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  1. I want to buy a GPS for a friend that is interested in geocaching and would start if they had a GPS. I am looking for a used, any kind that works, very cheap GPS
  2. I am as serious as I possibly can be. This really happened just yesterday, and next time I go back I will log my incredible find.
  3. How did you stumble across the final stage? I was in the library with my sister looking for a movie, I walked over to the computer where she was and she whispered "those two guys there are geocachers" They then pulled a book off the shelf with a large geocaching sticker on it. I thought "oh cool a geocaching book that isn't the Idiot's Guide to Geocaching, I'll have too take a look at that" So after they left I went over there and didn't find the book. So I went back to the computers and noticed they had been using the one next to my sister, they also had left their search up, so I went and found that book. My sister was saying "come on hurry up we need to get a movie and go" So I took the book to the movie section and opened it there. I then realized this was a cache!!! And a logbook!!! So I really wasn't sure whether I should log but it sounds like I could and I think I will because the farthest I've gotten on a multi so far is frustrated hours of looking for the first stage twice.
  4. Today I accidently stumbled across the last stage/cache of a multi cache. Is it OK to log it as a find or should I go back and find all the stages? Advice wanted!!!!!!
  5. leswon

    Needs Archived?

    Who cares? It don't never no matter does it?
  6. Mine? Less than 30mins. Wow and Thanks!!!!
  7. Micros, micros, and more micros of course. I usually don't bother to log DNF on them because I know it's just a little problem I have. I can't find micros.
  8. Hey, don't be dicouraged! It's a interesting idea, I'd play it on a bum day when I could'nt go geocaching for reason. Maybe you could start with a palm os game and get bigger from there. (make that palm os 3.5 greyscale compatible so I could play it ) And please don't listen to The Alabama Rambler you don't have to spice geocaching up.
  9. How about no smokers? Then there would be no cigarrette trash and we all might live a bit longer
  10. I never even thought about it being anything else but C. sigh-toe (it sounds nice) but I think kie-toe could make sense too.
  11. HELLO UP THERE! Team LaLonde, Will be going to the UP in either June or July and camping on Lime Island. I hope there is a cache there, I'm going to check now! Also I might get to go to an event, the Huron River Cleanup by Canoe it all depends on a work conference. (ugh)
  12. Have checked out and joined MIGO and will check out nwogeo. I would love to go to an event sometime but I can't drive Hayes State Park is pretty close maybe I can convince the whole family to go camping that weekend.
  13. I don't think I heard/read about that. Michigan Trooper? Link? Explanation? I have been to Indiana (before I started Geocaching) and look forward to caching in Clifty Falls State Park sometime. (You Indianins have put some caches in it right?)
  14. Very funny, I have noticed that you Indianans dominate the midwest forums. Such a shame I am trying to change that.
  15. A funny story but not all 16 year old girls are like that, believe me I know.
  16. There is a OHIO cachers Hola, an Indiana Cachers Hello, so I thought Michigan needed one too. There are other geocachers in Michigan, right? So hello everybody! And to get conversation started where is your favorite place in Michigan to cache? (besides where you live of course)
  17. Looking for a used, in good shape, PC Data Cable for Lowrance iFinder Map & Music GPS
  18. Yellow Garmin Etrex, my first and only, got it at a garage sale for $5.
  19. Not video games, SCHOOL!!! I voted
  20. The good old moutain bike, you know the kind where you are the engine. (At least until I get a car...... and a drivers license)
  21. I think that geocaching in graveyards is OK as long as the geocaches are kept off gravestones and any other inappropiate places. And definetly if there are people around for more than just looking at the stones move off and wait.
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