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    Fake GeoCoins

    Quote Unit473L: "If I can buy a standard TB for AUD$9 (average price to get one shipped here in northern Australia) and it's going to cost me $10 or more to make the proxy, then I may as well just send out the original TB. " Ah! Location, Location, Location? In the US we can get aluminum disks for about $0.40USD each in small quantity (plastic just 1/4 the price). I would have thought your proximity to China might produce lower prices for you, but I am NO expert on Australian import duties and fees, nor freight or for that matter market prices (the only time I send something to a friend in Oz it took 3 months to get there!). Likewise on the label stock. Here I could make custom printed items such as this for less than $0.50USD apiece all materials (landed costs) considered in small quantity. Sorry it doesn't work the same for you
  2. Jimrky

    Fake GeoCoins

    I think what you're doing is great! But a couple of things stood out for me: wood and paper. I realize that you want to keep costs down, but why deal with inherently porous materials? You could - only suggestions - use a plastic disk - like a poker chip, or more costly an aluminum disk. And there are water resistant and water-proof label materials suitable for (especially) laser printers. Worst come to worst you glue a printed waterproof material onto aluminum with something like contact cement and have nothing to soak up water and no further steps. What do you think?
  3. Hmmm...Have you ever heard of the term "sarcasm"? You might consider my posts in that light. Now do you feel a little foolish? I know I would were I to be you. Have fun caching! 😎
  4. Instead of trying to make something fit your preconceptions, why don't you just read back as suggested. You'll feel a little foolish when you do, I'll predict..
  5. Follow it back to the original post. I'm sure you'll get the gist. And if not...well, what's life without a little mystery? ?
  6. NORAD reports we no longer have Easter Bunny on radar, Laval K-9...We're sorry...
  7. Now, I TOL' ye to stae oot of ma garden, R-r-r-r-rabbits! I'm holdin' ye're wee packets as hostages - he-he-he-he-heeee!
  8. I have a very Happy post to make! Yesterday, Bethie_Biker brought in the mail - yep, she actually walked that far! And, she said, 'I have an envelope here, for us both, that seems too heavy.' On opening said envelope, a modest, unassuming craft envelope of card stock, I found the most wonderful surprise! mopirate had sent us one of their Signature Geocoins! Thank you so much, mopirate, for being so thoughtful. You Did Not Need To! Seeing you happy was enough reward for us!
  9. Or, as I said days ago: Thank you for improving the cross-platform experience. And sincere thanks for bringing back functionalities when the furor becomes too much. ?
  10. I have had the same experience. The few shipments I have had undeliverable have taken up to a month - to come back from within the US. I know, from the news, a proximate cause - and I agree with you that I don't like this at all. And there is NO alternative that is cost effective in most cases. I remember when, for a penny, I could get a First Class letter across town in one day. Now our mail has to go from Hopkinsville to Nashville - before coming back - and costs 55 cents -5400% more than it once did - and now they won't even guarantee Priority Mail to be to the delivering Post Office (not in the recipient's hands) in 3 days for over $8 per letter (which is nearly an 80,000% increase). But, as my wife lovingly likes to point out - I'm an old man and so should be quiet ?
  11. Small additional effect I have noticed online since the change: I can no longer log out from any other page than the main page. Tonight the caret dropdown (top right of page)from pages other than the main page contained Settings only. Another bug - or am I going to have to dig into my system? Device name B250M-DS3H Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7600 CPU @ 3.50GHz 3.50 GHz Installed RAM 16.0 GB Device ID FBF9C1FB-D5F7-44DA-92AB-EB7C5905ED50 Product ID 00342-50399-19036-AAOEM System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Pen and touch No pen or touch input is available for this display Edition Windows 10 Pro Version 20H2 Installed on ‎6/‎23/‎2020 OS build 19042.928 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0
