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  1. It's not just me! We have a group down here planning this thing and Ogeo and Isplash get credit for the pathtags. You dont want to miss this we are going to make this the best machine we have attended. I think Dale and Debbie did a great job on the pathtag! The shirts are in the final art work stage and I should have more info next week. Ogoe Isplash and I will be at the Maze event in Seattle on the 28th with the shirts and pathtags. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...d2-14aee7681b5e Cant wait for both
  2. Berta, Nick and Zoey will be very close to the hotel we have made plans with... this is one you won't want to miss!
  3. As soon as I figure out a date, yes. Otherwise, the thread that everyone will be looking at for the next three months will start out with March season April season March season April season Wabbit season. So, um... timidly... April 18? Don't tell me that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is planning a Haggis Hunt to celebrate Paul Revere Day. It might be time to start this thread. I was thinking of booking a room but I'd like to have an idea where the start and dinner are going to be (Lewiston/Clarkston or Pullman/Moscow). well just stay tunned. when the page is posted it will all become clear. we have a deal on hotel rooms in lewiston so please hang on
  4. I just got a new oregon a few weeks ago and love it. it has done me very well for almost 100 caches found since I got it. I love being able to see on the map the type of cache it is and then looking at the wright up on it. as for accuracy i havnt seen that much of a differance from my friends colorado. but she loves the touch screen and will be upgading to the oregon soon. also I love being able to log a find in the oregon on the touch screen and us the field note function to upload it to my profile. get the oregon and dont look back.
  5. Thanks for the quick answer it gives me something to work on tonight and tomorrow.
  6. sorry well I found that the script wasnt exactly the same it was in a different order. changed the order of script to match and tested it, works fine for the zones. what I need to know how to do is make a test that is hidden until all the zones have been walked through so that they can answer some questions and when it is correct the final location will become visable. I dont even have an idea how to start that. Also is there a way to make them go to the zones in order... ok I mean is there an easy way to make them go in order....... ok what I really mean is there a way someone like me with no computer language skills can easily make that happen. thanks
  7. I am trying to build my first Wherigo it is very simple but it seams to be a real headach. I dont do any progaming and the builder is not very user friendly. I can normaly get'r done with the help function on programs but this is just killing me. I have no problem setting up zones and adding media I even have the zones all invisable when it starts. I have some of the zones become visable as you enter thier zone but not all work correctly eventhough the script for each zone is the same. All I want to do Is have them start at a zone walk around the track to open up the other zones to get to the end and take a test to get the final location to become visable. shouldn't be to tough right? Well it is kicking my........ pants. any help please.
  8. go put some lipstick on the grooms collar and that will at least get the wedding date pushed back! Well a dedicated geocacher would do that but I understand if you heart isnt into it we all have different levels of comintment to geocaching.
  9. Dutchess of Dirt, Ogeo, Isplash and Quadsinthemudd are all booked at this little gem for $49 a night http://www.auldhollandinn.com/ Auld Holland Inn so far we have the only reservations because people are breaking thier reservations because of weather. And they do have a 24 grace period for cancelations.
  10. I don't need caffine I'll fill up on smileys. maybe even a hundred of them with a little help from TEAM BROOKS SUPER 8
  11. I was looking over the route for the first time and I had a question about stop number 92 Queer Lodgings. The parking stop is a ways away but google shows that there is close parking to the cache either from the north or south? is it faster or should we walk. GO TEAM BROOKS SUPER 8!!!!
  12. I hate to say but sometime the dumb caches by DUMB CACHERS are some of the funniest things about caching. don't get me wrong I get red hot mad and complain alot but then I realize how new or dumb the cacher who placed it must be. it is very sad and I am a little man for doing it but it's the only way I can keep my cool when someone puts an electrical box on a telephone pole or anything else that sets a precident for us to look in dangerous spots in the future. I think that magnetic key holders should be banned. Out of all the key holder finds I have found 90% are not in any spot worthwhile they are just another hide and the logs are wet even on the dry side of the state! Just my little thoughts on the subject that has made me mad and made me sad(for the stupid people out there). well i'll still find the but I wont like them.
  13. I kant spel do that mak me dum? Hey Trevor why dont you take just spokane county and make the pages the size of Moun10Bike's quads and put a date limit on the caches? Looks like you put a little computer time into this so I think you should try and save a little something because it looks like nobody can or will do this cache so you will have done it all for nothing.
  14. My rst gps was an emap. it was a great starter gps I could download topo or street maps in it and it would run my streets and trips just fine. my new legend cx is alot better but I just bought another emap for a friend and spent 45 bucks. great unit for the price it will get you in the door and in the Garmin door which is the way the majority of people end up going. Buy the emap and start saving for a 60csx or a new colorado for the far off future.
