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  1. 1. Participating - Yes e-mail sent 2/13/08

    2. Received Name - 2/16/08 Received :blink: preparing something special

    3. Mission Complete

    4. Mission Arrived!


    Sorry as I do not have a trading list set up yet. I will have one in the next few days. Please don't worry though as I do love every coin and will be delighted no matter which you choose to send :D

  2. This is going to be a beautiful coin tsun.

    I am willing to bet I have a coin you want for trade when you get these


    Please let me know what coins you are seeking?



    ooops never mind i will check your trading list

  3. 1. Participating - Ok yes!!! - this is cool

    2. Received Name - Yes

    3. Mission Complete - Yes mailed on Feb 1

    4. Mission Arrived! - Yes these fantasic coins arrived yesterday!! Thank you very much to my coin sender as I really love them too! Also You gotta love the calling card - totally cool!

    But I had no idea the GeocoinFest Multi-event coin was so pretty. And the Geocoin Thief is a classic geocoin that will be difficult for me to ever let go of. Thanks so much, these geocoin missions are fun and I look forward to doing another. Cheers!!!



  4. I know this is a noob question but what is the easiest way to post pictures of coins and things in our posts.

    When I click on attach picture, it says enter a URL. But I just want to post pictures that I have taken that are on my hard drive.

    I know I'll feel dumb when I figure out the trick, lol.


    If you take a pic of your coins, you need to have them hosted somewhere; like photobucket or a personal website. If you have gmail, google has free webpages. You could open a webpage just for hosting pictures, that's what I do. You'll copy the link and then you should be able to post using the url icon.


    Thanks Tsun :)

    look forward to some cool pictures soon.

  5. It's what I have been saying all along but nobody will listen. The new world government has been placing small tracking devices into our geocoins to monitor our thoughts and to increase our dependence on them. ;)

  6. Man, that's one long trip! Yet another reason to use duarble bubble mailers!


    That's pretty crazy :ph34r:

    It reminds me of those those few people who shipped themselves in a box and videotaped the trip.

    But it's cool it actually finally got there.


    Off-topic, but where can I see that video? ;)


    lol, I'm not sure where i saw it but a few have done it. One guy i remember it took a week and he had to have enough to eat and stuff like that. And he took along his videorecorder to document it all.

    I tried doing a websearch but could not locate it. Probably on youtube somewhere

  7. ever open a cache only to find moldy mildewed trash that makes you wish you had a serious hand sanitizer in your caching bag?

    Okay, remember how that feels.


    ever open a cache and find a geocoin... an honest to goodness unactivated geocoin...?

    Okay, now remember how that feels.


    Do you HAVE to trade even/trade up?


    wrong question.


    What can I leave behind that will make the next cacher fall even more in love with this game and his fellow cachers?


    right question.



    now get out there and leave some kick-butt, do-unto-others kinda swag :P


    This is so true. And also why it's true to hide superior caches and keep those caches maintained.

    But well said derschlings, there is nothing better than hiding something nice for the next finder.

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