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  1. how much do you think a etrex yellow would go for..... I bought it back in 2002. still in good condition. Someone is asking me if they could buy it but wondering what the going price is for it.
  2. Stop these silly excuses....we all know you want to buy a new one....lol.... I am missing some stuff for my gps....2 cases for my gps's....both are missing...
  3. When did they do that? That is an awesome upgrade to the search function. i noticed it about a week ago. /i love that feature/function.
  4. on the advanced search tab. you can enter the address and search within a certain number of miles .
  5. are there any geo post offices in nj?
  6. I have an idea for a cache container. It will be sometype of wood in a forest/camping area. However before i start to make this, How can i make it so no one takes it accidently as firewood? Thanks
  7. not pointing fingers at anyone just a venting it becuase he or she has has less than 5 finds and placed it and "dissapeared" for the longest of time. yes there was a needs archive note, after few attempts from the co by variuous people. Yes i know the reviewers are volunteer basis. But his their last find was over two years ago. Anyways, dont want to start trouble here... oh well.... Time to create a new cache to hide...
  8. Okay, I know this is nothing to worry about but I have seen others being "bashed" for placing a cache and not maintaining and/or have many finds behind them. This specific one got on my nerves today. ( i am not saying the cache or owner for a reason) There is a cache that is in TERRIBLE SHAPE, had mold/mildew growing in the garbage bag someone put the container in. Yes it is the container. The co barely has any finds and asked other cachers to bring a container and un disabling based on other feedback instead of go to the cache his or her self. Explain what is wrong? Only took them how long to log back in to the site....a few months....a year? "and I will check back in two weeks or so to be sure that the maintenance has been done." Two weeks later after the reviewer was suppose to check to see if any action was taken, nothing ....still counting the weeks... will be 7 weeks this week. Okay done venting....
  9. Most of the KOA's have a wireless net., my wife and I were in contact every night on her trip with the lil girl in the pic. all the way to Ohio and back (National specialty). She got third in her class lure coursing, not much love in the conformation ring though (late bloomer?). what's koa?
  10. well it already has a internal wi fi which is great.... but i wish a panera's or other hot spot was in the middle of the camping area...lol i gotta check the prepay phones...they been having some good deals around here on them.....buy 2 for almost the price of one
  11. hey renegade. i get cell phone reception but i hate the phone first of all. and i dont have a computer cable that is for it. I have a cable for the motorola razor....but that isnt the phone i have.
  12. Hello, I have a question that is hard to word. I am wondering if there is a laptop pc data card for wireless internet that i can get either prepay or only for 1 to 2 months. I seen some but you must have a full year or 2 year term contract. I would only need it for about 1 1/2 to 2 months. This would let me search for caches when I am "camping" where there is no real internet access... Thanks for your help.
  13. would the software garmin mapsource do anything or no?
  14. this may be a silly question but i am going to ask it... I have an etrex legend, laptop, the cable, garmin mapsource cd. can i use the laptop in the car w/ the gps hooked up to it via serial or usb. I dont know how to explain it exactly but hope you understand what i mean.
  15. Is there any info on or if jeep is doing the jeep tb's this year?
  16. The nor easter took my rod.....http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=0d35da27-bc8e-420f-996f-c3d5f4bf3e58 but i bought a new rod and left it again.
  17. isnt most caches are now hydro atleast for the time being....
  18. i have a few pics of the area of the park for evil queen and snow white park. Im trying to see a way to put in here.
  20. Sell Gas to the post office for less and I'm sure they can hold the line. they should switch to hybrid or plain electric cars
  21. Why cant the government leave anything alone for more than a year or two... i know i know its the government
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