  15. OK just doing some number crunching. If you have to find 750 caches for this hide I took eagsc7 past two years average finds and averaged them out to be 1.4 finds a day. if you use that it will take him 531 day to get 750 finds. Since he has a job you would only be able to get these caches on the weekends so that is 265 weekends worth of caching that would take every weekend for 5.11 years.
  16. c'mon Trevor this is just going to kill you and your wife. and nobody is going to do it. time is to valuable to waste go get a cache or two and live alittle the computer is a tool not a life.
  17. Congrats on the fact that your future wife loves geocaching. I am a little overboard for my wife if I would have done that she would have given me a round house to the head. I used a cache to pay our babysitter one time. she was the daughter of one of our friends we got hooked into geocaching. And since they live kinda in our area and I knew they would be placing a new one I kept the computer on and was able to get the FTF! GC10T19 Becca's Cash. PS you can make your wedding an event and get a smiley for it
  18. forget power ball i think i would need to be the president and use my secret service to collect them for me.
  19. If i win power ball..........
  20. this bunch of posts are my falt. I just assumed that there would be a end cache placed by the owner. This is not a virtual quest. I think that there is a market curently at geocaching.com for this type of cache. Just look at all the people doing these i would love to see more quests that are placed by the owners. the idea of the fishing cache would be a good start to develope a quest. I stubled upon the Delorme Challange now i am hooked on this beast of a cache. I would love for there to be an icon to search for.
  21. I agree totally that this idea needs refinement. I am not the all knowing guru of geocaching I am just a guy with an idea that I think has merit. With the right guidelines and rules it could be a great addition to the game. That’s it, nothing else. The comment that it will create drama and politics it true but since you read the forums you know that there is absolutely no way around that. People get very passionate about such topics as how many x’s should be after GC in the lookup screen or if a cache page should say how many people are watching a cache. There is no way around it period. All we Groundspeak can do is try to please as many premium cachers as possible because they are the ones who pay the bills. It has got to be a tough job because everybody ahs opinions and a lot of the cachers I meet are very passionate about this game and I’m included in that group. I love the feed back on this subject I never ever thought that I would post my idea everyone would think I just saved geocaching from falling off the face of the earth. I have an idea that I think is a good and valid idea that needs help from people like you who may see weakness in this idea and were it needs to be strengthened.
  22. Thanks for the reply. This is the kind of thing I thought I would get when I started this topic. Thank you! First thing if that comment was directed toward you how would you take it? I think someone who has read other posts would probably feel the same way I did because it is not uncommon for people to go into a forum post short quick jabs and leave. If that was not your intention to I am sorry. Second no I don’t think that would fix the problem at all but I do not think it is a bad idea. I have a few new caches in my pea sized brain that I will be releasing as soon as the snow is gone and have decided to post for premium members only. I am guilty myself of not even thinking about the benefit of doing this for other cachers who support this game. I also think that there are not enough real usable benefits for premium members. All I have to tell other cachers about the benefit of being a premium member is pocket queries. And yes that is a very big reason but how many of us would still be premium members if they took away that feature? Does anybody use the other feature enough to justify the cost? Sorry but I think right now with the kids and all I would have to wait to become a premium member. But for me if pocket queries were the only added feature it pays for it’s self. I am just looking for more features for future cachers to want so bad they have to take the leap into premium membership. That’s all. With the dif rating like I said before it is all what the cache owner thinks that’s it. With a quest cache it has to meet certain standards and what the reviewer thinks about it. I know people in the past and future will disagree with the reviewer but they have for the most part a better idea of what will work as the have posted many caches and archived many. I think that quest caches should be something like a mega event if it’s not big and grand you can just post it as a multi or mystery. I looked at both those cache pages and think in my own opinion that one is a quest and one probably is not a quest. Look at the logs for the Florida challenge. Tell me would it be fair if those people got a different icon for what they accomplished? Read their logs that is what I’m talking about. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...d2-3e6010c17858 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...0e-29540365dde6 These two logs point out what the quest is all about. It is rated at a 5,2 which opens it up to some people who can go on a quest but maybe not a physical one like if there was a wonder land trail quest. I personally like people to find my cachers and get to experience what I got to experience. The new icon would help that out. If there ever is an icon like that I would place a quest cache of my own if it passed the reviewers scrutiny. My idea would be to boat from Lewiston, id on the Snake River to Ilwaco at the mouth of the Columbia River. That is approximately 495 nautical miles to travel. Do you think cachers would attempt that cache? I know at least one so they could get the FTF. If it was a quest not only would they get a new icon but would be able to search for it a lot easier since it would be a different type of cache. The second cache I don’t think is a quest not because it isn’t but because I don’t know a lot about it. It seems to me like they have made a game out of what we do up here in Washington to try and get moun10bike coins. If I live in that area I probably would do that cache because it just seems like the stuff I like. But that is just my 2cents worth. I think this is turning into a great discussion about this topic. I hope people can see what i'm trying to do with this idea. I don’t want to change the game at all I just want to make it better. I do this in my work every day I am a skilled tradesman and have been doing the same trade for over 10years but not a day goes bye that I don’t look for something to make me better at what I do and how I do it. So take a second look at this idea in a different light. Look at it as if it was going to be implemented, how can we as the players make it the best and improve the game. That’s it. That all I want is to improve the game. Some wont ever use it some will search it out far and wide and some will sit back and watch other people enjoy it. Sorry what started out as my 2cent has turned into a twenty dollar bill.
