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  1. Grizz Rider fixed GC4Y84A. You HAVE to put this on the list (unless he requests otherwise). It will probably be the most favorite cache of the day.

    It is a must Matt is correct on this one. You will not be disappointed. Also the snow is gone from most of the route!


    Route after #79 GCCDED you must go back out to NezPerce Perce drive because the roads on S&T are pedestrian paths You sure? Google Earth shows a parking lot just outside of the TV station building where GC2JBRY Dinosaur Train Deinonychus is located. StreetView shows that it's driveable, but it could be outdated.


    My suggestion was based off of the first draft of the route. You added dinosaur train and changed the route. Your new configuration will work smoothly.

  3. Is GC1B7F6 the best cache for a cache machine? it requires water to find and is located in a small residential/business locale and prone to breakage?


    This is totally a cache machine type of hide. Most cachers will have water with them and it normally the inexperienced cachers that break these types of hides. I'd leave it in my opinion.

  4. #13 GCE1AC it is gone. A reviewer might notice this and archive it.


    #33 GCFD96 Should be taken off the route. It is a great cache but will take more then an hour with multiple stops and little to no parking at each location.


    #34 GC1ZV0X Move this cache to after #38 GC207ZT if you remove #33


    Between stops #36-#37 change route to 8th St to Preston Ave then onto #37 GC2KH6A this cache has a really BIG pullout/turn around


    #41 GC2NF2G is a really tough cache to find and it may destroy the vegetation in the area and turn super muddy at GW


    @ #46 GCRYZC turn Left on port drive it raps around under the bridge for easier access to #48 GC38GHR


    #47 GC25M08 archived


    #49 Parking coords N46 25.389 W117 01.982


    Route order needs to change to safely access caches and roads that don't exist.


    New order

    #61 GC1N620

    #60 GC2NEJP

    #59 GCGKHK


    Route change

    To get to #74 GC7633 you must stay on A stick to Nichole Cherry St because of one ways and dead ends.


    #75 GCGDFZ could take a whole afternoon


    #76 GCG4TH some roads near this cache are closed but this isn't Seattle so I say leave it. It's all good.


    Route after #79 GCCDED you must go back out to NezPerce Perce drive because the roads on S&T are pedestrian paths


    That's it so far.

  5. Travis when do you plan to release your second draft? I have not reviewed the route to much yet but, 7:45 AM 16.4 mi Turn RIGHT (West) onto Ron Druffel Rd for 1.2 mi you cant do that. Summer only trail! Just continue south on Becker Rd until you get to GC3JE56 I.C.U. U.C.ME? by jcksn6byz


    I will go over all the caches and the route this weekend.

  6. Something that hasn't yet been pointed out (and really doesn't bother me... just tossing this out there) is that most, if not all, challenge caches are biased against the new geocachers. Most have been created for cachers with thousands of finds. (stopping short of saying that challenge caches are elitist :P)



    this is not true. When I made a challenge cache a few years ago I was NOT allowed to exclude previous finds. I wanted to to make it a challenge and an adventurefor the forest to find. They said it would be to hard and nobody would find it. So hours after it was published someone came along and found it so what big deal just another cache.


    A few years ago I tried to make the worlds most annoying cache page. Animated Puzzle Cache

    It had a really bad autoloading sound file.


    Fortunately one of the good decisions Groundspeak made was to forbid autoloading sound files.


    For your edification.


    5 Reasons Your Website Should NEVER Autoplay Sound!


    thanks for the info went and changed it. Glad some people know not everyone or everything is as perfect as they think it should be. probably never would have thought about it again if only received rude comments instead of constructive criticism. I am very thankful you know how to speak to other people.

  8. This should be epic so I jwant to give you guys a heads up on a trip four of us are taking from the Pacific NW to the SE to get 13 states and the first cache ever placed in 7 of the states and it is around 3000 miles in three days so not to crazy right? We would love to have you follow us at my blog mrquads.blogspot.com and don't forget to say hi. There will also be a page to follow us live posting soon so stay tuned. Also there may be a big announcement at the end of our trip for the Insane Train 3 which maybe open to more cachers..... but it will make this trip look silly and a waste of time.

  9. Just wanted this to get out to all who may be able to attend. My friends are getting hitched on March third and would love any and all geocachers out there to attend. They have even set it up as an event! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC40Q24 This is going to be some serious fun and there are tons of caches to find while in our area. The Lewiston Clarkston valley is normally snow free so take advantage of the nice weather to fill some dates on you calendar.

  10. I have been challenged to go find a cache up a tree. I either need to climb it or find a way to get it down. I will be in the Graham area for the weekend until Tuesday then heading back to Uniontown so if anyone knows of a cache it would really help

  11. Thanks for some ideas. The challenge comes from Ultimate Caching Quests


    They challenged us to find a cache underground with a tool. I think it will be a flashlight but if I can find one that requires a tool that would be a plus.

  12. Very cool sounding trip. :D


    It does sound cool but personally I wouldn't place so much emphasis on finding 1000 caches.


    I'd love to cache by train all over Europe. Some day we really like do a canal boat rental (in the UK or Midi canal in France) and spend a couple of weeks traveling the canals, and stopping in little villages along the way and find a few caches.

    Kind of hard to avoid that number if your doing Route 66. 800 caches there plus easily 150 more in the immediate area. I believe Route 66 was the focus of the trip.


    Someday I think it would be fun to drive Route 66 and snag caches along the way... though I'd probably get bored after the first few hundreds and start doing something else. :laughing:


    It would be impossible to do such a trip for the numbers in Europe tho, train or boat involved, as over half the caches over here in most countries are either multis or unknowns. Someone just posted a great series on the canal connecting Amsterdam to the Rhine River, all unknowns, and the amount of time it will take for me to solve the puzzles will far outstrip the amount of time it takes for me to find the caches themselves!


    The section of Route 66 that the trail is on is a deserted stretch that is not that cool. Arizona has some great little towns like Seligman. It was more fun going to places like that and getting 30 caches in a day than the power trail for me but if it wasnt for the power trail we never would have gone.

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