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  1. Darn double post cuz the first one timed out.
  2. That has been addressed. I have updated the draft to show the latest changes.
  3. Sumner Cache Machine Sumner Cache Machine Update: I removed two caches from the route based on E-Mails I received. In both cases, parking was the issue. I removed Skystone which was # 17 on the route. I appears as though the parking was very limited. I also removed Crumbling Stairs Revisited *22 on the route. It was on a very busy road and parking there also was very limited. Being a first timer at building one of these Cache Machines, I had forgotten to add 7 minutes to some of the stops to allow time for finding the caches. That has been addressed. So far I have approx 25 poeple signed up. As the date approachs, I may e-mail all who signed up and double check to make sure how many we will have for Dinner at Aversano's so that I can give them a heads-up on what to expect. Thanks Nick
  4. Dont forget to sign up on the Sumner Cache Machine Page over at Groundspeak if you plan on attending. Keeping track of everyone is much easier over there. Thanks Nick Sumner Cache Machine
  5. Hmmmmm, I wonder if THIS was who was bidding agaisnt me in the just completed Ammo Can Auction. Well, at least someone is doing what they can to bring ammo cans into the community. WTG!!
  6. Sumner Cache Machine Finally the Sumner Cache Machine is up.
  7. Hi, I can confirm that I know what the problem is, and am working on a fix. If you're impatient, and technically litterate, you can fix the problem yourself (you need to open the map files with GPS Map Edit, and delete the Map Coverage area entity type, and recompile it, afterwards you'll need to recompile the 'pv' file). I'd do it myself, but the fix needs to be applied to quite a few squares, and I'd like to get the problem actually fixed rather than applying a 'patchwork' fix to it. Dale Dale, has this issue been resolved? Thanks
  8. The Sumner Cache Machine Listing has been submitted for publishing. There were a few guideline changes that we had to impliment into it so that it fits with what GS prefers that a Cache Machine Listing should look like. Hopefully it will appear very soon.
  9. Perhaps Team Misguided could respond to my 3 e-mails I have sent them in private.
  10. Well, the event page was submitted today for publication. Now it appears as though the rules for where an EVENT can be posted are changing. Now they are telling me that I can only talk about getting together for dinner on the cache listing page. Im confused. I can publish ONE cache, but I cant publish a route of caches.
  11. All of you Missoula bound Cache Machiner's drive safe, have a great time and find em all.
  12. Ive recieved a few e-mails hoping that Victor Falls Revisted as on the route. Having been there myself, its an awsome cache. Especially in winter when the mist off the falls freezes on all the bushes. I understand the parking issue and agree that it could be better. If I receive enough opposition to this cache, I will remove it. As far as the rest of the Machine All venues have been contacted and we have places to eat. Next week, I hope to have an Event listing ready to go.
  13. Actually, We were able to score a resturaunt with a Buffet. Details to follow!!
  14. The drive between stop 50 (Mr. Fibb) in Bonney Lake and stop 51 (Fisherman's Paradise) near Orting has already been rerouted to take out the South Prairie issue. It was mentioned to me yesterday by Landrover. He too had the same idea as you mentioned so I worked to where after Mr Fibb, the route does indeed to go McMillan. I'll see what I can do to lop off some of the more western placed caches to get the hungry people (me too) towards Meridian! Thanks Nick
  15. Draft 2 Well, Having learned a few of the does and donts. I have attempted to 1. Add 7 minutes of stopping for each cache 2. Starting at 630AM instead of 9AM 3. Rerouting the route to make it shorter and 4. Removed and added a few caches. So, any and all comments taken into concideration, Thanks. Before I forget, Im leaning real hard on Aug 9th for this if enough interest is shown.
  16. Oh darn, I used the default start time that is in MapSource. Rookie Mistake. Back up the tape, start over again. Start time will be much much earlier than that. 7AM sound good? Also, Unless I get alot of negative feedback on this. I would love to do this on Aug 9th. The 16th already has an event planned. So, as soon as I figure out how to create an event listing (meaning, heeeeeeeeeeelp) I will get this thing posted. Nick
  17. Test Draft 1 http://cid-645bfdd0e71282cf.skydrive.live..../sumner%203.pdf]My Webpage[/url]
  18. Okie Dokie, NOT the 16th. Gotcha (SMILE). Wrastro, I have a hotmail account but not sure how to put something there so that people can access it? Do tell!!
  19. Smile, I already asked him and he told me that his ISP provided him with a place. Im not sure how to go about finding out if MY ISP, Qwest would do the same or not.
  20. I am wondering if anyone knows how to do the creation of an event for the Geocaching Web Site. Other than making it all text, I would like to have some sort of way to post some graphical items for the Cache Machine I am working on. Also, does anyone know where I can post the PDF's so I can link to them?
  21. Whew, Well I have the first draft of the Sumner cache machine finished. (109 total caches) Now as soon as I can figure out how to "post" it so a link will work so that it can be downlaoded, I will do so. As far as possible dates. After looking at the events scheduled for the summer, I noticed that Aug 9. 23 and 30th are not taken. I know that there will be alot of different opinions as to what weekend will work better for the most people, but Id prefer the 9th, because Im off that entire week. But the 16 could also work. Im also looking to see what sort of turnout could be expected. Its 2 months away so give it some thought. Fairly soon (when I figure out how) I will have an Event cache posted. Thanks Nick
  22. Brian, Thanks for the info. I will be out of town for a bit, so I wont attempt this fix yet. Plus, its probably a bit more than I want to undertake. Im not in that big of hurry for the maps. its for my wifes 60CSx and I have the City Nav on mine. But, once Dale gets a good working copy of King County, Ill download the package again and install it. Once again, Thanks Nick
  23. Dale, Since Im not one to try to "fix" this myself, I'll wait for you to take care of it. Will I need to D/L the entire package again? Not a problem is so. Just let me know. You are doing all of us a monster service with this undertaking. Thanks
  24. Dale, I was just playing with the unit and when I zoomed out quite a ways (12 mile), I could see the map segment outlines. Yet when I zoom back in to, lets say 800 feet, I dont get any roads, other than what the base map would show.
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