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  1. Pay attention to the roads, WATCH FOR BIKES!
  2. Pay attention to the roads, WATCH FOR BIKES!
  3. Did some cutting.... Wow looks great. Made by yourself? I had some coins yesterday and an adoptionrequest I didn't expected
  4. Pay attention to the roads, WATCH FOR BIKES! All for the fun I guess
  5. how many???!!!??? Hopefully is everything going better in a short time.
  6. Nobody knows??? We have the same question here in the Netherlands!
  7. WOOOOOOT!! ET pins, an ET AS Blue and 2 Tatanka Pejula's The mailman made my day!
  8. I see this too. But this are no disabled or needs maintenance caches. In the Netherlands they see it randomly. Here an example: link
  9. WANTED: Is there any chance to get one of these? Or am I asking something impossible?
  10. Last month and today ET v2 Mimbres I love geocaching Signal (now i've got them all!) Welsh Lovespoon
  11. Funny... I have a drawing here (made by myself) almost similar like your design. The difference: mine got a 'necklace' with a compass or GPS. Maybe an idea for yours?
  12. I had a good week this week. First I received 2 sets of Morpho Butterflies. I like de BN with red glitter the most Today I get 2 packages: 1 with 6 12 Provinciën Geocoin race coin (in AS an AB). and 1 (from a trade with Angie) with a Gecko (funny animal series), a Tranquility German Gold and an A Bit 'O' Luck BN coin. Now I'm sure I need more space
  13. 31 ??!!?? good luck for getting the other ones too
  14. I have some countries in mind to go to. 1 of them is going to Canada. It would be a great combination: Going to Canada, go geocaching en go to an event to! But it don't gonna happen this year (booked an vacation already) AND it depends when it will be organised.
  15. just so you know, the real name of that coin is "luxury" not black onyx. it is the black over gold version, yes? lara who has them ALL!!!!! I heard. But luxury can't be found, only black onyx. It's black and gold so I guess its a yes.
  16. Last week: Tranquility Black Onyx ( awesome! , thanks for the trade) Today: Compass Rose 2007 LE Satin Gold (thanks Ble68!) Team Lightning Bugs 2007 nickel, with blue glitter (thanks Ble68!) The Dog Days of Summer Dog Bone (2x AC, 2x AG XLE, 2x AS LE) These are smaller than I expected.
  17. Wow...I still haven't got mine here in Canada..sheesh.. Don't worry. You aren't the only one that didn't get the turtles yet and I live in the Netherlands. I guess we got the slowest ones
  18. ohh, saw 1 i really want if it is the one i think it is . Also interested in 2 others. Did send you an email thru your profile.
  19. When I selected these and on my Reciept Order: Geocoin - Puppy Pound AS (new) Geocoin - CP 2008 - July Puppy Pound (new) Geocoin - CP 2008 - Jul Puppy Pound LE (new) Website tells me now: Geocoin - Puppy Pound AS LE (new) Geocoin - CP 2008 - July Puppy Pound AC (new) Geocoin - CP 2008 - July Puppy Pound AB XLE (new) Now i'm a little confused. Hopefully I get 2 of each. They are lovely!
  20. The only thing I found in my mailbox was some advertisementflyers. I don't want advertisementflyers... I want coins!! I guess I still have to wait till some coins will arrive.
  21. Does someone have an idea how i can see the difference between de AG and the AB? I just can't see it.
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