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  1. Ive gotten a route ready for a Kent-Auburn-Covington-Maple Valley area Cache Machine. I will be submitting the Event page soon. I have tentatively included a lunch time stop down in AUburn, but will make a final decision on that later on. So, stay tuned for developing information!!
  2. Dale, Im not sure if Im missing something or not. But Ive downloaded the file 3 times. The first time, I didnt notice and installer file. So, I downloaded it again. Same thing. The 3rd time I downloaded it, it was not the same 877 Meg file. was only 35+. Would it be possible for you to include in your signature, a link to the latest download. Searching though 100's of messages is difficult, and the Download I find may not be the latest release. Thanks
  3. Im going to go ahead and leave the CM on the 11th. I dont want to take a chance on not being able to participate cuz Im holding a new grandbaby (grin).
  4. Yep. I blew it. I had gone to the event calender, posted for the 18th and then had my mind changed to the 11th. Already talked to the two resturaunts and got them set up. Guess I need to call them back and change it to the 18th. Sorry and Thanks Nick
  5. They are a super secret organization made up of hmmmmmmmmm Oh Yea, fellow cachers!!!!! I called and got both the Godfathers and Old Country Buffet lined up for Oct 11th. As soon as I can find my Event Page Artist (he knows who he is), Ill see if I can persuade him to do his magic and make a pretty Event page. At present, I havent looked at any county parks along the route that may be able to do a midday stop for munchies, but will look into that.
  6. Update time: At first I thought about doing this cache machine on Oct 18th. Well.......I have a granddaughter due on the 25th and Berta says "You may be doing this CM on your own. Which I have to agree with. So, Ive decided to move it up a week to the 11th. I have yet to contact local resturaunts to see if they have space for us. I will do that this weekend. But my tentative plans are for the Friday night Meet and Greet to be at Godfathers in Covington. (Theres also a Roundtable in the Lake Meridian Area). AThe dinner would be at the Old Country Buffet on Kent's East hill. I've worked on the route most of this week and and I currently have 110+ caches on the route. Using 5, 6 or 7 minutes per cache, its nearly impossible to have enough daylight hours to grab them all. Unless you are part of the Cache Menagerie. Them guys are GOOD!!!!
  7. Ive been contemplating another Cache Machine for the Puget Sound area and Im curious as to what sort of interest there would be. Ive been toying around with the Kent-Auburn-Maple Valley area. I did learn a valuable lesson with the Sumner Cache Machine and that was that I didnt have nearly enough caches. I've started designing a route in the above mentioned area and Im sure that I can come up with 120+ caches. Im also looking at the middle of October for this. Day light savings time doesnt change until November this year so the days would still be fairly long. Any feedback is greatly apprecated, Thanks
  8. At the Meet and Greet tonight at Roundtable Pizza, it was mentioned that GC18PBC "Back to Rainier View Park" is missing. This is stop #2 on the route.
  9. The above link is not the correct file for the GPX file. This one is the right one GPX for the Sumner Cache Machine
  10. GPX File for Sumner Cache Machine If anyone would like the GPX for the Cache Machine, here it is.
  11. Sumner Cache Machine Final Draft There has been a few caches added and a few taken off from earlier drafts. There will also be some notes available Friday night at Roundtable Pizza with details to some of the modifications that may pop up between now and Saturday. Aversano's called today for verification as to how many to expect for dinner. I have 70 people who have signed up to run the route and only 34 of them have indicated that they would be joining us for dinner. SO, I told the hostess to expect anywhere from 40-70 and she was OK with that. Thanks for your patience with my first attempt at building a cache machine. Travis, I have a greater appreciation for what you do!!!! Thanks Nick
  12. I will be posting the Final Route on Monmday evening. Any changes to the route after that time will be available at the Meet and Greet on Friday night at dinner. If you havent emailed me with your conformation for dinner for Saturday at Aversano's please feel free to let me know. It would help the resturaunt in their planning. Thanks Nick
  13. CoreyandJoey are doing the bookmarks. Ill email them and aske them to post a link to the last one.
  14. A side note. Doing what you suggested still left the zoom at 1100 plus miles.
  15. I had already tried that. It takes you to your set location, but the level of zoom is set by google not by the user. The only reason I want to change this is because every time I open Google, the first thing I have to do is zoom in and adjust. Which gets old real quick. Thanks for the comment, though.
