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  1. Images are from http://www.trackablecoins.com/ Wyoming Geocoin.
  2. Hi, I had the same problem too. Send an email to Groundspeak for tracking code reset. Look at my post Geocoin Activation Problem Good Luck Bo.T.L.
  3. Hi, Tell me please, where to get an activation code for this geocoin? I didn't find this geocoin Name on the CoinCodes.com. Very Thanks for Advice Bo.T.L. Czech Geocacher
  4. Hi Pete, Something has changed. I think a problem is solved. All Code 3 geocoins have the same Name and Icon. Look at: Bo.T.L.'s Code 3 Geocoins I asked for help eBay seller and his answer was: thank you for bringing this situation to my attention. i am getting this problem corrected. your geocoin should have the correct icon and name very soon. I'm very pleased.
  5. Yes. All geocoins have the same prefix PC...
  6. Maybe Pug Geocoin from Geoswag.com Geocoins at Geoswag. But Geocoin Sold out I think. Try to find on Geocoin Collection WebSite
  7. Hi, I won on eBay auction three Code 3 Geocoins Code 3 Geocoin (Antique Gold Edition, Antique Silver Edition and Artist Edition) and activated them. Antique Gold and Silver have in my Profile correct Name and Icon, but Artist Edition is classified as Personal Geocoin without own Icon. Where is the problem? Thanks for your advice. Bo.T.L. Czech Geocacher
  8. Greetings. I created my Account for order.
  9. You are welcome to try and log a "discovered" on this coin. Consider it my treat. "discovered" log on this coin isn't possible. The listing has been locked and is not accepting new log entries. Why isn't possible order outside US? I'm unhappy.
  10. Hi, I'm from the Czech Republic. This geocoin is for me. Pete won this auction.
  11. I'm sorry but email was not delivered to me. I would like to activate this geocoin, but i don't know where an activation code get. Thanks for Help.
  12. Let me know, where i get an activation code? Thanks
  13. I think it is a basic link Welcome to Shop Groundspeak.
  14. Yeah. It's for me, isn't it? I won your eBay auction. Very thanks for help.
  15. Yes. I sent email to Groudspeak three weeks ago, but i don't have a reply yet.
  16. Yes, of course. I activated geocoin which I actualy have too, but I have on my Profile misactivated geocoin included. And this is a real problem.
  17. I need an advice concerning one of my coins activation. Is it possible to deactivate the geocoin, which was activated as a mistake and has no log? I received new geocoins from geocoinclub.com and when activating it I changed one of the letters in its tracking number (D instead of Q, they were really so small). I received the activation code, but I found out too late by its name that it is completely different coin owned physically by someone else. Unfortunately to cancel the activation process was not possible. Thanks for Advice. Bo.T.L.
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