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  1. Ok so it's a new year - resolution time.

    I thought maybe my resolution should be to buy less coins this year and drink less wine.

    So many geocoins bought already. Logic says don't buy any more for a while.

    But it's a new year and already there are some really beautiful coins showing up.

    There is no way to resist ... willpower is tooooo weak ... (especially after a few glasses of wine).

    And there are so many to look forward to this year like ...


    Compass Rose 2008

    Crop Circle 2008

    The next in the 7 Deadly Caching Sins series

    The sun-dial from dwprods.com

    The next in the Lord of the Caches series

    tsuns next turtle series

    and so many others ...


    New years resolution kappoot for sure :o

  2. I activated several new coins this last week but the unique icons they were supposed to have came up as a plain generic coin symbol <_< - several of these coins were signal coins :P - who do I contact to clear this up


    I've seen that happen too on occasion. After a few weeks the icons should show up with their proper icon. For some reason it takes a while for some icons to update. They eventually do for me after a few weeks - sometimes longer.

  3. OK. So the wife and I go out and do our first hunt. We find a coin and the directions on what to do with it are not that clear to this newbie. Can someone help me out?

    They pretty much explained it.. however... Welcome to Caching and the Geocoin Obsession! <_<




    Yes, to add to CinemaBoxers answer ...

    This is how it started for me. I found one innocent geocoin and it became an obsession :P

    Now I browse eBay looking at geocoins till late in the night and checking geocoin websites twice a day.

    The only thing equal to finding a really cool geocoin is setting one of your own free to see where it may go into the world.

  4. Hey I just noticed that geocoinshop.de has a new batch of Lord Or The Rings Geocoins for sale.

    Woo hoo! I missed out on the first batch. They probably wont last too long but I'm not sure how many more they have.


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