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  1. I would like to have a car GPS that will do a couple of different things for me. I would like it to have a view looking straight down at the map showing my currewnt location instead of a drivers view of where I am headed. Id also like to be able to load cache locations (just the location) into the unit so my birds eye view would show where I am on the map relative to where caches are located. I can already do this using a laptop and Delorme Street Atlas. But having a laptop open and in the co-pilots lap is a bit too much. Will any of the Nuvi units do this?
  2. In his opening remarks Travis mentions that the route will be published at the end of this week. Once we all see the route, we will know the starting and ending points. In past cache machines, I believe the starting point where everyone meets is relatively close the first stop on the route. I hope that clarifies it some for you.
  3. Theres a lot of hotels in Oak Harbor, but Im finding that with it being the New Years Day weekend which for alot of people will be a 4 day weekend that the lodging is filling up fast or has already filled. Good Luck with your searching!! I noticed that Priceline has instituted a no worry purchase plan where you can name your price BUT you can cancel or change it without any fees. Has anyone tried this yet?
  4. I bought a 60CSx 2 yrs ago and love it. I bought my wife a Vista HCx last year and we compared the two and we found that the 60CSx appeared to have better accuracy than the 60 did. It could have been us, it could have been the machine or it could have been the conditions. I ended up selling the Vista and bought her her own 60CSx. Now she has no excuse if I find the caches before her.
  5. I uninstalled and reinstalled GE and I still am unable to see my GPX created caches. The time slider is all the way to the right and under View I clicked to never show time. This is strange that its not working on this machine but on my desktop.
  6. Im trying to get Google Earth to show specific caches. I can do this on my desktop, but not my laptop and I cant figure out what Im doing wrong. I go into GSAK, generate a GPX, send that file to my desktop. Then I open Google Earth Tweaker, which generates another file onto the desktop that I can click and it opens Google Earth. But, the GPX caches dont show at all. I have gone to Geocaching.com and downloaded the KML program so that works. Also, if I go into Google Earth and click on the Geocaching Network KML choice, it will show all caches. Im just wanting to show the ones I want to look for and havent found.
  7. Ok, Perhaps I'll rephrase you question. Does the Treo 700 offer a way to transfer the Cachemate file to the unit via a hardwired option? In looking at several pictures of the Treo 700 I didnt notice anywhere to plug in a cord. And if my computer isnt bluetooth enabled, then what options do I have?
  8. Im looking at getting a Treo 700P to replace both my cell phone nd my PDA. Currently, when I want to send caches to both my 60CSX and my Palm Zire 21, I use a Mini-USB cable for my hardwired connection. I looked at some reviews on the Treo 700P and it appears as though it does not use MiniUSB. If that is the case, who do I transfer cache informatiojn to it?
  9. If theres anybody in the Pacific Northwest area who is interested in 30 caliber ammo cans for cache hides let me know. $4 per discount for quantity purchases.
  10. In some Cache Machines, they do gather at the beginning. In other Cache Machines, people seem to embark on the route whenever they decide to start. Personally, I havent done enough of them to know for sure what the standard procedure is.
  11. My bookmark list shows 98 caches. Yet my The Bear Is Curvy cache doesnt show when I bring up the list. I have noticed that at other times too. It almost seems like theres a lag time between when I add it and it shows up. I dont know if others are seeing that cache or not when they bring up the list.
  12. #60 -The Bear Is Curvy is my cache. It was temporarily disabled yesterday when I found that the log book had gone missing. I replaced the log book and it has been enabled as of last night. # 63 - Evil ( C )ammo 6 shows as Active today. The logs for that cache show no inactivity. It was found on the 6th of October. I do know that there are several people who have created bookmarks. I have one also, and I try to make sure that its accurate. As of yesterday it was and still is.
  13. As of right now, ALL caches on the route are up and running. MtnMutt and Combatnurse2003, If you come to the Meet and Greet on Friday evening, you may be able to 'hook up' with someone else who may have some cache machine experience. Also, alot of times at the start of the route, people will gather for a bit before they take off and you may find someone who will help you out. Id like to hear if everyone wants to meet for a group photo at 630 on Saturday morning?
