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  1. Isure that the map selection is correct. I live in King County and it has a check mark on it. Yes, there are islands in the county. Several in fact. As far as Lat/Long Im at 47.21.168/122.03.461
  2. Ok, What did I do wrong.... When I launch Mapsource and zoom into 1.5 miles, all of the surface streets show up. But, I sent the same maps to my new 60Csx and I went to the map selection menu and theres checkmarks next to all the maps that I downloaded. When I go to the screen where you can hide/unhide the base map or the Ibycus maps, it shows that the Ibycus maps are NOT hiden. But no matter what zoom level I select on the GPS, I cannot see anything but the base map. Theres no indication that the Ibycus maps are even there.
  3. I won a 60CSx on E-bay a couple of weeks ago. The seller (a large company) was in the process of moving to a new building and didnt ship the item for 2 weeks. I filed a claim through Paypal and waited. In the mean time I purchased another 60Csx. Less tha 4 hours after making the 2nd purchase, I got an e-mail from the E-bay seller apologizing for the delay and that they were shipping my first unit via Express mail to make up for the delay. Now I have two brand new unopened 60Csx's on their way and I only need one. The second place I bought from will allow me to send the unit back that I bought from them, but I thought I would offer it here if anyone is interested. Im asking $300 plus postage of probably $7.50. If interested please respond. Thanks Nick
  4. Also, depending on how long it takes me to build reliable route, and since I dont want to make it a week apart from one of the Travis CM's Im looking at either July 12 or 19. Or possibly one of the Saturdays in August. Not sure which one yet. Got a kid getting married and showers have to be attended. Not me.....Berta!!!! Has anyone been through the process of getting one of the Enhanced Drivers Licenses? One will be needed for Victoria CM, right? From what Ive gathered the Enhanced License is all you need if entering Canada by land or boat.
  5. I scored an unopened MapPoint 2004. Should be here via USPS in about......... 3 weeks. Oh wait, I work for the PO, it shouldnt take THAT long should it?
  6. Theres a few copies of Map Point 2004 on Ebay right now that arent too expensive. Plus I have access (hopefully) to Map Point 2006 if the price is right. So, I should have one or the other pretty soon. Then I can ger REALLY serious about this idea!! LOL. 100 caches........That shouldnt be too hard to map. I know the Douglas Clan and Projectfred325 had both offered some assistance. If either of you could e-mail me we can see what can be done. Thanks Nick
  7. Thanks for all the information. The ONLY reason I stopped at 50 caches was because MS Streets and Trips only does number icons to 50. Ill check into the Map Point situation but the last time I did look it was a very expensive program. It looks like Map Point would be a more precise program as far as routing the correct side of the street. When I was making this route, I was using Google Tweaker which showed just the cahces I had included in my query and I was checking to make sure that there wasnt any unnecessary arterial crossing. Even though as I think about it, There is one that comes to mind. As a newbie on machine design, I will do what I can to make this thing right. Thanks
  8. Fred, As soon as I can figure out how to get the map and directions into a file, I will send it to you for review. I had posted earlier about how to get a paper document into a PDF file. I'll google it and see what I come up with. Travis, Im curious. Looking at your maps, it appears as though you may have used a higher end product from MS rather than Steets and Trips. Is that the case? Thanks
  9. Fred, I e-mailed you with some info. Did you get it? Let me know. Thanks Nick
  10. I have already defined a route. I'm wondering if I should take the time to contact the cache owners ahead of time to see if they have any problems with their caches being included on a cache machine. Im also looking for information on how to transform printed paper into PDF files. Im guessing that a scanner would be needed.
  11. I placed a cache the other day in a moderately forested area and I sat the GPS down and after letting it average for a minute or two it got down to about 17 ft accuracy. I then lifted it over my head and held it vertically and the average dropped down to 11 feet. I'd venture to guess that if an external antenna (which the 60Csx can use) were employed, and held higher the accuracy may even drop some more. But, 11 feet was more than I had anticipated.
  12. I spent a several hours working on this idea and I have more than a great apprecation for what Travis is doing. It appears as though I'd do a machine of about 50 caches. I would be interested to hear if there is anyone down that way that could suggest a spot that would be able to handle a dinner group.
