007. I have the function room booked at The Mitre which has capacity for around 80 people. Children are more than welcome which is a big + for most of you guys. They are expecting us to arrive around 9pmish We look forward to seeing you at the EVENT and if not, then afterwards at the Mitre. Thanks and happy caching
  8. I am on my waaaaaaaayyy.... I just hope my arms don't get tired of flapping and I make it in one piece []
  9. I am discussing the situation with Allanon, as he has kindly offered to lend me his bike. I won't be making the full 21mile trip but it is very likely I'll be there for the first few caches including the APE. MAybe some of you will be able to make it to the event later that day in woodinville,, see you soooooon Baaaaa for now
  10. I'll move on anything a TB/coin owner wants me to move on, even from my own caches. I will only discover from my own caches. I feel that it's better to leave coins/bugs in my caches as encouragement for others to come and visit. I apply the same method to caches I've already found, for example if I found cache 'A' 6 months ago and now there's a coin in it that's rare as a red jeep, I would merely discover it. If it's a new cache for me then I would rip the red jeep from it and take it with me as reward for finding it Does that make sense?
  11. Keep hiding 'em I say. If you feel you need to hide more caches then go for it. The big question is, can you maintain the caches you put out. If you've got a good idea for a cache, lets say it's a puzzle, then it would be a good idea to pop off a few trads nearby to encourage puzzlers and non puzzlers to the area. More often than not we find the following: Puzzles Locals will come and do it and that will be that Multis Locals will do and some visitors Trads Everyones a winner I think I got that about right, so if you own an area you might well wanna start out with your puzzles and multis(really bloody good ones) then hammer the place with trads(a real mix of trads would be good)!!
  12. Thanks Al, I've noted on the event cache I WILL BE THERE!!!! Sure if anyone wants to ride up on that Sunday morning, for the APE it would be really great. Thanks again Al. All I need to do now is make sure I remember to pack my GPSr, and hope that my flight is not delayed
  13. I can take it to England, the Vikings are just a short and easy flight / boat trip away.
  14. Email has been sent to Al Sounds like a great idea organising a meet and greet. One thing is clear, I must find a way of doing the Project Ape cache. Mission 9: Tunnel of Light It sounds similar to the cache I did for my 200th find with TheBolasHeathens. I see some guys are mountain biking it, but 21miles is just a bit too much lol.
  15. I am flying out to Seattle on the 6th October for a week of training with work, leaving on the Friday afternoon/evening of 12th October. I am hoping to cache with any free time I may get, sadly I won't have the use of a car so will likely hire a push bike/use public transport . Are there any caches that I really should do while I am here? Is there anything I need to be aware of caching in the states compared to the UK? I am hoping to bring a selection of TB's/coins and maybe some jeeps with me, so if anyone wants to hook up that would be great. I am told I am going to be in the area of woodinville. Thanks for any advice given...
  16. Just wondering if anyone in South Bucks wants any TB's/coins taken to Seattle USA - PM/email me. I'll be flying out on the 6th October and due back the following week, hopefully with some goodies to give away at the flashMobEvent in Oxford later in the month I will be posting in the USA section to see if any Seattalite cachers want to give me anything to bring back across the pond, amongst other things.
  17. you may wish to check out this coin It's difficult to explain why caches are so good, because there are sooo many things that go into making a good cache. My 200th cache was GCR6N9 and the best I've done so far, but for very specific reasons. I would sugest to any newbie that they attend some events, as a lot of good caches are talked about as well as tips being exchanged and lots of food and beer going down.
  18. Maybe we need a permanent 'assistance required' topic on the forums? For now though I am happy for this topic to be binned deleted burned and thrown to the fiery depths we know as GCR6N9. Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  19. I don't have a problem with guessing things either, go for it. I would check with the cache setter out of courtesy and inform them of the loophole if there is one.
  20. Helloweeeeen FlashMobEvent OXFORD is currently under review
  21. Massive thanks to the forums, as I managed to find a babysitter and the cache was found this evening. Without the forums this wouldn't have been possible, well I might have had to wait a long time thanks
  22. Might not be a bad idea being woken up at 3am so you can nip out and bag that FTF . I am sure you used to be able to setup a yahoo filter and they would chard you 10p per notification could be costly Er, how's about a Tmobile contract with web 'n walk??
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