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  1. I stand (sit actually) informed.
  2. I have been considering a "Premium" membership as well since at some point between August and last weekend the rules changed and suddenly Geocaching.com saw fit in their infinite wisdom to only have small and simple caches available for free. Kinda sucks and feels a little arbitrary but they want money just like me.
  3. Me and my wife are headed down to Fargo for the weekend and we want to do a little caching while we're there. I'm looking for one of those nice little out-of-the-way places to look for a cache. Suggestions welcome. LK
  4. I found one from April 12 2002, but I know that it's not my first post. Edit: With a little bit of digging I've got one from May 2 2001, under my old login name. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...1&st=&p=entry
  5. I hear all of you saying "cheap" and I tend to agree. But don't go too cheap, you might find that you want to use it for more than Geocaching. If I was going to buy a point and shoot, pocket sized camera right now I would likely buy a Kodak. I currently own a high zoom Kodak and it is a great camera. I would try to find a camera that used a proprietary battery as opposed to AA's, simply because you get a better battery. My advice is to go to a place where you can pick up the unit, turn it on, take some pictures and just play with it. You'll get a feel for what you like and what you don't like. This <www.dpreview.com> is a good site to get information about many different models.
  6. klassenl

    Ammo Boxes

    For all of you that know what Princess Auto is, military surplus ammo boxes are on sale this week starting Tuesday for $7.99. That is 50% off.
  7. $2 bills do exist in the US. Here is a forum thread with a news article about a man who got arrested for paying with $2 bills (employees thought they were counterfeit). I never knew that $2 bills weren't widely used in the USA. Here in Canada we have long gotten rid of $1 and $2 bills and replaced them with coins. After all coins last a lot longer than bills and they are easier to put in the drink machine too.
  8. Even if you think that pot isn't dangerous, you still have to report it. I'm guessing that you are in an area where marijuanna is illegal. Based on this fact alone you have to call the police. It is the moral duty of every good citizen to report illegal/criminal behaviour. If you saw a bank being robbed you would report it. Growing pot plants and robbing banks are on the same level as far as the law is concerned, they are both illegal. To those that will make suggestions about karma to me.........I'm sorry I don't believe in karma.
  9. How about a spell checker for Firefox? I made a post a long time ago suggesting that people should make an effort to format and grammar/spell check their posts before hitting submit, and of course my post got picked apart for its many errors. All in good fun. {edit for...........................................spelling!}
  10. "I was the shizzy nizzy at Elk camp." What?
  11. I'm sorry but you'll have to give some more information. Page 192 has nothing about GPS Navigation on it.
  12. This is then end of the test
  13. How about on Portage and Main in Winnipeg in the winter, or maybe just my back yard. THAT would be survival............uuuh.......If they did do it on the prairies in the winter (or summer) they could give the contestants a Magellan with landmarks programed in for the different competition sites.
  14. The first thing I thought of when I saw that was, "Some one will post on the Forums about that..........."
  15. For me it's Green Triangle or nothing. For those not in-the-know if you have a green triangle on the tongue or side of your boot that means that they have steel toes and a steel plate running the length of the sole. They are also voltage rated to 600 volts (probably more in reality) and the toes are impact rated to a certain point. I hear the collective gasp and the ensuing toughts of heavy, awkward boots HOWEVER this is not the case. If you spend more than $100 you generally get a good quality boot with some amount of water protection. I would echo the sentiment that the fewer seams the better. I have worn some form of steel toe boot for almost 10 yrs. Mostly I have to use them for work, but when I put on my Canadian Tire bought "hiking boots" I find my feet get very tired having to accept every inconsistency in the surface I'm walking on. If you have tender feet then you will need an insole, but that's a small price to pay for the protection you get.
  16. Or maybe try to take the old one back. LK
  17. I did a search of the forums and couldn't come up with an answer so......... Now I know there aren't "Benchmarks" in Canada. However, are there markers similar to these benchmarks in Canada? LK
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