  23. Actually I am very open to criticism. I want to know why people agree or disagree with my idea not some witty one line jab at everything. Some of the later posts have valid reasons why they either don’t like the whole idea or think that just parts of it they don’t like. Comments like “Chicken and egg, anyone?” all I see is a negative comment not a complete thought. If you think about that part of the quest alone you will se that it is not that different from placing a cache now, you have to go to the cache site and in a multi you have to place your waypoints. Also it would limit the number of these caches so we wouldn’t have someone in their Wal-Mart computer chair find caches in common and making a quest out of them just because they can. That is not what it is all about. One of the problems with geocaching.com now is the fact that it is “all inclusive”. This would be a cache type that you have to pay your dues to be able to complete. We all win when there are more privileges to being a premium member. And the more premium member the more revenue Groundspeak gets for site upgrades and maintenance. Geocaching has never been or ever will be all inclusive. There are caches out there I am not physically able to get, can not afford to get or am even smart enough to figure out the puzzle to get. I don’t want this game to ever be all inclusive it’s not the way it should be. There are obstacles in my way that I can overcome to find caches and some I never will and that’s ok. On the icon thing like I said before some people care about them some don’t. I think that the folks at ground speak know how much some of us care about them. If you want proof just look at all the icons that are created for geocoins. People love the icons let me rephrase that I LOVE THE ICONS. It is a personal choice. As for the dumb caches issue I totally agree with you. But I think the longer someone has caches the dedicated to game they become and hopefully they understand it more. In my experience some of the dumbest caches were placed by people with few finds and fairly new to this game. If a cacher had to do his own quest first you think it would be a lot better than someone who could just slap something together. With the help of the others in planning the caches it also should help in limiting the number placed and limit dumb caches. I am just putting out an idea out there. I know everyone has their own way of caching and their own goals to complete to make this game fun. The only one we are really competing against is ourselves since it is mostly on the honor system and our goals we place upon ourselves so who wins and what is fun is all subjective. Thanks for the posts. The one that agree and the ones that don’t. I do like the one that disagree when they have a thought or reason for their view. It does help refine the idea. I love this game and think this would be a great addition to the game it is ok if everyone doesn’t think that way.
  24. Now that I have my complete thought out for this idea I can answer some of the comments. First it is about the icons, the numbers, the paper logs, the dnf’s, the adventure, the forums, the TB’s, the coins, the finds, it’s about all that! Everyone is different about how they place these things in order of importance. Why is there a mega event icon? Because it is special that’s why it is a very big deal that requires a lot of planning to host and to attend. I heard of a mega event in the planning stage that will be 10 hours from our home if it wasn’t for the mega icon I probably would not attend. Sorry some may think that is dumb, and others totally agree. that is the good thing about this game you can make it your own. Since the challenges now break up to three of the guidelines for posting that just shows that these caches do not fit the molds that are in place now. As for the last log I think maybe you should do a little more thinking before you just post the first negative thing that comes to your mind. Wow I bet people have great ideas all the time but read the logs and think that if they post thier idea there will be some negative Nancy that all they do is cut it down without thinking about it. The whole point of this forum is to talk about ideas and fine tune them for Groundspeak to look at and decide if it is a good thing to implement or not. If the forums are just for us monkeys to fling our poo at each other I’m out! but if you have ideas or thoughts about this subject please post that. Sorry if you recived all of my frustration but since I have posted this idea I have looked at a lot of posts and they always start out with someone’s idea and it turns into someone throwing poo. If you have questions about this topic then post them and i will give you my thoughts and so will others as it stands now i am disregarding your post.
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