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  1. MY BIRTHDAYMISSION ARRIVED TODAY!! I know how you feel, my birthday is 27th of April and I got the package today. Have to wait an another 11 days
  2. Any updates? I just got a mail from C&P that my order (for the AB & AS) is shipped, now i'll have to wait
  3. Depends on what you mean by faster These are slated to ship to me on April 3rd (the Gold and BN versions). We're still working on the new website/webstore and I don't really want to sell/package/ship on Easter weekend, so I'm leaning towards the 17th/18th for the sale. I'll post for sure when I have something a little more firm this is just a heads up for now OT: The Neptunes Compass will go on sale at the same time (my first dual coin sale) tsun I'll have to wait..... darn...
  4. I would definitely buy a full set! Awesome!
  5. is the list up to date??
  6. Can I get 3 AC & 3 N/G?? (sent email too)
  7. Birthday Mission Email Sent: Yes, 6 February 2009 Birthday Mission Name Received: Yes, 21 February 2009 Birthday Mission Sent: Not yet. It's packed and ready to go. Going to the postoffice tomorrow. Birthday Mission Received: Hopefully it will arrive on time. Sorry for the delay.
  8. For those who dropped me an email: I'll respond to everyone before sunday 22th!
  9. Available for trade: * Full set Mimbres 2.0 (want to trade these as a full set, it contains 1 AB, 1 BN and 6 LE) * 8 Oakbucks (expires Dec.2009) * Full set G-files (want to trade these as a full set, it contains 1 LE, 2 XLE and 1 'RE') Seeking: See link below or drop me an offer through my profile (no PM please) P.s. Traderlist at geocoincollection isn't up to date
  10. Maybe, but I'll think they won't fit in a micro
  11. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not again!!!!! My poor bankaccount.......
  12. Whoohoo! It came today!! I've received an Nerd V2, For the love of caching and a Moose on the Loose! @ BlueMotmot: THANKS!
  13. Taht Dhenninger coin looks awesome! Congrats! You received some nice doggies... woooof
  14. No mail from the Secret Cupid here yet, but I can wait I think....
  15. oops I did it again My wallet don't gonna like it
  16. Birthday Mission Email Sent: Yes, 6 February 2009 Birthday Mission Name Received: Birthday Mission Sent: Birthday Mission Received:
  17. 1. Participating -> Email sent 24 Januari 2009 2. Received Name -> 27 January 2009 3. Mission Complete -> Well packed 31 January 2009, Will sent it 1 February 2009 4. Cupid Arrived! ->
  18. I thought it isn't trackable. This is the one?
  19. 1. Participating -> Email sent 24 January 2009 2. Received Name -> Today, 27 January 2009 3. Mission Complete -> 4. Cupid Arrived! -> Can I participate in an 2nd Secret Cupid Mission?
  20. Almost a delay from 5 months for your Pirate coins???!! Can't be true... I still can't believe it will take this long to get the Dragonfly 2008 to the mint and then to ship them.
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