  16. Is there a way to change the default zoom level that Google Earth starts out as. When opening it, can the zoom level be changed to bring the beginning image closer?
  17. Sumner Cache Machine Update to the dining situation at Aversano's for Saturday evening. I stopped there this weekend and they showed me the banquet area. It will definately hold 70 people. There has been a change, hopefully for the better. It IS an all-you-can-eat buffet. BUT, the price is 12.95 for adults and 6.95 for kids. I had mentioned to the waitress that we had been quoted 10.95 and she mentioned that I could discuss it with the owner, but I decided that the cachers would rather have it all you can eat for 2 dollars more. Let me know if this will change your plans for the 9th.
  18. If I knew that you knew that I knew that they knew I knew, that would be news. Read that fast 10 times and try not to get dizzy
  19. I have had my 60CSx for close to 2 years and love it. I bought my wife a Vista HCx and we cached together for about a month with it. Her HCx did not show the accuracy that my 60CSx has. I finally sold the HCx and bought her the 60CSx. Personally I do not recommend the HCx for caching. The 2nd 60CSx I bought cost me about $315 delivered.
  20. Of course I knew they were reviewers. They knew I knew. So now you know I knew. Anybody else need to know?
  21. Travis, Thanks for the input. When I spoke with the people at Aversano's we had a long discussion as to the appetites of the people who would be in attendance. The way this one will be set up, from my understanding is that there will be tables where the food will be set up and they will continue to fill it, until such time as they figure we are over our budget. Tha manager told me that they had never had any complaints in the past as far as people not getting enough to eat. She did say however that the area is designed for about 70 people. It is always a tough call to decide just what to do with the after event get together, Im sure. We had scoured the area for a Buffet-style establishment and came up empty handed. Dont forget, theres a noon-time stop and scarf at Stinky's Cache. If we empty CoreynJoeys pantry, then the hungery's may not be as hungery. (SMILE). Too bad we live in the part of the country where the weather can turn on a dime. I would have preferrred a get together at a park with BBQ's and stuff like that. It would be cheaper in the long run. But less reliable.
  22. "In case you or others don't know, TM is one of the local reviewers. I'm willing to bet now that B, N & Z, oh, and now you, make statements like you did, TM will now be watching any cache submissions from you or them just a little more closely, especially with regards to permissions. " Interesting that Team Misguided, who is also THE moderator of this particular thread has allowed a poster to, for lack of a better term 'fingerpoint'. I sent a private message to Team Misguided asking them to lock the thread since Allanon had singled me and one other party out. Not only did Team Misguided NOT do anything, they re-inforced what Allanon had said. Thanks for pointing out that Team Misguided are local reviewers. I had no idea.
  23. Seriously, how many people really follow this particular guideline?
  24. I wonder, just wondering now, if the reviewer took it upon themselve(s) to decide whether or not this particular cache should be published or not. OR did Groundspeak recently decide to clamp down on what will or will not be allowed?
  25. Im of the belief that the majority of caches placed are subject to someone's permission. Whether its state land, private land, or whatever the case may be. Neighborhood parks? If having to get 'permission' to place a cache were to become a reality, we'd be in big trouble. Sure, guardrail caches are normally easy to find and dont require alot of time to place, but when you ask the D.O.T. for their opinion on the matter, they are going to say NO as would most other 'agencies'. What interests me is that when Ozziesan submittted the placement of th guardrail cache, he states that it was placed on hold. Did all the rest of the guardrail caches have to go through this same "who did you ask at the D.O. L. process?
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