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  1. I'm a cancer survivor and for the past five years I have been the chair of the Relay For Life in Ellsworth, Maine. By all means, please put me down for two of these coins and let me know how I can purchase them. And thanks to Hollora for bringing these to my attention......

  2. Hello everyone...Hollora has a really nice idea here.....


    Thanksgiving is, perhaps, my favorite day of the year. My 86 year old mother lives about an hour away and we've just returned from Thanksgiving dinner with her. We brought everything to her house and cooked it all right there, spending the day reminiscing about so many things in the past. She's starting to fail and I'm so thankful today that we could spend quality time together.


    Seven years ago next month I was diagnosed with throat cancer and, knowing there would be at least a month of "down time" toward the end of my radiation/chemo treatments when I could not drive and may need to be hospitalized, I decided to have my treatments done in the city where she lives so that I could stay there during that time. At the age of 79 she was there for me and we became even closer than we already were. I made it, went back to school for a degree in Community Health Education (graduated at the age of 51) so that I could help others stay healthy and safe, and now do volunteer work with the American Cancer Society. I can't begin to tell you how many outstanding people I have met since then, especially since discovering geocaching, including Hollora who lives just a couple of miles away.


    I'm truly thankful to see the sun come up each morning, many times while I'm signing a cache log. Every single day is a good day. Life is VERY good.


    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.....

  3. Oh my....Hollora just alerted me to your new coin and it looks terrific!!! I'm in Ellsworth and would come to pick them up if/when you put them up for sale. If you'd rather, could also trade coins, your choice. Once again, you've done a great job.


    I'm also a cancer survivor and ditto Hollora's invitation to join us at next year's Relay For Life fundraiser for the American Cancer Society right here in Ellsworth. Even if it's for the "Survivor's Lap" (first lap after opening ceremony) we'd love to have you. Keep me posted on the status of your coins.....I'd love to purchase one when they arrive!



  4. This new(ish) fad of coins arriving as a surprise....like this one and the Highland Geofairy coin.... is such a great idea! It shows that people are still nice, generous, and thoughtful. What a breath of fresh air in today's world of constant "bad news". Thanks to all those who do this and congrats to the recipients.

  5. It occurs to me that you could attach the tag letting people know it's a trackable to the pouch they come in. Keeping them in the pouch would also lessen the scratching that is sure to happen with acrylic.

  6. I've never had trouble when out in the open, e.g. doing urban caches. And only twice have I been asked what I was doing. Each of those times I was searching in trees and brush, was just off a trail and had people walk by. With GPS in hand I just told them I was a surveyor and "somewhere around here is a property line marker." I figured if I told them I had lost something, esp. jewelry, they would come back and look themselves. NOBODY seems to be interested in looking for a property marker.

  7. Well folks, my very own Geofairy coin was given to me last evening and I was stunned, honored, and humbled all at the same time. Evidently, Highland Geofairy offered out one of these coins to a person who gets nominated (is that a "cointest"?) and a very close friend/fellow geocacher (Hollora) sent in a nomination on my behalf. That was the nomination that won the coin and it has instantly become my favorite and most prized coin. First, because it came as the result of some very nice words and sentiments from a friend... second, because I've never received a "mystery coin" before.... and third, it really is a very nice coin. I've learned some very valuable lessons from my short time in geocaching including how wonderful it is to see so many sights I never would have known existed; how wonderful it is to see the sunrise from the top of a mountain and enjoy the smell of birch trees on the way down; to push myself physically at some of the cache sites; to improve my own health; and to meet so many terrific people. I'm blessed, truly, for receiving such a gift right out of the blue. Thanks so much to Highland Geofairy!

  8. Two of the "Pot of Gold" coins arrived in my mailbox awhile ago...I'll be keeping one and the other will end up on a mountaintop here in Maine. You know the mountain I'm referring to: it's the one that the rainbow lands on after an afternoon shower.... Stay tuned Mainers!

  9. Hi Valerie....


    I'm sorry to learn of your mother's passing. My own father died 12 years ago and I remember feeling very mortal at the time. The one true constant in your life is a parent...people and events come and go...but your parents are always there. Then, suddenly, a parent is gone and your world becomes a totally different place....it's a huge loss. My condolences, truly.


    I've been involved in geocaching for less than a year and a half, but I'm not surprised at the outpouring of sympathy and support seen in this thread. Hollora and Cache Maine (previous postings) are personal friends of mine up here in Maine and you are seeing responses from fellow geocachers from all over the country. Please know that the entire geocaching community members who read about your loss are thinking of you and your mother and wish you comfort as you get through this.


    As a long-time paramedic I have seen good nursing homes and some not so good. But every patient in these nursing care facilities is ill and has some special care needs (that's why they are there). While you or I may go to the hospital today for a sudden onset of shortness of breath, many patients in a nursing care facility have shortness of breath every single day and they only go to the hospital when their condition deteriorates greatly. Often is the case that patients in these facilities are less able to communicate changes in their own condition making it that much more difficult for the nursing staff to make the appropriate treatment decisions. If the nursing care facility was truly negligent with your mother, that needs to change. But unlike some of the others who have posted notes here, I really hope you don't concentrate on being bitter with the nursing home. Instead, I hope you can concentrate on the many good things your mother brought to your world.


    I'm so glad you shared your loss in this forum and have developed this tribute to your mother by sending out coins to her special places. Those coins, when they travel, will spread your mother's legacy and memory, what a great idea. My wish for you is to celebrate your mother's life, the times you had with her, and to launch those coins that will continue her legacy. Through those coins, your mother will make many journeys and see many sights for many years to come. You're a very good daughter.....


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