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  1. hey there i just thought i'd drop a note to say that i recieved my coins from ebay and they did in fact come with a sleeve identical to the one described above. thanks for all who gave me some input!
  2. i actually just posted a reply saying that i am in ontario canada (i posted it before i read this). i was just going to say that around here we have NO issues about flyers and such on our communal mailboxes. the one i'm referring to when discussing hiding a cache has tons on it already. so i still dont know how well/poorly a hidden cache would go over on it. but i do see what people are saying in terms of the neighbours seeing carful after carful show up and snoop around the mailbox. i can understand how that might pose problems. i guess i see this area as an opportunity for potential finders to use their stealth skills. and the whole reason i thought of this area is because its just down the street from me and i thought i might get a kick out of actually SEEING people find my cache
  3. i dont know if this matters but i am in canada, so it'd be the canada post i'd be dealing with.
  4. thats pretty much what was worrying me. is it specifically stated somewhere that there is a rule about utilizing government property? is this a written-in-stone thing, or is it just general consensus/opinion?
  5. i hope i'm posting in the right area here...but i had a question about potentially hiding a cache on a mailbox. i was thinking of using a magnetic key hider box and hiding it on the bottom of the mailbox. but is this considered a faux pas because of the box being a piece of government property? and by the way - no that this really matters much....a mailbox is a mailbox - but the kind of mailbox i'm referring to is the kind normally found in subdivisions....the large unit types that are divided up into smaller locked mailbox units that belong to each individual house in the are. any thoughts/experiences on the issue that may shed some light?
  6. we, like othum, are in the windsor area as well, so we'd be up for anything around here.
  7. **UPDATE: the two travel bugs i was referring to that we dropped off have both had their mileage updated. my own travel bug, however, is still facing the same problem.
  8. yes i was planning to wait until after i recieved my coin before i started shopping for cases for that very reason. the only thing that made me think of this was the fact that i bought form ebay so i wasnt sure if the pouch rule applied there.
  9. oh! ok so basically its a two sided container sleeve in which each side is an open ended envelope...is that right?
  10. thanks blind.....but how do they work? its hard to tell from the picture and there's no description to explain...
  11. i recently came across our first geocoin and it was encased in its own plastic sleeve. it could almost be described as a tiny see thru plastic envelope in which you slide the geocoin into. now i've just ordered our first coins and one of them is oddly shaped (i.e. not a round coin), so i'm thinking these types of plastic sleeves would be perfect for our new coins because, depending on the size, your coin doesnt have to be pefectly round to fit in these types of cases. but, after doing a bit of research, all i've found are these kinds of cases: http://www.greatplainsgeocachestore.com/ca...314/4014387.htm . they are made for only round, specifically sized coins. so they would not work for odd-shaped coins. so my question is, does anyone know where i can get the odd-shaped-coin friendly type of sleeve?
  12. i was looking at some geocoins on ebay and noticed that, in addition to stating that they are "brand new" and "unactivated" (which i understand), some of them had their conditions listed as "uncirculated". what exactly does this mean?
  13. i think thats a really good idea! i will start doing that as well. that way you have a visual record of each coin you have come across. i also agree with a lot of you when you say that a picture makes a page more interesting. i had every intention of posting one for my first (and every one after that) coin, but as i said, i just wasnt sure if that was something people did.
  14. thanks for all your responses. as eartha said, i must have hit an odd batch of coins to have only gotten ones with no pics. once i get my coin (this will be my first one) i'm definately adding a pic. i was just concerned that - because i hadnt seen any pics on the pages i saw - it wasnt something that was normally done and i didnt want to do something i wasnt supposed to do. thanks again!
  15. i am looking into getting my first geocoin and after checking out the homepages of geocoins owned by other cachers, i've noticed that no one that i saw (at least in my search) posted a picture of their coin. with travel bugs, there is almost always a picture on their homepage, but can you do the same for a geocoin? are you not supposed to? is there a reason why?
