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  1. What is the difference of Travel Bug® for Hitchhikers and Travel Bug®? There are geocaching sites that are selling both? is there a difference in the two?
  2. i know they are volunteer too... i am one as well in othe orgs. I was just wondering. if we didnt have the reviewers, we wouldnt be able to cache since the caches would have been able to be approved. I was just wondering since that specific cache has a veteran idea behind it so it would have been great day to find it and pay our respects.
  3. Not rushing anyone. I am just wondering if there is a way to see where my cache in a que. It was submitted on 11//08 Its been more than 72hrs i believe. Thanks for your help. The waypoint for the cache in question is: GC1HYHD
  4. so would this be possible... there will be cachers bowling during 9-12midnight. you can join if you would like. (fee) if not, you can come to the bowl n greet. Come and let your anger out of all those dnf's and hard caches at the pins... how can this be done without asking the management of the alley, since they would want to charge a bday type rate probably.
  5. yes it would be open to the people that would want to bowl and others that can come to chat/watch etc.
  6. Hello, This event is in general questions nothing planned as of yet. Looking for feedback first. would this work as an event? bowling "get together" at a local bowling alley. during the week the place has specials at 9pm-12 midnight. if i set this up but it would work as first come first serve to bowl. people would bowl 5 to a lane. and pay the bowling alley directly. ($14 with shoes and unlimited games until close) $11 with your own shoes and unlimited games until close) I was wondering if this can be used as an event . I was thinking about creating a first event by me. Thanks for your input first. mreaglewo1
  7. what about santa's sleigh.....isnt it a cache attached to reindeer?
  8. no benchmarks,,,just the standard caches... i had few more than 3 this year.... i think i found out one of the problems... for an ex.... today on the way home from an event, i grabbed a cache but logged it as a need maintence instead of found.....it doesnt count.
  9. Everytime i look/glance at my cache count for found caches, it never goes up. my logs are placed online as found. i counted the caches i found and i should have about 10 more than i do have on the counter? How come this happens and is it fixable? thanks in advance....
  10. i will be at camp for the weekend working....campmaster
  11. CAMP GLEN GRAY, mahwah nj google camp glen gray you can email me if you have questions about the glen gray.....about 750 acres, camp ground, cabin, tent sites, leantos etc. lake
  12. You do, give him my regards. Thanks for the info, I was considering going to South Mtn on Saturday, now I aint. you can on saturday.....it is only tuesdays and thursdays
  13. There is a deer hunt going to be happening soon. Attached is the postcard I recieved today in the mail. I figured I should put it on here so others can see if didnt recieve it as many many caches are in the reservation.
  14. congrats....i remember the first gone event....we did the frog city cache.
  15. they wont be back but the golf balls will be back but through the windows...
  16. South mtn reservation doesnt allow hunting at all.
  17. Is anyone going to be attending this? Just wondering because myself and Thebogjuan will be there. You can come up and help out for a little while and then find some caches nearby.
  18. This is working right, i was told by garmin that this would work on it. I unlocked the maps, it is just the transferring of it. anyhelp would be appreciated....it is getting frustrating.
  19. fake snow won't work for long because the temperatures outside will make it crack very fast. I used it on a window and that what happens after very short time.
  20. fake snow won't work for long because the temperatures outside will make it crack very fast. I used it on a window and that what happens after very short time.
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