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  1. I had two other similar problems. One was when I edited the gpx file with Notepad it was introducing junk in the file. Fixed that problem by using Textpad instead. The second was that some HTML junk that easygps didn't like was in the file. Watcher straightened it out. I don't use watcher any more so maybe the way I use spinner is fixing it. Hope this helps. Updated versions of easy and expert gps didn't for me. Frank
  2. Zipping the gpx file will solve your problem. I had the same thing happen and even had the easygps people look at the file and thay said it was corrupt. Haven't had a problem since. And now that GpxSpinner will unzip them for you, there isn't any reason not to get them that way. Frank
  3. quote:Originally posted by eastwarrior77:I think it would be a great way to propose and one she would never forget. Its still in the planning stage, but I am really thinking about doin it. Any one else think it is a neat idea? I would like to hear all ideas Here's an entry for GC3DE6 along the same lines: July 28, 2002 by Boddy's Girl (1 found) This is definitely the best cache we've ever found! There is quite a story attached... great for you romantics out there-- I was on a weekend get-away with my boyfriend & his family. We planned a hike to introduce his parents, sister & brother-in-law to geo-caching (or so I thought). The weather was surprisingly good considering it had been threatening to storm for a day or so. Anyway... we get to the cache and everyone else is hanging back. Since it is a CD cache, I brought a CD and was excited to peruse the contents when lo-and-behold: there is a CD labeled Geo-cachers: please do not remove. Duh. I keep looking at the other CDs. That's strange-- there is another couple out there with our names. Oh, wait. How did this one get here with our names on it? Hmm. Nah! He must have left this gone caching with out me and left this somewhere, but how did it magically arrive here? I'm still off in la-la land when he pulled out a Walkman-- and still I'm not getting it. What? Does he actually want to check out CDs before he picks one? That's weird. Hmmm. Gee, this CD has our pictures on it. The next thing I know, I'm listening to the most romantic wedding proposal I've ever heard- on CD! Needless to say, I was a bit surprised! I never thought this would happen so soon. I couldn't have imagined a more romantic, sweet and thoughtful proposal. It was so special to have his family be a part of this special moment. Oh yeah, I accepted! Anyway... there are more details, but I will keep them for us to remember fondly. We left a Toni Braxton CD and took the Geo-inspector Bug to travel on with us. This little guy will hold a special place in our hearts and we will definitely keep track of his whereabouts!
  4. quote:Originally posted by ClayJar:(You *do* get the GPX files sent to you zipped, right?) NO! That's the problem. I'll try and do the right thing from now on. Thanks for your help. -Frank
  5. quote:I thought I had a problem when I opened it and had 0/99 showing, but I turned off my filters and realized they were all virtuals, which I filter out. Without the filters on, I had 99/99 showing. Nuts ... I have virtuals turned off too. Sorry. But I still have a problem with EasyGPS. -Frank
  6. quote:Originally posted by ClayJar:If you don't mind, can you e-mail me this GPX? I'll look at it and see why Watcher didn't handle it correctly. I don't know of any outstanding GPX-reading/parsing bugs in 0.1.30, so if there is one in there to find, I'd be grateful if you'd lend me the file so I can find the problem. It's on it's way. Thanks. -Frank
  7. quote:Originally posted by The Leprechauns:You need to upgrade to the newest version of EasyGPS. Older versions choke on GPX files. There are quite a few threads in this forum with more details if you need them. I don't think that's the problem. I downloaded a new copy of last night. -Frank
  8. I received 3 GPX files today. File 1 had 283 waypoints. EasyGPS reported 135 while Watcher and Spinner each reported the correct 283. File 2 had 265 waypoints. EasyGPS reported 184 and Watcher and Spinner were correct. FIle 3 had 99 waypoints. EasyGPS reported 38 while Watcher reported 0. Only Spinner found all of them. GPSbabel found 99 on the raw file while it didn't find any from the Spun file. Is anyone else experiencing problems similar to these. -Frank
  9. quote:Originally posted by El Oso:So, there's no problem downloading and saving the file, just opening it up into EasyGPS? None whatsoever. Watcher and gpx2html deal with them just fine. It's only EasyGPS that gives me problems. Frank
  10. EasyGPS stops loading my GPX file at at the same place everytime. It's choking on one waypoint with some crappy html in it. I've sent a copy of the file to the EasyGPS people to see if they can fix the problem. For now, I'm just editing out the waypoint.
  11. quote:Originally posted by ClayJar:How many does Watcher say it has? If Watcher gets it right, then it's a bug in EasyGPS. If you'd like, you can send it to me and I'll figure out what's wrong with EasyGPS now and send them a bug report. Plus, I can send it back to you working. Watcher lists 80; EasyGPS lists 17. I'll send you a copy of the file. Where should I send it? Frank
  12. quote:Originally posted by ClayJar:You need to do the folowing: + DELETE your copy of EasyGPS. (Many people have problems if they don't delete [or at least rename] the old one first.) + Download the http://www.easygps.com/latest.asp I got a fresh copy of EasyGPS and followed your instructions. My .gpx file has 53 entries (I counted them). EasyGPS says it has 17. Frank
  13. quote:Originally posted by Olar:OK got it working OK but can't figure out why. Mine didn't work with the test file but it does with a real file of all traditional caches in Michigan??? Maybe size does matter! Frank
  14. quote:Originally posted by fizzymagic: Wow. I don't know what would cause that. I set my link depth to 3 and limit to the exact server. Breadth first, zlib compression. My only experience with it not including files was when had accidentally erased the files. Sorry I can't be of more use. If you figure it out, let me know! I'm just using gpx2html for the first time tonight and have the same problem. It says that there are no links downloaded by Plucker for the hints??? Frank Frank
  15. Why do some cache pages use the great maps from maps.Groundspeak.com and others use the crappy ones from tiger.census...? Wish our cache pages came from Groundspeak
  16. Why do some cache pages use the great maps from maps.Groundspeak.com and others use the crappy ones from tiger.census...? Wish our cache pages came from Groundspeak
  17. If you just make them so they don't produce any results, you've used up one of your 5 queries. We need to be able to delete queries.
  18. If you just make them so they don't produce any results, you've used up one of your 5 queries. We need to be able to delete queries.
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