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  1. Update... I forgot to mention one of the new features in v1.2.2: When 'Actual Coordinates' are provided for a cache in the field notes, the waypoint export functions are aware of them and export the actual coordinates provided by the user instead of the original coordinates of the cache. A typical use of this feature would be when you solve the final coordinates of a puzzle cache. You really want to map / navigate to the actual coords vs the posted coords. Also, the PPC 2002 version is nearing completion and I should have it available on the GpxSonar site by this weekend. -Fabien.
  2. I used to love the electronic compass of my MeriPlat...until I got fed up with the calibrating non-sense. Ever since that day, I've used the lensatic compass that I always carry with me. It gives me a better accuracy (1 degree) than the arrow of the MeriPlat ever could.
  3. JoeyLeung... Then check out GpxSonar (see my sig. below for the link) Each cache page allows you to download its description in .GPX format. If you're a gc.com member (best way) you can create Pocket Queries that contain a bunch of caches in the same format. Check out this page on the site for more software capable of handling gpx files. Check out GPSBabel. It will handle just about any kind of conversions. I hope this helps. Regards, -Fabien.
  4. I just tried it myself. Indeed, GPSBabel does not seem to convert properly from MSFT S&T 2004 pushpins files. You may want to contact robertlipe (Chief Babel Head) about it.
  5. Has it occured to you that maybe you're using it for the wrong purpose? About GPSBabel: it's got a front end to it. You should try it.
  6. Magellan Meridian Platinum & Garmin Gecko 201 as backup.
  7. Here's what's new in this release: Bug Fix: Field notes were not saved when the 'Notes' column was hidden in the main cache list. This issue is now resolved. New Feature: Added ability to auto-launch MSFT Pocket Street & Trips after exporting to a push-pins file if a S&T map exists with the same name. New Feature: Added cache type, owner and ratings to S&T push-pin tags. New Feature: S&T push-pin icons now represent the various cache types. New Feature: Added the ability to categorize caches in the cache manager, making cache list more manageable. New Feature: Added field notes deletion warning in field notes report filter dialog. New Feature: Added support for exporting waypoints in MapTech MXF format. Change: The 'Return' key on the keyboard is disabled in the text search dialog. The only way to close the dialog is through the ‘x’ in the right corner. Change: Removed field notes report cancellation dialog. Change: Changed "To Magellan Meridian" to "Magellan SD File" in the waypoint export menu. The PPC 2002 version will follow shortly. Please post your feedback & comments to this thread. Regards, -Fabien.
  8. Capt Biggins... Rather than throwing the baby away with the bath water, you should try to understand what is actually going on. From your description, it seems that something got corrupt. Can you please zip up and email me the GpxSonar.dat file and the GPX file that your using at fabien_royer at hotmail dot com. The, try the following: 1. Do a soft reset of your PPC. 2. Delete the GpxSonar.dat file (after you make a backup of it) 3. Restart GpxSonar. Let me know how it goes. -Fabien.
  9. FYI... You can also find GPXToMaplet on the GpxSonar web site.
  10. wife&mom... It's not CacheMate. It's Gpx2Maplet which does the export of the cache info to Mapopolis.
  11. KG7JE... Well, you can integrate the two by using the export waypoints to .loc function of GpxSonar. Whatever waypoints are listed will be save to a .loc file that you can load in GPS Tuner. You only need to do this once. A tighter integration is unfortunately not possible currently.
  12. Gaddiel and OrangeDanish... Coolness! v1.2.2 will be out shortly with a number of improvements btw. Stay tuned...
  13. RubberHead... I just installed GpxView 1.3.2 and checked out its icons. While I agree that the icons of GpxSonar are minimalist in the main cache list (12x12 pixels is not that large), I'm not impressed by the icons in GpxView either. I'll see what I can do to improve the icons in GpxSonar in the future... How do you currently keep track of what you've done at a cache site, especially if you do multiple caches in one day?
  14. BottomFeeder... ( what an alias!) Thanks for the offer but I found what I needed.
  15. JeepCachr... Gladly... If only Mapopolis would share the format of their files or would provide an API to do it. Do you care enough that you would email Mapopolis about it?
  16. as77... I understand. The latter function is a feature that I have thought about adding at some point. For the former, I'd have to think about it a bit more. Yes, but within reason. One of my goals is to make GpxSonar compatible with as much PPC software used by geocachers as possible, hence my interest in exporting to PMN favorites for instance. What I don't want to do is try to compete with desktop software like GSAK on the PPC because it would be detrimental to GpxSonar as a whole. I want to keep it simple and focused. While GpxSonar already allows you to add/delete points using 'My Caches' (granted that there's room for improvement), I'm not sure that I see the point of emulating on the PPC the functions that GSAK already provides since most people will tend to use their desktops for the heavily lifting and then will export the output to their PPC before they hit the road. I guess that I'd have to better understand the scenarios that you have in mind.
  17. BottomFeeder... Sure. Sounds like a good thing to add to the app. I'll look into it.
  18. Insp Gadget... Please be more specific. Are you talking about field notes in reports, exported to GSAK or the field notes dialog? For the sake of efficiency, it would be very helpful if you could include context and step by steps instructions on how to reproduce the problems that you report. Thank you.
  19. as77... As of v1.2.x, GpxSonar lets the user select the locations on a case by case basis where the various waypoints will be exported. The feature may have to be refined for PMN favorites, but I don't see that as being a huge hurdle. As far as the loading/merging/exporting of the PMN favorites goes, that would not be a problem. It's up to you. I am not interested in competing with your application but would rather provide the user with a consolidated way of doing things rather than juggling 2 apps.
  20. Insp Gadget... That's the part that I don't get: if I use the return key on the soft keyboard in the context of the field notes dialog, the cursor just goes to the next line. It doesn't close the dialog. What am I missing here?
  21. as77... If you're interested, I can integrate your PMN favorites export code to GpxSonar.
  22. Insp Gadget... Hummm... Interesting. I don't have such a Thumboard (btw, which one are you using?) so I've never tested GpxSonar with this config. There's a solution to this problem but it will take some time to implement across all the dialogs in the app. -Fabien.
  23. Los Lacos... For paperless geocaching: If you go with a Pocket PC, check out GpxSonar. If you go with a Palm, check out CacheMate. For mapping, Mapopolis is great. You can also use Street & Trips 2004 on the PPC. There are others but I'm not familiar with them. You could go to http://pocketpcmag.com/ to find out though. Regards, -Fabien.
  24. Insp Gadget... Yes. I've been working on new features and a bug fix so it's coming soon. I'm sure you've noticed this: most of the interface in GpxSonar has been cleaned up and simplified in 1.2.x. So in most places, there's only an 'X' to get out of a dialog (which I don't believe I can change btw so you may have to get used to it). What's up with that 'Return' thing? Are you talking about the Software Input Panel or are you using a device with a real keyboard?
  25. Night Stalker... FYI... GpxSonar will now do the same thing for you.
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