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  1. Unless you have an electronic compass, it can't. I teach my students to remember that there is about a 30 foot circle that their reading may not change. When they get close to a cache, lets say, they start walking in concentric circles, keeping the arrow at a 90 degree pointing in until they get a good location where they are going... I also teach them to not turn unless they are moving... I hope this helps!
  2. Blackburn Lancashire, London, and a town where the University of Woolverampton is. It is an educational summit on using Interactive Whiteboards. I won the trip in a lesson contest through Promethean Inc... Maybe I'll find a few caches while there....
  3. Hi all, I am travelling to the UK in October for an educational summit. I want to take my GPS. Being Geo - centric to the US, I am curious....will my Merigold work in the UK? I assume that it will but you know what happens when we ASSUME!. I guess I will have to buy some software for the UK or just do without maps..... If this post needs to be moved, please do so!! I might even sneak my Garmin forerunner out on the flight over!!!
  4. Anton, Ive been a member fo awhile but our school software is blocking the site!
  5. I did a multi cache relay race with a Boy Scout troop last year. 5 groups were given clues and coords to five diffferent caches. Once they all rotated through the caches, the last coordinate was to the final cache where prizes were waiting for each "patrol" as they got there. We did it to a Lord of the rings theme. It kept 30 scouts interested for about 2 hours and inproved their orienteering and GPS skills. I, too am a Jr. High school teacher, 7th grade math..... Email me and we can talk more about specifics.
  6. OOps. I forgot to post the ppt. PM me and I will email it to you!!! Beowolf, you are correct. At our conference this year, we had the same old powerpoint presentations and windows moviemaker etc....I guess it all goes in cycles.
  7. I used parts of several presentations and the class went quite well. I mainly concentrated on getting to know their GPSR and how it functions. W#e also spent some time brainstorming and coming up with lessons for diffferent subject areas!
  8. Man dies while playing Internet scavenger hunt 07:45 AM CST on Tuesday, December 14, 2004 Just saw this in the Dallas Morning News... Associated Press SAN ANTONIO - Authorities say a San Antonio man apparently fell to his death during an Internet scavenger hunt. The body of James Max Chamberlain, 64, was discovered Sunday in Eisenhauer Park. "He either slipped and fell down the ravine, or he was trying to walk up the little incline and slipped back," said Lt. Rosie Vasques, of the San Antonio Police Department. Authorities believe Chamberlain was using a recently-purchased global positioning system to find his way. His wife reported Chamberlain missing late Saturday when he didn't return home. Police were able to locate Chamberlain's body in a remote area of the park by using coordinates he left behind. The death is being treated as an accident. An autopsy has been ordered.
  9. You could ask for a laptop, maybe an old one from your tech dept that you could use to go with some software to load waypoints. Easy GPS, GSAK are freebies. Don't know much about the Garmin Software. I usually save waypoints from a map on my magellan S&T then save it to a waypoint file open in GSAK or Easy GPS and load it to our etrexes...PM me, I'll tell you what I do with them. When I get my presentation together for the LACUE conference, I will send you a copy. It should be in a couple of weeks....as long as tests, progress reports, teaching, and that other annoying stuff don't get in the way!!!
  10. Actually lesson plans that you could use the next day would be your department, after all it is your job. Now, ideas to include in lesson plans or activities would be something that I will include... I would not pretend to know another teachers grade level, what modifications are needed, subject level, class size, what equipment they have, etc.... The course I am teaching is to give teachers the tools to integrate GPS into their lesson plans and make it interesting for the kids without stumbling and bumbling over how a GPSr operates. I've seen many teachers go to technology conferences and expect freebies from the vendors and free lesson plans from the presenters to make their job of planning easier and/or lazier. Using technology in education actually requires extra time, effort, planning, and skill in developing PowerPoints, lessons, and activities that will stimulate a child to learn. It is definitely not a shortcut as some have tried! As a teacher, I believe that too many do not have the basic understanding of GPSr's and what is avaliable for their use. Thanks, gm100guy, I saw your page the other day and will use it as a resource as well.
  11. Hi all. I am doing a GPS presentation for teachers at a conference in December. I will be focusing on several areas: Use of GPS in education. GPSr's - I have several and access to several others Software for use with GPSr's - GSAK... and obviouslly geocaching..... Any other ideas or areas would be appreciated. Thanks Bill
  12. Try walking in circles, keeping your directional arrow at right angles to your direction when you get into the 30-50 foot range, and spiral in in concentric circles...works for me!
