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  1. Ha ha ha..... No, I won't be camping cos I am a wuss.... but I WILL be coming!!! Will you be coming to the coords, or will you be coming to the PUB? I ask only because I couldn't get a good fix for the BAR, so you will be OUTSIDE in the cold with no beer if you stick to the caching guidelines. I am thinking you're a rule breaker though, mines an ale and make it a pint, none of this quart business here!
  2. Don't bother emailing me Hazel, I don't care! My camping event is setup and ready to run next weekend. The bull in thorn looks like an ace pub too, shame you can't make it for some camping. I see there's some harleys and triumphs making an appearance along with all the Jap technology. Should be a right old bash. The cat and fiddle looks ace too, I bet parking a car is gonna be tight at that one. IAm sure I put the coords somewhere, forgive me for mentioning the pubs name Doh! I won't be making any ammendments to the event page because it's already been reviewed by the best we had! Happy Caching
  3. I like, long way to go to get away from the USA though. Can't we just do something in our own country for once, instead invading everyone elses?
  4. Nah don't think it's a typo, would explain all the contradictions of late though.
  5. Must be quite serious for them not to continue with their fantastic work, till suitable replacements have been found. I mean, they could come back and help DC out till replacements are found? Just a thought, because this is going to put alot of strain on DC. The process of finding replacements is not a quick one, and it shouldn't be. Do you think it's a good idea to ask ex-reviewers back to help DC out in the short term? To make life easy on DC, I am not gonna hide any caches till this thing is sorted out. I am not asking you lot to join me, I just think it's uncool that he is now doing the work of three people. Not saying he's gonna make a mistake or anythign, but I'd hate to see the size of his inbox. Lets give hime a break too! Take it EASY! Happy Caching!
  6. Nah, the words sad never come outta the chicks mouth. If I mention caching, I often get the Kevin response and if I am sat typing on this forum or doing something else caching related the word ADDICTED is often used. Saying that, if an FTF crops up close to home, she's often the first in the car. Can you upgrade your other half? She seems a little substandard in the cachin department. Take her back to where you found her and see if you can exchange her Often find an event with wine and food is all that's required to give a satisfying upgrade and return to bliss. Aiiii
  7. Now I am confused as to what is permitted and what isn't.....The clarification needs clarifying. Double neg, think it means that you can have ones like the commando topic. Might be a typo though!
  8. You might have a point there, as only geordies nah what it is when you refer to someone as being 'reetard'! How would an American nah what that means? You silly bugger! Happy Caching Moss
  9. Crikey a few days from the forum and things look like they've turned a funny shade of brown. What's it all about 'eh? Ah well, look forward to a visit from ye soon. So did you manage to download every puzzles final coords before you threw in the towel? My email addresss isss....... Thanks for all your hardwork, it's a double whammy shocker. Does this mean DC is gonna be a busy chap, or do you have replacements in the wings? Are they American replacements? See ya round
  10. never had a problem with above and beyond, If I was in your shoes, I'd be well mad at them! I'd wanna go round and burn down there computers! Not to worry, I am sure it'll work out in the end.
  11. Only a few weeks to go till the event. If you think you may need last minute camping, drop me a line, I am told there's still plenty of room. You may even find you can turn up on the day but I wouldn't wanna risk it. See the cache page for more info! Happy Caching
  12. When's the next event? Anybody up for an FTF, assuming there will be some new caches lol?
  13. There's better tools to use for PPC, such as beeline GPS. Cachemate is top for the palm, but wouldn't recomend it for PPC, simply because there are better tools that can be used on a PPC system. Aii
  14. I've got a guiness here, it has your name on it and guess what? I am drinking it LMAO
  15. Now there's an idea for a Geocoin. On the back it would be engraved "Made in China"! LMAO
  16. Looks like it's all about the numbers for the chap running this site. Shame really, it was useful!
  17. It's not exactly the most scientific of programmes!
  18. Not if they're gonna moan at me for getting FTF!
  19. And I'll be there one day earlier than you!
  20. If you droped an ammo box on it, it's your own stupid fault lol!! I am sure there must be cache 'n dashers near you that would drive you round a couple of places. Maybe if you came to an event you could log those too for just getting there!! Have you considered stealing a wheel chair? Maybe it's something you can ask the doctor for, you know it's about quality of life and all that! Maybe someones got a spare chair you can use to go and do some urban caching! Probably best to get a bottle of wine and get stuck into the puzzle caches you haven't solved yet
  21. it clashes with my event in the peak district!
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