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  1. the final of the series i am making will be a puzzle/mystery
  2. I have a great cache series in mind. Almost ready to place but I was wondering if... I would like them to be traditionals. located in different parks.(possibly in another local town) each cache would have a piece of the info for the "Main" cache. Can this be done this way? Thanks in advance.
  3. gorrilla tape works great... much stronger than quack tape
  4. Well i guess it would be fair if i put my info as well. orange mtn district, northern new jersey council eagle:2002(board of review 2001) ASM 2005-present ACM-2006-present den leader 2006- present committee 2006-present
  5. PM SENT Huh? i sent you an email
  6. I would like to buy one (Eagle 1986 - Troop 764 - Comlumbia Pacific Council (now Cascade Pacific Council) - Oregon) email sent
  7. I have only about 30 left of the 90 minted of this metal. For all the specifics go to my website: http://hometown.aol.com/mreaglewo1/scouting.html Preferably Eagle Scouts only.
  8. If there is anyone that will like a antique silver, pm/email me through Geocaching.com. I have some left as well.
  9. this thread can be closed...if needed i found another thread that has the info i was looking for.
  10. everyone has different ways of shipping geocoins. What is your way of shipping or your prefer way of having them shipped?
  11. What about letterbox hybrids? we have one near me.....zip 07052
  12. looking for the gx symbol. (not sure how to post a pic here)
  13. is the gx symbol on that site black or white?
  14. Does anyone know where I can find a window decal for geocaching. I saw someone has the G with the plus sign logo for one. I would like to try to get that if possible.
  15. easy gps will help u transfer the waypoints from comp to gpsr provided that u have a cable for the gpsr
  16. Why not tape a flourescent tube to your cache so every can find it... make it anight cache. also if you or anyone is near the high voltage lines....leave your credit cards or any other card with magnetic strips in the car or home unless you want to erase them.
  17. ordered my envelopes... waiting for the truck soon to drop it off
  18. What size yellow envelope r they? and where do you buy them from. I only seen them on the bigger size...nothing small for this.


    What type envelopes do most people use to ship geocoins. EX: bubble mailers, standard envelopes,etc.
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