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  1. We're flying into Kansas City, MO and then will have a rental car to wander around for a bit. We're thinking of making a large loop going around the neighboring states but maybe that is too ambitious. Still doing my research. Fairyhoney is my mom and I just want to have some ideas to work off of to make suggestions. Thanks in advance for your ideas! Corey
  2. Thanks for the heads-up about these. I'll look into them.
  3. Howdy Cachers! Fairyhoney and I will be coming to the Missouri area for about a week around the time of MOGA 2010 from the State of Washington. I'm personally wondering if there are any Must See/ Do caches in the area. For those that are familiar with the area, have any personal best/ favorites? If you have any ideas, please respond via this thread or message me via my profile link. I know that we're both looking forward to the fun! Thanks! Corey Speeding Element
  4. I'm not even remotely in the area but found this thread nonetheless. What I have seen some cachers do is contact the local geocaching association, or even host a "meet and greet" event for themself" if they would like to meet some of the locals.
  5. I'm confused. Say for instance I send you the money or "entry fee". Do I retain the ownership of my travel bug, or who does here? I visited the cache page on the link and I see others had the same question.
  6. I think I'm understanding the question correctly... In my Moved/Discovered column, I have about 667 icons in that column. In my Owned column, I have exactly 100 in that column. As far as trackables moved/discovered, I have 3204 and in my owned column, I have 138 trackables. Just thought that I'd share.
  7. This one just has me speechless. Is it the uneven "coordinating" tube socks? Prolly not. The t-shirt tucked into my shorts that accentuates the "model on the runway" stance I poised for this photo opp? Prolly not that either. My sister's high waters? Nope of course not. We ain't going there... I know better (see post #62) I got it, it has to be the hair. My hair! Check it out, I have some!!! At a young age up through puberty I was always told by my relatives "Corey, you have such a thick head of hair. You'll never go bald..." The sad thing was that I believed them, especially my grandma-ma who seemed to say it the most and the loudest. This is what I look like now. Was that some kind of bad joke?
  8. Okay... With an arm twisted behind my back, here is a photo of me when I was younger. Even at a young age, I knew she was going to be trouble!!
  9. I read this posting and have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, this is a great idea to try to coordinate efforts like this to ensure that a traveler makes it to its goal. On the other hand, I thought the idea behind travel bugs was for them to travel naturally as cachers move them. Of course it would be great to get it directly to its goal in one fail swoop. Sometimes (as it appears in your case) you're only able to get the travel bug closer to its goal, but not quite there yet. Hopefully when you drop it in DC someone else will take it even closer to its goal, and hopefully over the Atlantic Ocean over to Britain. As of course, sometimes cachers grab travel bugs and just ignore its goals. I have a coin that was in Fresno California and wanted to visit the Fresno Zoo. After two caches in the Fresno area, it suddenly ended up in Kansas. I know how frustrated and disappointed I was when it happened but then again, I realize and remember that this is just part of the game and how it is played. ...Sometimes people don't play by the "rules" (TB goal) stated. In summary, I hope it all works out and you are able to coordinate a safe passage to the UK for this traveler. If, for some reason, you're not able... Just "watch" the travel bug, cross your fingers and hope for the best. Reminds me of a phrase one of my principals told me when I started teaching, "Hope for the best, plan for the worst..."
  10. Unfortauntely, the success rate of this happening doesn't seem to be all that large. Congratulations on receiving your bug back. Sounds like it will go out and travel some more.
  11. Very sweet and touching. What a great idea!
  12. I've always been partial to red, myself. Although I cannot say that all of my cars have been a shade of red, I can say that the ones that I enjoyed and loved the most were red! Red? That is SO last year... where have you been? I know... I know... I'm just partial to red, and that is the color of my Element! I would love to see a Honda Element promotion... lol
  13. This one looks great. Good job! I would be excited to come across this one. It definitely beats the ol' travel bug that is named "Travel Bug" and consists of a travel bug tag attached to nothing. Great job nonetheless! I hope it travels far.
  14. I think you might be surprised how many bug owners would agree with you. I just don't think finders should assume owners don't need to be involved with changes made to their bug. I would feel honored if MaxB or whoever else added their tag to my traveler. For me, it's a way of seeing a visual history of who has had my traveler. Now if everyone that came across one of my trackables did that, I'm honestly not so sure how I would feel about that though.
  15. As far as I know, you have to put your name in and there's a drawing from that list if requests exceed supply. I believe this has been done in one form or another with both the Jeep and Diabetes TB promotions. I can't say for certain because I've missed the past few. If they were clever or desperate fund-raisers, they'd ask for nominal donations just to get on the list. I don't think it would "fly" if Groundspeak was to ask for "nominal donations" just to get on the list. It seems as if it would go against the awareness they are typically trying to promote; i.e. diabetes. To increase funds and not have to "share the cost" with the premium members by raising the price for annual premium membership, they started with the ad placements by Google. It's none of my business about Groundspeak's financials, but I am willing to bet that they don't have to pay for the jeep promotionals, as it is just that... promotional for Chrysler, or whoever owns that corporation as of late.
  16. I've always been partial to red, myself. Although I cannot say that all of my cars have been a shade of red, I can say that the ones that I enjoyed and loved the most were red!
  17. When I toured the Groundspeak offices several months ago, I did notice a wide selection of jeeps of different colors on Jeremy's desk. When I asked about them, I was told that they were samples sent out from previous promotions that were just potential ideas. As far as I know, I could have seen one of the jeeps selected for this year's promotion. Who knows. On another note, I hope that the jeeps are larger this year, like the white jeeps were. I guess it never hurts to hope...
  18. The truth be told, I often do this. I have a horrible affliction caused by being bit by the travel bug disease. When going from my parents' house to my place roughly an hour's drive away, I often stop by about five or six caches, one of which is my own, just to check to see if there are any travel bugs in them that I haven't helped to move yet. I try to pay attention to the goals if attached to the traveler in some way but often there is no notice about goals attached. I figure if a traveler wants to head to Jamaica, and I'm nowhere near Jamaica, traveling five to thirty miles to another fairly local cache won't hurt it a bit. As others have aptly pointed out, movement is movement. I guess that the truth be told, this is one of the ways that I play this game. What got me interested in geocaching to begin with was I was doing history and research for collectible Tonka people/ drivers from the sixties and seventies. Once I did an internet search and I came across a travel bug listing for "Tonka Man". I thought it was so fascinating that all of these different people collectively helped this little Tonka Man travel. After a few more searches, I came across gc.com and the rest is all history. Now I find that I scour local cache page listings and I will sometimes go back to a cache that I've already been to just to pick up a travel bug or a coin, and then leave one in its place. I know that travel bugs and other trackables are not trade items, I'm just speaking to how I play the game. How I play the game doesn't have to be the way you or your buddies play the game. As a result of my obsession with trackables, I can proudly say that I am #42 n travel bug movers on the list of Top 50 Travel Bug Finder's WorldWide. About a year ago, it was my goal to make it to top 50 list.
  19. This is weird. I wonder how often this happens and people don't think to speak up and say anything. I hope it all turns out in the end.
  20. Once again, something for everyone...
  21. 'Kickin' rear and asking questions later... nice.
  22. Your iphone should be able to handle geocaching.com...I use a t-mobile sidekick and use geocaching.com. I would think to leave wap the way it is...quick and clean!!! I use a Palm Treo 700 by Verizon. Geocaching works just fine on my web browser as well. I do believe that the iPhone should most definitely happen. Afterall, one of the sales pitches for the iPhone was to be able to use the full version of the web, not the scaled down version. I say try it and go from there.
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