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  1. What satnav system do you have? Some won't let you navigate using coords, others will. Also it's good to get you close to the cache(very close) but I prefer using a dedicated GPSr, or BT GPSr to palm. Some satnavs are completely useless on foot.
  2. Do you want the macro to produce cache type based on distance or can the macro produce a mix of cache types for the multiple distances involved??
  3. GPSBabel GUI well easy You could maybe consider POIEdit
  4. The Rebellion tried to recruit us, trouble is we were already recruited. 10/10 for the effort
  5. there's a hole in my pocket dcangi, dcangi there's a hole in pocket I say
  6. I am useless with macros Is there somwhere I can get info on writting my first macro?? Maybe somones done it already
  7. My PQ's load into GSAK ok and I am made aware of unavailable caches, but I am not notified of caches that have been archived. Is there a filter I can set for this? For example if not updated immediately delete waypoint/cache from database. It's something I've been wondering for a couple of weeks or so and noticed other people have this problem, how do you deal with it? Discuss
  8. You mean you didn't get 10mm accuracy? LOL I'd be well up for an FTF in your area if I didn't have to go to work tomorrow and I hadn't just got back from doing this cache link LOL
  9. Sometimes I am not notified of logs on caches I own? I put it down to server errors rather than my email account!!
  10. yo yeah there's a problem at the moment but if you change the url slightly you can edit your tb/coin. Change details to edit http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspxetcetcetc to http://www.geocaching.com/track/edit.aspxblahblahblah Aiiii
  11. ground zero = GZ aka the cache!! I think this should get you started in the right direction so to speak. Someone may even pop on here and give you a better software soloution as I am a palm user and I am not completely on top of what PPC software is available for geocaching. Have yourself a good read of software on this page
  12. Try a google for 'Cetus'. What PDA do you have? Pocket PC software seems to be better but you'll find for the palm it's free. I use GSAK to export my waypoints to my satnav and you can do the same with your tom tom. It'll get you to the right location and then you can use your BT GPSr and PDA to get to GZ. I steal the boys Etrex now and again because the bat life is superb compared to that of the pocket PC or Palm, I use the latter for cache info using cachemate.
  13. atleast the forum works so we may moan about this more. I think the mouse just died at the hand of a google ad salesman. It's a conspiracy I tell thee
  14. wait a minute, I can hear the winding of the clock work mouse.
  15. I am guessing it will be a sirfIII chipset similar to those found in garmins upper range of GPSr. As for the spec it's identical other than the 5hr less in battery life for the 'h' model. It will be interesting to see what chipset will be used, as at it stands it's an inferior product.
  16. My photos hardly do the coins justice, but I dare say you'll find them worthy coins for your collection. Thanks again guys for your hard work in producing them. link to coins from my profile Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  17. I am going to have to let you know closer to the time, but for now I'll pencil myself in. Aiiii
  18. Does anybody know the user SunnyRaes? They've had one of my TB's for a while now and as it's used as part of getting to one of my caches it's important. I've emailed the user twice and given the user the opportunity to post back the TB. I am not getting any response. I guess their email is down and that hopefully SunnyRaes reads the forums and will see this request for TB freedom.
  19. They're my coins now, they arrived today, man they're HOT. So how do I activate them again?? What does the Japanese writing mean??
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