  13. I was looking at Google maps and I see that there are over 200 caches within a 10 mile radius down in the Puyallup/Sumner/Southhill area. I was wondering, with the increased price of fuel, if there would be interest in a Cache Machine that was in the Puget Sound area. I also realize that not everyone lives in the area. I know that there are those who will say that they have gotten alot of a particular areas caches. Yet I wonder if there are enough who dont fit that catagory who would concider something like this. I personally dont have the knowledge to set something like this up. I am just posting a general question to the locals to see what sort of feedback there may be.
  14. I have a 60 CSX and a recently purchased Vista HCx. My version of City Navigator came with 2 unlock codes and I have used both of them. My question is, if I sell the Vista and make a copy of the CN Disk, would a new owner have the ability to download more map segments onto the Vista? If not, I suppose I could fill the 1 gig card as full as possible with the area of the country the buyer is interested in. Or could I load up more than one Micro SD card?
  15. We just had a weekend of serious caching where we found 56 caches and there were times when her machine, the Vista would show completely different directions than my 60. I know that she needs to learn how to hold it more vertically when walking and then flat when close to the cache. I do know that I have the update that cleared up the foggy screen when cold. Not sure if any more have been released. Perhaps since, we've had the 60 for so long and gotten used to its accuracy etc, it just seems to be better for us. I'll see how it goes the next couple of trips and if she's still not happy, then maybe another 60 will come our way. I just hate the idea of having to drop another 100 bucks for CN. Even though she doesnt do any autorouting. All she wants to see is the screen that shows how far and what direction she is from the cache.
  16. I bought City Navigator 2007 when I bought my 60CSX 18 months ago. I recently bought a Vista HCx and was able to obtain a 2nd unlock coade for it from Garmin. Im not nearly as happy with the HCx as the 60CSX. Im thinking about selling the HCx and getting another 60CSX for my wife. Does anyone know whether or not Garmin will allow me to retreive the unlock code from the Vista and put in on a new machine? I have a feeling that they wont but thought Id ask anyway. Thanks Nick
  17. Weather Update....Just got off the phone with a group that went over this morning. At 1PM its 31 degrees and snowing in Ellensburg. Drats!! All this pre-cache planning and the weatherman has to go and make it snow. He must not be a geo-cacher. So, whens the next cache machine? LOL
  18. Woodman, I created queries based on your bookmarks. I did this before you posted your corrections. Could you tell us what those correction are so that we can make the changes? Thanks Nick
  19. I also have the 60CSx. What I did, was get GSAK (geocaching Swiss Army Knife). Its a great tool for doing all sorts of things with waypoints. On the Groundspeak web site, there is a place where you can build, what they call pocket queries. These "lists" of waypoints will be downloaded as a GPX file in an email to you. When you build a query, you can set all sorts of different criteria as to how you want this ist to be built. FIn order to be able to use the query function, I believe you have to be a premium member. If you choose to go that route, and choose to use GSAK, then you can download the hints to GSAK. The problem with the 60CSx is that there is a character limit as to wht all can be put on the GPS. Personally I use a cheap PDA in conjunction with the GSAK program. Im not saying which program you should use, because everyone has their own preference. h
  20. Im aware of the proper amount of time needed to power up or down. I feel as if the unit is defective and was wondering if anyone else had experienced this problem.
  21. My 60CSX is about 18 months old. For the past 6-8 months I have to push the power button repeatedly to get it to power up and to turn off. I e-mailed Garmin about it and the tech told me to upgrade the firmware/software. That did nothing to help the issue. Has anyone else experienced this problem and is there a fix other than replacing the unit entirely?
  22. Travis, #58 First Choice Cache has been disabled since Nov. 07. Nick
  23. There was an auction for 2750 30 cal cans that I chased until I ran out of money. LOL. I bowed out at 2800 bucks. I know that would have been a great deal at about a buck a can but I finally gave up. Ill keep watching and bidding, hoping I can score some cans for the people on my want list. And if theres others across the state that want cans, let me know. I will be attending alot of the cache machines and with summer coming I will be all over the state camping and caching. Can Man Nick
  24. Ok, It took me 10 minutes to find what my software version was. Got it updated to Software Version 2.60 My GPS SW Version is still 2.40 I was unable to find anywhere on Garmins site to update That software also. Any directions?
  25. I know this is a bit late. But Ill ask anyway. Did anybody who did the Vancouver Cache Machine find a LG cel phone? Possibly at the dinner on Saturday night or out on the course? If so, I'd be super appreciative to have it returned to me. Thanks Nick
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