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  1. I have had two units die because of software in two months. Yes I am very GGRRRRR about it but I am very pleased with their customers service and willingness to get me a GPS back out. This last time I told them how very unhappy I was at losing two invisashields at $15 bucks a pop and they are sending me out a NEW unit not a refurbished one. It is also a big plus that I get to talk to Americans and know what is going on. PS GARMIN IF YOU ARE READING THIS WHO CARES ABOUT OPENCACHING.COM WHEN YOUR SOFTWARE UPDATES ARE KILLING OUR UNITS!!!!!! Still love my 550
  2. I think you might consider going a different route with the car GPS. The Oregon series! I dont use my Nuvi anymore because with my Oregon"s (300 & 550) you can make different profiles one for the car and one for the trail. I have two types of maps loaded into my Oregon one is routable streets and the other is topo. The streets maps I suggest you buy from Garmin that way you can enter addresses and it will work exactly like a Nuvi except it beeps instead of telling you what to do. I get all my topo from Gpsfiledepo.com they are free and have 20ft contour lines instead of 80 or 120. Right now you can almost steal a Oregon 450 from Gpscity.com I think and it will hold 5000 geocaches so it will hold a whole road trip vacation worth of geocaches. Just my two cents. Also you can do this!!
  3. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=264098&st=0&p=4559163&fromsearch=1entry4559163 Checkout that thread it will show you a slick way to show your hides/finds. You may have to look in found caches to see the closest cache.
  4. I dont know about a key lock on the 62. the power saver mode works by turning off the display instead of just turning off the light. I noticed on my 550 that when I touch the screen it shows where I was and takes half of a second to switch to my spot, but it still saves the track log. All the changes made to a profile automatically saves when chosen. And yes if you make a new profile in my experience it ts the same as the one you were just on. Also you can make custom backgrounds for your gps just save the pic in the profile folder. The size of the screen is 240 x 400 pixles. I have made different screens for every one of my profiles.
  5. did you try just copying your pocket query into the gpx folder? Remember to unzip it before you copy it.
  6. The GPX files MUST be saved into the GPX folder in the Garmin folder. Also what maps do you have installed? I ran into a problem one time when I had streets/topo/northwesttrails all loaded and enabled at the same time and the caches would not show up on the map.
  7. try to download just topo to your GPS if it works rename the file and do the other map and rename that one. It cant hurt
  8. also you must enable and disable the different maps for your different profiles. It doesn't work to have streets and topo on at the same time since neither is a transparent overlay. Choose one map set at a time to enable. and in order for your gps to see the maps they must be in the Garmin folder as a .img file.
  9. Here is some screen shots of my 550 I used GSAK and GarminExportBeta macro to save all my finds and placed caches as poi's. There are about 4100 poi's that I loaded using this macro. It even shows my found caches that are archived they have an X on the smiley. Go to the GSAK forums and look in the macro library for it I love it.
  10. Well to fully help plan this trip more info is needed. Like what time does your plane leave? Will leaving Groundspeak at 10:30 getting to the airport area at 11ish give you enough time to turn in your rental car or did someone drive you and can drop you off at the curb. At SeaTac you do need atleast 1 hour before your flight time to check in and I mean from the time you get in line not the time you pass the sign on the road saying welcome to the airport. Second who will be with you? Wife? Friends? other kids? That will change so much you cant plan for it without that info. That being said here are two VERY ROUGH ideas for your trip. Scenario 1: this is what I would do if I was alone or with people as crazy as myself. Leave Spokane by 9 I know you said 8 but plan for 9 and give yourself a little room for fun at the wedding (not everyone understands us). with only 1 gas and potty stop you should make it to the parking area at 12:23am. you should be real tired by now but a good walk in the middle of the night will wake you right up! You know your abilities better than I but a brisk walk at night should sped up the pace and get you to the Ape and back in about 2-2 1/2 hours. This will get you back to the car about 3 am. You can get more caches on this hike but you need to decide what your goals are and go for them. OK so here is were you have to decide to stay in your car for a quick 5 1/2 hour nap and then head on to Groundspeak or stop in north bend for a hotel for 5 hours of sleep. before heading to Groundspeak. It takes about 1 hour to get to Groundspeak with no traffic and knowing the area well. From ground speak it takes 30-45 minutes to get to the airport from Groundspeak. and back home with two new icons and some memories to tell your friends. Scenario 2: If you have non-cachers/sane people with you. same as above but you stop at the summit to drop off the non-cachers to stay in the hotel. its 150-170 a night. or they could sleep in the car while you did the hike then off to north bend to stay the rest of the night. My thoughts are to goto north bend and back would take up to much sleep/caching time. As for not seeing the sights by doing the Ape cache at night I have done the Ape cache through the tunnel and the views you cant get because the tunnel is closed are way better than the view of the valley below. Plus you get a new icon that as we all learned this summer could be gone in the blink of an eye. I have planned a few caching trips in my day and this is totally doable if you are able physical able to do it. One thing you must take into account is weekend lag! you will be tired from all the stuff going on so what you could do on a Friday night you wont be able to do on a Monday night after the weekend. If you have a few answers to questions about the planning I could help you hammer it out and send you a pdf from streets and trips with times and mileages.