  14. Okay, lets see how good my memory is as far as the caches that have some walking to them. #4 Mill Creek Swamp about .46 round trip These two are at the same stop: about .44 round trip #35 Camo My Eggo #36 Elves Watch The World Go By #46 Dragonfly Nest These two are at the same stop less than 1/2 mile round trip #49 The Hidden Valley #50 South Of Eastwood These two are at the same stop less than 1/2 mile round trip #59 Black Bear Trail #60 The Bear Is Curvy These three are at the same stop about 1.6 miles round trip #62 E T's Last Ride #63 Evil ©ammo 6 #64 Boo! Thes five are at the same stop about 1.2 roiute trip #69 Danville Stumped #70 Pandora's Big 'Un #71 Loopy Ridge #72 Trail Crossing #73 Sinusitis These four are at the same stop about 1.7 round trip #84 Elves Love Green #85 Elves Dropping By #86 High Hopes #87 Curious George These two are at the same stop about .6 round trip #89 Cedars Bend #90 ClarkPark All of these are best guess estimates
  15. I have gotten the Final Route completed, however the link on the Event Page will not be available until Monday afternoon. Im fairly pleased with the variety on this route and make sure you have your hiking shoes on because theres several stops along the way where as many as 4 or 5 caches will be available from one parking spot. Any further changes and I really dont anticipate any will be announced on Friday evening at Godfathers. PLEASE BE ADVISED CACHES 59 THROUGH 64 ARE IN A LOCATION WHERE THERE HAS BEEN COUGAR SIGHTINGS DURING THE PAST WEEK. I walked 2 miles out there on Saturday and didnt see anything
  16. I'vr decided to NOT post a GPX file since they all show as open in my records
  17. Heres an update on the Kent Cache Machine route. These changes will bereflected in the final routw which I will publish early next week. If anyone wants a GPX file of the route, email me and I'll send it to you. Removed Stop 37 GCRX47 - Soosette Creek Micro Added IC70Z - Evil ©ammo 6 Added GCID5CZ - Fork In The Road Added GCVEGQ - Curious George Added GC1073X - Historic Maple Valley As far as the caches that are currently disabled, I have been told by all owners that these wold be back up in time for the Cache Machine. Theres also two other caches that I want to add to the route that have been published since I did the map, but if I cant figure out how to cut/paste them from another map, I wont be able to add them. Addressing Wrastro's comments, with Berta and I being on the fairly new end of events. I actually enjoy meeting my fellow cachers more than the hunt itself. One other item, If there is any one that wants/needs 30 cal ammo cans, Let me know and I will bring some to either the Friday or Saturday night meal. Or my house is right on the route and I will give coords to you. Im asking $4 per can. If you want alot, I may discount them for you. Thanks Nick
  18. In the past few days there have been reports getting back to me on some of the caches on the Kent Cache Machine. Any changes will be reflected in an updated route that I wll get out this week. Any other changes between then and the Cache Machine will show in the final. The bookmark list will also be updated. A few changes are as follows. #4 GCRG1K No Snow Today originally showed access from 210th SE. That has been corrected and the parking with be on 212th SE (right in front of the park). I have decided to remove: # 29 GC12947 Beyond the Gate and #GC15Z12 Beyond Beyond the Gate because of limited parking. There are several others that havent been found in over 6 weeks and I will be making trips to those before the final is posted to see if they are still there. Thanks Nick
  19. It seems to me that I explored this idea a year or so ago and decided against it because in order to have a "clean" enough power supply as to NOT hurt a laptop, you would have to spend a ton of money for a very good Converter. Does anyone have any feedback on this. Or perhaps what I am thinking about would be a power converter that would convert 12 volt to whatever voltage a laptop may need. In that case the voltage would need to be cleaner so as not to bother the laptop componants. If Im wrong, is there any criteria that needs to be watched for in regards to the Power Inverters? Thanks
  20. New Bookmark (Including the starting point)
  21. I had already addressed the request privately with the person who requested it. I have learned the hard way what I can and cant do when trying to put on a cache machine. As far as the Event not being shown on the Bookmark. Ill take care of that. The starting time is 6:30AM and we will be starting in front of Old Country Buffet.
  22. Kent Cache Machine Bookmark Ok, I have created a Bookmark for the Kent Cache Machine Route. First time for bookmarks for me. Lets hope it works!!! There are a few caches on he route that are currently disabled, but they will be back up in time for the Event.
  23. Thanks Harriet, I have emailed the cache owner on this. If she cant replace it by the time the cache machine rolls around. I will take it off the route. It wont impact the route at all. I always double check the "Found Last date" prior to the event and pull things that are questionable. I just hadnt gotten that far on this route yet. Guess I better get a move on. Nick
  24. No I sure didnt. Its going to be in at least 4 different jurisdictions. If you would like to inform Kent you can. Thanks P.S. I have removed #87 Another Guardrail Cache at the owners request. I will update the route in a week or so.
  25. Kent Cache Machine Alrighty. Who's ready for another local cache machine? 90+ caches in about 11-12 hours of daylight?
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