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  1. leatherman... Yup... All the symptoms of the "Should Have RTFM" syndrome are there Glad I could help. Regards, Fabien
  2. Rosco... My personal preference is the .cab type of installation because it does not install anything on my PC (it reminds me too much of lint! ). If I ever needed to reinstall, then I'd just reuse the same .cab again. Regards, Fabien.
  3. leatherman... I don't get what you mean by It this what you're trying to accomplish? If so, what's cluttered about it? Regards, Fabien. PS: for more info on how to do this, click here: GpxSonar Preferences
  4. Alan2... Thanks for pointing out the problem with the .cab file links. It's now fixed. (stupid uppercase/lower case issue with Unix). About the difference between a .exe and a .cab file: 1. EXE: connect your PPC to your PC via the USB cable shipped with your PPC. Make sure that MS ActiveSync 3.7 is installed on your PC. Run the .exe. It will install GPXSonar to your PPC. 2. CAB: copy the cab file over to your PPC using your SD/CF card or over USB. Then click on the .cab file from the explorer on your PPC. It will install GPXSonar from there. That's it. All you need now is to transfer with either of the methods above a GPX file to feed GPXSonar. Regards, Fabien.
  5. 2oldfarts (the rockhounders) ... I wish you the best on getting an answer on that one. I asked for the same thing for the "GPS Units & Software Forum" and it remained a dead letter. I am curious to see how this thread fares... Regards, Fabien.
  6. GeckoGeek... You're not inflaming anything. That's being constructive Pocket PC or Palm, I'd hate to destroy any PDA that way! That's why there are rugged cases out there such as the ones manufactured by Otter Box. They'll survive more punishment than you will That may be so and that's great. But who really spends a month away from any power source? I'm a PPC user myself but you'll never hear me making ignorant comments about Palms, Garmins or people who happen to make choices different than mine. There's nothing to be gained from it. I say to each his own! Regards, Fabien.
  7. Learned Gerbil... Man, drop the religious war attitude! Do you really believe that you're being constructive with that kind of comments?. If you haven't tried something, don't knock it. Pirates 3... GpxSonar is meant to handle the scenarios that you've mentioned: with it, you can take notes and report on them later when you log your caches online. I suggest that you read the manual for GPXSonar. I believe that it will answer a lot of your questions. Regards, Fabien.
  8. Rosco... If you favor speed, you want to keep the app in main memory. Regards, Fabien.
  9. 2LuknF8... (love your handle btw ) This question has been asked many times and there's an easy fix. Just create a folder, say 'Gpx Files' on your SD card and place your GPX files in there. GPXSonar will find them. So you know, I have the same setup as yours on my PPC where I run GPXSonar from the main memory and store the GPX files on the memory card. Regards, Fabien.
  10. A simple cache rating system could work like this: with every 'found' cache log, the finder gets to rate the cache using a number between 1 and 5. The overall rating for the cache is averaged using the numbers provided by the finders. I don't believe that it needs to be more complicated than that. Just like movie ratings (a la NetFlix) provided by the viewers, such a system does not discriminate between so-called "experienced" cachers and the not-so "experienced" ones. Anyone finding the cache has the same voting power. For those who want to dig deeper into it, the logs would suffice. Regards, Fabien.
  11. Track your geocaching stats automatically on KeenPeople.com! Create an account on KeenPeople.com, create one or more geocaching.com Pocket Queries referencing your hides and your finds in GPX format and this PC-based application will let you publish your stats at the push of a button. You can download the application here. What's new in this release? 1. New Feature: added HTTP proxy support. 2. New Feature: added validation of GPX file paths. 3. New Feature: added self-correcting internal cache list. 4. New Feature: added the ability to reset the internal cache list. 5. New Feature: added the ability to handle caches missing from GPX files. There's also a ReadMe.txt file included in the zip file providing some guidance for using the application. Please post your comments in this forums. Regards, Fabien.
  12. For the cachers out there using the Pharos Ostia 6 mapping software on their PPC, Adam Ulrich has released a new utility capable of converting GPX files into Pharos Ostia waypoint lists. I've accepted to host Adam's application on the GPXSonar site. You can download the converter here. You can contact Adam at adamulrich@hotmail.com. Regards, Fabien.
  13. Stuey... IMO, with the increased activity in the forums since the holidays, things have become too chaotic: posts just go out of scope too fast. I'm don't know how much time you spend in there but if you do you'll notice what I'm talking about quickly. At this point, any 'amount' of splitting would help... Regards, Fabien.
  14. To the powers that be... Any thoughts on this? Is it too much work to even think about it? What do you think? Regards, Fabien.
  15. egp... Do yourself a favor and use CacheMate instead of the MobiPocket reader. Regards, Fabien.
  16. About GpxSonar and speed... As a rule of thumb, you will always get better performance out of the app if you install it in the main memory. Unless your memory card is a high-speed one, this will always be true. On my iPAQ 1945 running @ 266Mhz with a regular 128Meg SD card, generating an average cache page is intantaneous. PIE actually takes a second to load it. It's only when the page is very heavy (with big logs and large descriptions) that the page generation will take a second or more. Regards, Fabien.
  17. Somebody once said: "You can't make all the people happy all of the time..." He was soooooo right! About showing the hint, you can do it in 3 ways: 1. highlight the section of the cache page where it lives (or select the whole page) 2. Cache Options -> Show Hints 3. File \ Tools \ ROT13 Helper Fabien.
  18. webwidejosh... I wrote GpxSonar because I wanted a program like Watcher on my PPC and the ability to keep notes and personal cache info in one place and be able to generate reports. Since I'm a MeriPlat user, I also wanted to be able to send waypoints to my GPSr using its SD card in the field. Many people install both on their PPCs. You should do the same and see for yourself. Regards, Fabien.
  19. I'd highly recommend Mapopolis. Just my 2 cents... Fabien.
  20. trippy1976... Can you please describe the problems that you've encountered w/ GPXSonar? As a general remark, I wish that people who have problems would let me know about them instead of remaining silent. It does not take long to write an email or to post in the forums, so please express yourself Regards, Fabien.
  21. Friends don't let friends use MobiPocket! If you have a PPC 2002 or 2003, do yourself a favor and run GPXSonar or GPXView. Regards, Fabien.
  22. Jeremy, What are your thoughts on this?
  23. GeckoGeek... That's the kind of thing that I had in mind. I'd add one more category: 'Other GPS & OEM software' I don't believe it needs to be broken down much more than that. Regarding topics that cross over multiple categories (such as batteries, signal issues, etc.): it's simple enough for the original poster to create a link to the main topic wherever applicable. Regards, Fabien.
  24. Sanruft... I've observed the symptom that you describe while writing and testing GpxSonar. The problem seems to be related to the current memory usage of the PPC (unless you've turned off the images of course). If you're kinda low, Pocket IE seems to randomly "forget" to load images. It those cases, refreshing the page (with a reload) sometimes fixes the problem. In other cases, you actually need to do a "Show Picture" to see it. My recommendation to you would be to close as many apps as you can before running GpxSonar and PIE. If the problem persists, try a soft-reset of your PPC. Regards, Fabien.
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