  11. 45 seconds was way faster Travis thanks! Worked great in S&T 2010
  12. Travis can we get a copy of the Streets and Trips file PPPPLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEE it would save me alot of time.
  13. this has happened to me. It happened alot when I had it set to put the pics on the oregon instead of the memory card. Once I changed that setting it hasnt happened but once or twice but I have taken about 2000 pics with mine so once or twice is an OK number for me. I love the rugged camera function I just dont like the delay in taking pics.
  14. LOL Travis that was the best response. The truth is your Cache Machines are a very big deal for those of us who go to alot of events. My wifes birthday weekend is that weekend but hunny I'm sorry I dont get to pick the dates. I will tell you this if your cache machine ever falls on September 23 I will......... Yup you guessed it in a lot of trouble with the wife!
  15. Travis HATES the environment! He wants litter to stay in Spokane and here is proof NO CITO
  16. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...2e-874676b00c74 If you head up to Victoria use the route TravisL made for the cache machine it was great or you could go down to portland and over to hermiston or for a nice road trip and leave the close stuff like victoria for later. If you go the I84 route stay in the Dalles if you get the chambers 12 geocaches they give you a free geocoin. Also the weather will be better in the hermiston tricities area to sleep in your car.
  17. have the 08 streets and trips route done if you want it just send me an email
  18. have the 08 streets and trips route done if you want it just send me an email
  19. And to expand on that just a little bit, I'll be posting the final route on Monday night. Any changes after that will be announced at the pre-event dinner/poker night, and after I get knocked out of the poker tournament and sulk back to the hotel, I'll post those last minute changes here, too. If anyone thinks they'd find the Streets & Trips 2009 .EST file helpful, let me know. It's not backwards compatible with any previous version of S&T, and I don't know that it can be read by any other software. Thanks as always, jholly, for making this bookmark list available. I wish! I downloaded 09 from Microsoft to try and I dint like it as much as my 08 so I didnt upgrade. I do make my own in 08 to give to my friends. I can email it out to whoever wants a copy for Streets and trips 08
  20. I'm sorry that you took my comment as rude; it was not intended that way. It was intended as honest feedback. And it was offered as an opinion. As you state in the very next sentence: "Just because you think it is rude doesn't mean it is." thanks for all your off topic help on this issue that YOU have please dont post again you said your point and we have it all I want from ths thred is a fix for the web site and to get a little insight into a problem I had. So thanks but no thanks for you help? Chrysalides thanks for the info it will help me check my logs better because the proper dates matter to me. Thanks and I hope they can fix this soon or I will never pay for my membership again! Yeah right thanks GS keep up the good work!
  21. Wow, that is a really annoying thing you are doing. Think about this: how many other people are interested in your current cache count? It's my opinion (and only an opinion) that cache logs are not the place to store your cache count or other information that would better be stored elsewhere. They're there for you to record and share your experience finding the cache. Of course, I also object to obnoxious FTF logs, so I am probably in the minority. On the topic: I have a little Python script that can transform your Field Note times into local times if anybody wants it. I don't usually post very often on the forums for just this reason. I'm glad that geocaching is a hobby that many people enjoy even when someone makes rude comments. It's a sport enjoyed by a variety of types of people. Just because you think it's rude doesn't mean it is. I really enjoy seeing where people are in their stats and especially if one of my caches was done as a milestone. So keep the stats coming on my caches. The whole point IS to let the cache owner now were his/her cache fell on my journey. I am ok that this is annoying to you its your game just like its mine. I also post FTF logs and go on long late night runs to get a FTF just like last night it was a three hour trip for FTF we left at 8:45pm and got home at midnight. I think that most cache owners love to hear the stories of how thier caches are found. thats just my opinion also.
  22. I use a GSAK macro now so I have it set up to add this at the top of all my logs "I stopped by your cache at 13:33 on 2/27/2010 to find my 2552nd cache find! Thanks." then I add more to it so I guess it will make it a little easier for me to correct the date thing.
  23. The field notes that I am logging are coming up with the wrong day if I found the cache after 1600hrs. I started using a GSAK macro to log my caches and it puts the date and time my gps tells it on the log and that is corect. I live in the pacific time zone and that is GMT -8. My profile is set correctly and I have not always had this problem. Our friends use the field notes directly from thier oregon and it is doing the same thing. Please help.
  24. COWWS Poker: Walla Walla the night before. Yeah, if you're in town in time, stop by the poker game. It is doubling as the pre-cache machine dinner and will be a lot of fun. If you play, that's great, but stop by even if you don't. Travis will have any changes for the route and you can chat and find people to hang with during the cache machine. Will my six year old little cacher be able to come with me to the poker event? I want to try and play but cant is she cant come. Yes, children are welcome. We will have coloring books for them to use during the event. Well then I'm ALL IN!
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