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  1. Thanks for the info. I tried that but it's not an option for me. I emailed you and sent a print screen shot too. If anyone has another idea please let me know. Easy enough. To get it back into your inventory just log a "grab". That returns it to your hands and inventory. A "discovery" does not return it to your inventory.
  2. Hey guys, I have a personal coin that I use to track my miles. My situation is from when I was in Iraq. I logged the coin as being dropped off in a cache and forgot to pull it out on the page. I placed it in Billy Goats Gruff GC1GP27. Since then the cache was archived because of the withdrawl from Iraq. My problem is that one of the cachers logged it as being lost and I logged it as discovered the other day. When I look at my inventory it's not there. How do I get it back into my inventory so I can keep using it? Thanks, PG
  3. Ditto ..... Looking for a Sweet Lake coin also. My firewall at work blocked the webpage to purchase the coins. I don't have a trading page set up but I have several to trade. Thanks - PG
  4. Can someone order one for me? The site is blocked by my firewall at work.
  5. I would be willing to get in on a purchase and share the cost of shipping. I'm in Portland, OR if that matters. Let me know.
  6. Looking for a Love coin. Edit - Trade made. Thanks for the responses everyone.
  7. Does anyone have an extra coin to trade or purchase? My wife just saw the coin and would like to get one. She collects things with Cherubs on them. I have other trackable and personal coins to offer for possible trades. This would really make my wifes day to get one of these coins. Please let me know. Thanks. Edit - Trade made. Thanks for the responses everyone.
  8. <------ Oh .... oh .... pick me .... pick me <------ Yeah pick him <------ Vote for Pedro ........ wait a minute pick me
  9. I got a Pennsylvania and 2 Hides & Finds Film Canister coins.
  10. I'll see if I can get the time off for all 3 days. I have 62 days of leave built up so it shouldn't be a problem.
  11. I carry my Sig Sauer P228 if I'm night caching in a park or rural area. If I go more than a few miles up a trail I will also take it then.
  12. Listed below is the link to the PDX coin tracking page. Log your PDX geocoin here.
  13. Count me in!!! I already plugged it in my Outlook calendar.
  14. Proud owner of a Volunteer coin that arrived today.
  15. Hey everyone. I finalized the dinner reservations for Skamania Lodge. We are set for 5:45pm and seating is for 12. I can adjust the numbers Saturday morning when everyone confirms their attendance for the dinner. Hope to see everyone on the trail. Jason -aka- Palm Grunt
  16. I know it's possible. I'm old school and create my routes through the GPS.
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