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  1. Where can I get one of these coins. I LOVE the ford mustang!
  2. This is a nice looking coin.. Seeing labrador on it reminds me of the episode of survivorman I just saw last friday.
  3. I just started collecting geocoins -- and this is the very reason right here why I will never place any in a cache. I wish people weren't so dishonest (and I know it's just a select few individuals), but the world isn't perfect either. I have no issue giving people a list of the codes so they can "discover" them, but I'd hate to see them vanish forever. Just my two ¢. Take it for what it's worth. Hope you get your coins back!
  4. I'd like to add one thing about the 60CSx. I have noticed at times that the electronic compass needs calibration every so often - More or less after you change batteries. This is my only gripe about the unit. Otherwise, i LOVE my 60CSx.
  5. Got a caching across america coin today!! Woo!!
  6. I got my very first two geocoins today. 2007 CITO coin Jeep Racer Geocoin! Uh Oh -- The addiction has started!
  7. There's a couple of florida coins circulating that I have seen. Unfortunately, I was late to the punch in getting them -- especially considering I am new to buying coins. I wish I could make a FL coin, but I need to learn some more before I actully go ahead and do it. It does look like a nice coin (the Indiana one), good job on the design. I take it the front is the state flag?
  8. Is it too late to order one of these coins?
  9. Whoops... I found the answer to my question!! These look nice, maybe you can make a Florida one
  10. Thanks, I just reserved the single butterfly with the dark blue bottom. These look really cool. I never saw a coin like this before.
  11. I really want one of those butterflys that was in the first posting on this thread. To my understanding, will all of those coins have that front (with the brown/olive/yellowish colors), and we get to decide what colors will be on the underside? TIA!
  12. Hey all, I have a cache run of 41 waypoints in a GPX file within EasyGPS (2.3.8). I created a route for all the waypoints in the gpx file, except the problem is that when I go to transfer the route to my 60csx, i get "route truncated" displayed on the bottom of my gps unit. The weird part is that I can manually add the rest of the waypoints, but it's very tedious to add 30 or so waypoints manually. Mind you all, I am still using the 64mb MicroSD card that came with the unit, but I can add another route to my gps without any problems memory-wise. Has anyone else experienced this? I have read in other places that there is a 50 waypoint limit to a route, but my route only had 16 or so waypoints in it. I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on this issue. Thanks!
  13. I filled out your survey as well. Good luck with your research!!
  14. Someone in my area has a cache like this. I have no idea on how to extract the message from the image.
  15. Thanks a lot for your help John! Everything worked just as you described. I appreciate it!
  16. Hey guys, I have made a pocket query, downloaded the waypoints into GSAK, and then imported them into Google Earth. The problem I have here is that the labels for all of the geocaches are the Waypoint ID's and not the cache name. Is there anyway I could have Google Earth display the cache name next to all of the icons instead of the waypoint ID? Personally, I think it might be how GC.com creates the gpx file when I run the query, but I'm not sure. Anyone here have any suggestions on how to fix this problem? Thanks!
  17. I'm not sure if this issue has been discussed before, but when I search for geocaches in my area using the google maps portion of this site, I have noticed that my finds only show up for the first 20 caches that are listed. When I goto the second page of caches that are available in my area, the red icon with the star doesn't show up for my finds. Is anyone aware of this bug, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  18. Thanks for your informative response. Is the SIRF chip worth the extra $150 investment? I forgot to mention this earlier, but I would really like to buy a unit that I could use for years.
  19. Hey everyone, I am new to the geocaching game (5 found so far) and I have been looking for a good handheld gps system. A few of the people I went geocaching with a few weeks ago have suggested for me to buy an eTrex Vista unit. I have been reading a lot about the eTrex Vista, and all of it's great features including the electronic compass and altimeter, but I have also read quite a few posts that the reception is poor because it uses a patch antenna (please correct me if this is wrong). I have also read a few user's reviews that a quad-helix antenna would get better reception in heavily wooded areas. For what it's worth, I live in florida and as you all know there aren't many hills or mountains where I'm at, but some heavily wooded areas (which is why im concerned about reception on the gps unit). So I have been looking on the Garmin website for GPS units with a quad-helix antenna, and reading the forum comments to get a feel of what people would suggest. A lot of people seem to be sold here on the GPSMap 60CSx, and I would love to have one of those units, but I honestly can't see myself dishing out $400 for a state of the art GPS unit (I know, you all can call me cheap). This has lead me to looking into the GPSMap 60Cs. I realize that the GPSMap 60CS has been discontinued, but I can still find some brand new units for sale, which I have found for around $250. I heard it has some unique features built into the software especially for geocaching. But what I am really looking for is satellite reception. The last thing I need while out in the woods is for my GPS unit to lose signal, then I will be really "up the creek without a paddle". So, fellow geocachers, I realize this is a long-winded message but what do you think I should do? Get an eTrex Vista (perhaps users of this unit haven't had the reception problems), or try to buy a GPSMap 60cs, or really burn my wallet and get a GPSMap 60CSx? Thanks! Edit - I mean the black and White Vista. Not the C or CX models. Sorry for the confusion.
  20. Here I have the same problem, plus some error messages appear announcing 'Image Found Error: TypeError: x has no properties'. When you scroll your mouse over top of the O F B it tells you the O means caches you own. The F means caches you found. The B means bookmarked caches. If this does not show up when you scroll your mouse over it, then it must be a premium function. As for needing a Premium membership, it is not required. But with the Premium membership it gives you access to other functions on the web site such as Pocket Queries. These are great if you use other software such as GSAK to load all the waypoints into your GPS and also into your Palm device if you go paperless. Saves a lot of time by not having to key enter every waypoint by hand. I can load my GPS with 1000 waypoints and my Palm with 1000 cache page information within a few minutes. Can I bookmark specific caches around my area, and save all of them to a .loc file with a premium membership??
  21. Hey all, I am new to this, so please bear with me for a minute here. When I search for caches by zip code, and look at all the available ones using the google maps part of this site, I see a few icons at the bottom of the screen, and next to the cache names it has O F and B. Do I need a premium membership to view the caches I have found (and to see that specific icon) when I look at caches using the google maps? thanks!
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