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  1. To be honest I've only found a few caches where a plastic bag has been used. My main problem is that muggles tend to use plastic bags for dog and baby waste. I gave up on one cache because I almost picked up a bag of dog poo. So everytime I see a plastic carrier bag, I am cautious of it's contents. I was walking through some woods oneday and some freaks had hung their dogs special bag on a tree. Do they think the poo faerie is gonna come down and remove it for them. Anyway, I would aggree against using any form of bag. If the item was muggled they might think 'danger' especially if it's wrapped in camo, and said muggle is unable to see the writting on the box explaining contents safe etc. But hey that's just my personal view, I am not going to bin your cool camo bag which I can see a mile away. On the other hand if it's a classic tesco carrier bag, it could become a muggle poo bag.
  2. looks like an old ET comms system to me.
  3. lol nevermind the GPS. Some of you may remember Mac D's gave away winnie the pooh clip on toys a few years ago. Well my mate thought it would be cool to clip them to the back of the chair in the car. Anyway, scummers came along smashed the window and stole the teddy toys. £50 that cost and it was for worthless tat. I guess the moral of the story is don't go to Mac D's and don't leave anything on display in your car. Aii
  4. It is important to be aware of inferior lock and lock boxes. I was in another supermarket, ASDA as it hapens, and I saw how cheap their lock and locks were. On closer inspection you could clearly see the quality was well under par, when compared to Morrisons. The shop that sells everything in the town is ok, but I find their prices a little too much. Then again, if it's a 'special cache?' Aiii
  5. Rapidly stroking my chinny chin chin, furiously nodding my head up and down
  6. etrex on ebay may be of interest
  7. hmm isn't a bogey something you eat, flick or snort and a sheep is used for a ***** but a booger doesn't sound like any of these. If anything, it sounds like a tragic 70's disco dancing gimp. So now you know you're safe in the hands of the Qeens men, but what about south of the equator? You sure better hope they don't b~**er your TB up!!! Aii
  8. oooh I bet 500 caches tastes sweet, well done. Aiiii
  9. They had no reason to be there, there are no geocaches at sea in that area. Any excuse for a fight eh Is it coz I is british, does my GPS look bovered.
  10. hmm, mine says invalid to email address, then again it is talktalk or not as the cme be lol
  11. what seems to be the problem? Are you getting some kind of error message??
  12. fight fight fight fight - [] This all sounds like it's been taken the wrong way, I am sure it was all in good humour. []
  13. I forgot to add in my last post that the webbing is for my slaves who carry everything for me.
  14. Yeah little daysaks are a bummer. I hate having to take it off at every cache which is why I'll be looking into getting some ex-army webbing. Instead of an easy reach hand grenade, i'd be going for an easy reach camera, pen, or anything else. Also I believe the webbing would make carrying my camelbak much easier than wrapping it around a daysak. Aye Aye
  15. coool, now is there a 'Northumbrian geo coin?' Being from that part of the 'UK' I really want one, or two maybe three. Aye Aye
  16. What would be neat is a photo showing the doggy putting your socks on. I'd love to have a doggy like that, you could point and instead of shouting kill, it would be 'undress' haha
  17. I thought that you were not allowed to put your cache container in a bag?
  18. Great, that'll save me having to do it. I think it's worth going to a bit of trouble to write up a good log; the cache setter went to all the trouble of placing the cache, doing the paperwork, getting harassed by cachers. For that cache, some very useful info is given in morse code if you visit the cache page, so it seemed to me that logging in morse would be appropriate. And I enjoy relating the adventures that we have in caching. On the subject of being completely and utterly mental, do you guys wanna meet up for a night cache here insane I want to play the part of the insane hack and slasher.... Email sent Email sent Muhahahahahaha Well that was a bloody good night cache and a half, I wonder how the logs will turn out. IT was great to meet Simply Paul again and finally meet Sensai. I think on whole things went well. So what, Sensai got confused with the RV points, he really should have asked what an EZ point was first and who said starting point? That might have been me(sorry dude)? Who cares we got there soon enough. It would have been great to have one or two more but it would have been a squeeze in the car, well we would not have fitted anymore. Not sure about where all the stains came from in Pauls car, but that was the last thing on my mind at 3am on the way to another cache. You may mock us with claims of insanity but by God we did the broadmoor cache and survived. Beware the ghostly figure on the hill and most of all, watch out for wild animals should you feel the need to releive oneself in the bushes. Meoooww Muahahahahahaha Thanks one and all for a bloody good cache attack, savvy!!! Aye Aye Me'Hearties YoHo
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