  16. so youre saying that unless i log my tb drop on todays exact date, it wont update itself? if i log in and post a drop on the 2nd, but i'm logging it for the 1st, it wont update itself at all? ever? Based on my experience with my bugs and coins this does appear to be the pattern. I can't answer the ever question as I usually am impatient and select the update mileage when I see one that has not updated. i see what you're saying but this doesnt work with travel bugs that arent my own. you cant 'update mileage' on bugs you dont own. (and by 'update mileage' i assume you mean 'recalculate distance'? am i right?) by the way, the travellers in question are TB13BEC and TB190BQ. and i actually have this same problem with one of my own travel bugs (some mileage not showing up and therefore not adding to its total journey) and before i even posted here i've hit the recalculate distance button a bunch of times, but it still didnt make the new miles show. i've already had an email inquiry put in to the website about that one and they've since mailed me back saying they'll see what they can do, but its been quite a while now and its still not fixed. so i dont know. seems like a glitch in the system? **side note**: i just checked my own travel bug (TB197QW) and there have been some happenings...although exactly what happened doesnt make much sense. if you look at travel bug pages, the miles the bug puts on when moving from cache to cache listed on the right hand side of the page only get added on when someone DROPS a bug. if they have only retrieved it but not yet dropped it, there is obviously no miles to be logged because it technically hasnt MOVED yet. its still in transit until the holder drops it. so why then, on my bug page, does it list a movement of 279.1 kms by skyrattlers before it has been dropped by them? it is still in their hands, not moved yet, but somehow it gained 280 kms without going anywhere??? i've really had tons of issues with travel bug mileage in the past little while and i really dont understand why. i hope someone out there has some answers for this kind of thing, because it doesnt make any sense to me.
  17. so youre saying that unless i log my tb drop on todays exact date, it wont update itself? if i log in and post a drop on the 2nd, but i'm logging it for the 1st, it wont update itself at all? ever?
  18. when you log that you've dropped a tb in a cache, a lot of information is then shown on the tb's page near your log. part of that information is the miles (or km's) it has moved from where you picked it up at to where you dropped it off. i know from moving bugs in the past that it takes a day or so before that information is generated and posted on the page, but we recenly dropped a couple of bugs and even tho its been almost 5 days since we logged them, there is still no miles shown from our drop. does anyone know why this is? just curious!
  19. someone grabbed it and already placed it in another cache. is it still doable?
  20. because we were new to all this at the time, we took our travel bug on vacation to drop it and we didnt know we had to drop it in a cache down here at home to properly start its journey so it could log miles straight from home. so now, the 600-odd kms it put on going up to the cottage dont even exist in its logged miles. is it kosher to now go back and log it in and out of a cache that's here at home....dated the day before we left for vacation? its that ok if we didnt REALLY physically place it in and take it out of the cache? the particular cache i have in mind is practically in our backyard so i'm thinking that it was at least in the vicinity of the cache.....does that count? and is this even possible to do?
  21. have you printed out the info sheet to send along with each of your travel bugs? there is an option - "print info sheet" - on the right hand side of each individual travel bug page. on that page it states "If you are willing to log your part of the journey of this item and place it in another geocache as soon as possible (after you log your find), grab it from this geocache." i printed this page out, laminated it, and sent it along with my travel bug. it at least gives the idea that you're sposed to be prepared to move it along if you grab it.
  22. so if i understand correctly, any and all dog tags and coins will be permanently attached (screwed, riveted, glued, what have you) with the tracking number side forever facing OUT? but if pictures of it are taken and published (which will be an inevitability with a TB like this), isnt it a bad thing to have tracking numbers showing? from what i've read, that is never a good idea with TBs. also, are you saying that this bug will only be brought to cache events? how does that work? one brings it to an event and hands it off to someone else there and then that person brings it to another event and gives it away there and so forth? and in the process, whoever 'discovers' it (sees it out in the open) at each event can log each dog tag/coin attatched to it at the time?
  23. ok unless i'm completely blind and didnt see what i was looking for, that didnt tell me what i needed. BUT i figured it out myself. on the tb page, under the tracking number, where it has the 'recalculate distance, mark item missing, etc' it has 'move to last location'. i used that , and it put her right back into the cache where she was missing from. now the person who has her will be logging their find and everything will be all even. i appologize if you guys were trying to tell me exactly that, and i was just to confused to get it.....lol thanks!
  24. after they've 'grabbed it from somewhere else', shouldnt they 'drop it' in the cache they last took it from, (before it went missing) and then immediately 'grab it' back out so that the tracking info is accurate?
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