  13. I am wondering if lavarock had actual permission from the land owner or "frisbee"permission. If they only had "frisbee" permission, would it have come off the same way if the land manager/owner actually knew this was on their property? A land owner called me once to come look at a suspicious shack on the back of his newly willed peoperty. It turned out to be an old construction dynamite shack that had been there for almost 50 years. Professional Law Enforcement training calls for the officer on the scene to call those with the appropriate training. I do not see that as over reaction or CYA. It is following protocalls and procedures that are in place for the protection of the general public and the oficer themselves. I do not expect you to agree with me as I have seen the negative law enforcement slant on this website. That's the cool thing about forums like this! Could this have all been avoided with a litte communication???
  14. Wow, I'm surprised. There are alot of other places to hide caches for the general public, why schools?? It's hard enough to teach without having the day interrupted by some guy walking across school grounds, looking for a cache, without properly being there. You must register at our office before you may tour the property and all vehicles and people coming onto school property are subject to search. I am just amazed that some are willing to give up the securtity of our children just to find a cache.
  15. I guess I should cancel my campout that weekend with 30 Boy Scouts to whom I am introducing Geocaching. Why would this be necessary when the tool/process to fix poorly maintained caches already exists? I vote for removing the "u"! My Grandma used to tell me not to point at others because there were always three fingers pointing back at you...In other words, I have enough to do without somebody else minding my business for me! Dear Sir, We, the neighborhood association, have decided that your BMW is not kept clean enough and is not waxed often enough for our taste. Persuant to TPTB, we are allowing your neighbor to take ownership of your valued BMW and your first born child(For labor costs and their hair was not cut to the specified length.) Yes, we know that others have yet to wash and wax their car but we had to set a precedent with someone! Yes, we would like to mind our own business but, well, err, we didn't have Skeeter's Grandmother to instill her wisdom upon us and have too much time on our hands. Sincerely, Your Friends, Much Love, The Neighborhood Association. BTW- I have a pick-up truck, no beemer here! EDIT- to add BTW
  16. Just loaded it and the firmware update to our two 201's and works great! Simple and esasy to use....just my speed.
  17. SJ, Where did you get the book. I'll check for one in Beaumont when I go this weekend.
  18. I agree on having a historical markers designation. My wife teaches history and they can be used in her class. I probably would find more historical markers than regular caches. I have been wanting to find the coordinates of all of the State Trooper Memorials in Texas.(Which I believe is different from historical markers, I guess) and come up with a page with them on it.
  19. yah tah hey...I used to be an agent for a YMCA in Dallas. Out trailblazers were a pretty active group. Email me and Ill give you an idea what I am doing for a local Boy SCout troop this spring...The trailblazers are the kids too old for the IG/IP program. Not really sure what the Y calls it now..."Y-Guides"????
  20. Wow, you must be peeking into my house. I just pulled my copie(s) of the books from the shelf. I haven't read them since high school and have been itchin to read them again. That Lord of the Rings thingy set my mind to wandering about that series!!
  21. Thanks for the positive comments. I'm actually a teacher and teach several of the scouts. Their Scoutmaster has made the request after going on a school sponsored trip to New Orleans and I talked about Geocaching the whole way. I drove the bus and used my Meridian for guidance... mbrownjer, I'd love any info you can give me. PM me or email me, your choice... Here is my plan. I will attemd several scout meetings in advance and explain GPS, geocaching, and then give instruction on how to use the GPSr. We will the go on a campout at an area where there are actually 4 caches in the park and 4 on the lake. We will do some of those caches in the afternoon after my geo-game below. I am going to have a geocaching puzzle where the coordinates to the final cache will be pieces of the puzzle. We will break the scouts up into 4 groups of 4-6 and they will take turns using the GPSr to lead to the clue caches. Once all of the clues are obtained, they will go as a group to the final cache where a prize will be waiting for them. My school district has a dozen etrexes which they have graciously allowed me to use. Any other ideas??
  22. Thats what I wanted...your opinions. I just wondered if someone would mind 2-24 logs on their cache like that...I guess I could contact the cache owners and explain to them what was going on...
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