  12. You are more than welcome! We're pleased that you are happy and that your Mission will now be a good memory. For us, I like to remember this quote from a classic movie: "Every time a bell rings, a Rescue Missioneer gets his wings..." ?
  13. Sent my info to Laval K-9: Never didName received from Laval K-9: 21-04-20Sent my gift: 21-04-20 My gift arrived at destination: 21-04-23 I received a gift: I'd better NOT get a gift ? 1 "Bunny's Flat-Pack Special", with a side of Jellybean Reduction, served up hot & tasty?
  14. Sent my info to Laval K-9: Never didName received from Laval K-9: 21-04-20Sent my gift: 21-04-20 My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift: I'd better NOT get a gift ? I received a message from Laval K-9 that the Easter Bunny had egg trouble (it appears he/she dropped one and had no replacements), so I suited up and got Off to the Rescue ! Who is this for? To quote Centauri in The Last Starfighter, "I'm not gon-na tell you!"
  15. Oh the wailing and gnashing of teeth seen in the posts! "W h y must you make the cross-platform-experience better Groundspeak? Why-hy-hy-hyyyyy???" I have a simple post nykkole: Thank you, Groundspeak for providing improvements across the platforms. Thanks for bringing functionalities back when the furor becomes too much (it does happen, and sincere thanks). Off direct topic - can you bring back links in the Messages as we can do here in Forums?? ?
  16. I have come to use the Mapped results of Shared Lists as a way to provide a link to cache information, and our caching, for several years. Problem: AL's don't show up in the website so I can never include AL's in this sort of information. Are there any plans to include AL's on the website maps? Thanks - JimRKY (Geocaching® Curmudgeon at Large)
  17. kini_ont & Laval K-9 (and all participants) - I "tuned in" just to find out of the Happy Easter Mission had concluded. Sorry to see, not yet but I must say that for the number of Participants you have done a marvelous job !!!. Even more sorry to hear of possible new restrictions for at least some of those in the "Northern 10". Bethie_Biker and I send our best thoughts and energies to you all. We are ready for next year (made sure to have Coins on-hand for that).
  18. Nope! Some are just newbies ? Nice trackables!
  19. It's the day! It's come! Many thanks to you, Laval K9 for your work in shepherding over 160 long-haired Geocachers across an Exchange, and not losing a single one! Until the next one!
  20. Sent my info to Laval K-9: November 26, 2020Name received from Laval K-9: November 28, 2020Sent my gift: December 3, 2020 (9505 5107 1558 0338 3488 73)My gift arrived at destination: December 14, 2020I received a gift: December 10. 2020 Mission Completed! I have been good, done what I should I've waited long (it was so hard!) To open my Mission tonight! I want to thank We4Fullers so very much for the lovely Mission which they sent to me. It was very meaningful, too. The first thing I saw was a Sevigny Ribbon box. I have known this since I was a child - it was my Dad's favorite, but it had to be Sevigny because they made the thin style. (Started in 1926 Sevigny was based in Brockton, MA [next to Easton where I grew up], was bought by F.B. Washburn in 1986 who ran them as a division until they sold out in 2017), Thanks for the lovely coins, so inventivePath Tags, the fantastic ornament (cute!) and the thoughtful card. You made tonight very special! JimRKY
  21. I remember when we used to do parentheses or bracket "hugs" in chat. If appropriate, consider them given. Dear Postal Person: You are appreciated! And you can add Nashville to the area plants hit hard by Covid.
  22. OOH! Lovely coins and swag! MO OK AR KS ? Can't wait to open mine on Christmas Eve...still waiting (grits teeth). Thanks to Laval K-9 for the "An-ti-ci-..........................PA-tion!" (Yes, that's a 'Rocky Horror Show' reference lol)
  23. There's no Automatic Renewal or even a renewal notice sent out in KY: they want to catch you expired and get the Big bucks ? I find a red marker and a pencil work better...not getting caught helps too, but that's hard when driving a sleigh pulled by reindeer and filled with sacks of gifts about town. Best is knowing the judges from THEIR side of the bench. You can get a ticket for reindeer poop "dropped", too I have found ?
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