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  1. COWWS Poker: Walla Walla the night before. Yeah, if you're in town in time, stop by the poker game. It is doubling as the pre-cache machine dinner and will be a lot of fun. If you play, that's great, but stop by even if you don't. Travis will have any changes for the route and you can chat and find people to hang with during the cache machine. Will my six year old little cacher be able to come with me to the poker event? I want to try and play but cant is she cant come.
  2. I heard this news story also but what pi....I mean made me mad was the very next story about Mt. St Helens all of thier building are going to get renovated! Great way to spend the money you just printed on your hp printer. Close down stuff we use to redo stuff that works idiots! run them all out of office
  3. Shirst?? LOL those are really nice. Great job!!! and those are free to anyone who finishes all 90 caches, right? They can be free! If you have a friend that will by them for you. Or spouse.
  4. Shirst are in! http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/8500f6...fa72f6df881.jpg
  5. easy fix a quick call to the boss with a H1N1 cough
  6. Added Hwy 51 in Louisiana Search "power run" in the keywork search of the routes
  7. And, of course, reading threads like this one on the forums.Yep, but that sort of falls under WOM. Word of Mouth, that is. If you know of a Power Run please make a route and in the keywords put power run. then all we have to do is search for keyword powr run and the route will come up I already did this for the one near Provo Utah. I think we may make a run down there on Labor day and try for 200 caches in a day!
  8. I think the design would be in the way. I want a long sleeve for winter but I guess I dont get that either. Sorry we are trying to keep it simple.
  9. Here is the images without a facebook account. Spelling on Chehalis is fixed
  10. Next time we come that way I'll send you an email. I am in the same boat as you. My wife likes geocacin but I LLLLLLOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE it. My friends moved down to Kuna from Spokane you can email them and try to get them out they love it to but they are very busy. I think they just need a little poke to get them to go. Cache Assets is thier GC name give them an email and see.
  11. Shhh! Don't put 'em off! <whispers>2000 posts! 2000 posts! 2000 posts!</whispers> 5 days to 500 posts 9 days from 500 to 1000 7 days from 1000 to 1500 I'd say the posts are picking up a little steam.
  12. I suspect they have the power to do whatever they want... and that's the point. For ~10 years they have used their power fairly to do good and build this game and community. Folks get banned from the forum but I can't remember anyone being banned from listing caches. No doubt it has happened, but I think that you'd have to be a seriously bad actor for them to do it. I have ran across profiles that have been banned. I dont have any links so I must be lying
  13. I found a smiley that was made for this thread.
  14. nope not even close. How dare you go off topic. You should be ashamed of yourself! Actually, it was an answer to Mushtang's question, not what would make me happy, but a mirror of the apparent vindictiveness some of the posters here seem to be feeling. So, it was quite on topic. Questioning others' posts as to their off-topic-ness, now that's off topic. What? Thats off topic? I thought that is what the topic is now.
  15. nope not even close. How dare you go off topic. You should be ashamed of yourself!
  16. I think you have totaly lost the point of this thread Don. Post counts! I have sent an email to Gsak to add post counts right next to totalfinds Aha! And I thought that was what this thread was for. Never mind. Carry on... Actually, OT posts do not count towards your post count. what is an OT post?
  17. I think you have totaly lost the point of this thread Don. Post counts! I have sent an email to Gsak to add post counts right next to totalfinds
  18. I think it's time a moderator reviewed the last two or three pages of crap and locked some users from this thread! Seams they only care about throwing poo! I think GS has throw this thread into the trash already. It seams to me that one in every 15 post are even worth reading about why would they ever respond? just sayin' my friends edited for sp
  19. Still what is the rule on this one thats all I care about. Team Sagefox I agree with what you have posted but I also want to know what the rules are. I dont care about this threads beginning but with the different caches getting axed why doesnt this one? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...=y&decrypt= I have found it it is very tough. It has the some of the same things in common as the other caches, first alot of cachers spent alot of time looking with no luck, second they posted DNF logs stating the amount of time involved in looking, and a few cachers will find it then a dry spell with no finders than a few finders than it will go missing and be replaced. Should the CO be worried that it will be axed like the others? I know the CO personaly and I know the cache is there and she is not playing games with the cache. But would some rule that we dont know get this one yanked? It does seem that as this "thread" (I use that term loosley) goes on more caches are coming up that are getting axed. Please GS let us know the rules we live by thats all
  20. "The Rat" I think that says it all! like I said before I hope my wife never has to go thru this. The forum that is!
  21. Ok I googled my GC name just see were it popped up at.... and I found this http://www.indianageocaching.com/viewtopic...f=90&t=1524 about this cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...=y&decrypt= WOW! Trashing me to his friends a events and on forus when he doesnt even know me! First I live in SE Washington State and we have a bunch of Blue Herrings around here so how was I to know what a Red Herring is to someone in Indiana. Until this I didnt know it meant a decoy. Second he assumed I complained to his/my/? reviewer to get it axed? All I did was change my find to a note and move on. So why am I posting it here you ask? Well it made me think of this thread and what was going on with this cache here. The whole point of this thread is about the actions of a "Rogue Reviewer". But should it be about the actions of the CO? First I dont like how the situation was handled by GS and the reviewer from what I have read.....but...... I also think the CO is alot to blame for this. It looks to me IMAO that he has created a reputation with the reviewers and a heavy hand was delt to his cache because of it. Was the cache there? Who cares not the point. Could the reviewers believe him? I dont think so. If you dont believe me go back and read all of SF/TDE post on this thread not exactly a guy to stick to what he says, also just IMAO. So what TDE and Wapahani(the guy who slammed me) have in common is that they run thier mouth way to nuch withot proof or thought. SF/TDE now back to SF?.....you made your bed enjoy it. Groundspeak I would love to know the procedure for this type of archiving. And I think if you were to answr that there would be an end to this thread and we could all sleep well at night. Instead of reading this thread for hours and hours and hours!
  22. Ok I started in sep 06 with my Nextel i730 i think it was, got a free eMap(took it from dad) then bought a legend CX for the trail & MS Streets and Trips with GPS locator for the Laptop and now my Oregon 300(I love it). Does it count that I bought another eMap for my friends wow didnt have much money and liked geocaching, I like the eMap because it's cheep on ebay and work pretty good for beginners with maps. Memory card suck though.
  23. it's there and no there were only a few who didnt find it or it was to slipery in thier logs most people liked it. lets leave it alone there is no "cover up"
  24. I hope my friends and family never have to go through this because of me.
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