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  1. Well I tried to post a question up on the GPXSonar forums and it tells me that my account has been locked or not approved yet.


    I can't get some files to open with this program. I open the file that I exported via GSAK and only some of the caches will open. The little 4-colored square opens up like Windows is thinking, but nothing ever happens. Now, whenever I open GPXSonar the square is open like it is thinking. I can still click on some of the caches and get some of them to open, but only a select few will open.


    I'm using a Cingular 8125 phone running Windows ME 5.0. This is not the SmartPhone version.


    Hi Matt,


    If you're seeing the '4-colored square' indefinitely, it's because the application has crashed. Can you please provide me with the file that you're trying to open so that I can reproduce the problem? So you know, v1.5 is still under development and therefore, not stable yet. Your mileage will vary :lol:


    I checked the status of your account on the site and there's nothing wrong with it. You should be able to login just fine.




  2. I downloade GPXView on my Dell Axim and it works fine, but GPXSonar appears to be a nicer program with more usable features. I downloaded and installed GPXSonar to my Axim but when I click on it, I get an error message "Cannot find 'GPXSonar' (or one of its components). Make sure the path and filename are correct and all the required libraries are available." :)


    I have installed a number of programs to my Axim, they have all installed automatically and I have never seen a message like that before.


    I have even tried different versions of GPXSonar, but I keep getting the same message? What did I do wrong? How can I fix it? :)


    I assume that you're running on a PPC 2003/SE or WM2005.


    In my experience, this error occurs when the program is not located where it the system expects to find it.

    For example, the app is installed to a memory card and the card gets swapped out for another.


    Try uninstalling GpxSonar, then re-install v1.4 to the default location (main memory) using the .exe installer from your PC. You will get a prompt for the location where the application should be installed (as opposed to the .cab installer which installs the app where the .cab resides).


    I hope this helps.

  3. Carlos,


    I use my Quest all the time for geocaching, even without the topo maps, it's great for urban caches or any cache where the tree cover is not heavy. Just configure the unit not to "snap to the road" so that after parking your car, you can simply recalculate with the "Off road" setting to get a bee-line to the cache. Having said this, the Quest leaves a lot to be desired under tree cover and for that reason, I'd recommend getting a GPS with a Sirf III chipset like a 60cx which you could also use for autorouting.

  4. Grimlock,


    I am using a Dell Axim x51v running WM 5.0. When I start the application (GPXSonar), the initial screen with the list of file names is "smushed" ... for example i see:

    7 9:22 a 1m

    7 2/8/06 1m


    the file names are 750xx_new.gpx and 750xx_gsak.gpx


    Would it be possible for you to take a screenshot of this so that I understand what's really going on?


    The next issue is that it "skips" lots of cache listings. The gpx file has the listings because I create a maplet for Mapopolis from the same gpx (also, when I edit the gpx, i see the caches). For some reason or another, GPXSonar "skips" them (of about 260 caches in the GPX file, GPXSonar only display about 170). I do a sort by cache name and don't see them. I sort by the GC id, and don't see them. Anyone else having any of these problems


    Please, make sure that you haven't enabled some filters in GpxSonar. This is typically the reason why some cache listings aren't listed.

  5. Robert,


    Correct. This is becuase they're stored in the map images and the maps are stored on MicroSD.


    That is also why Garmin explained they wouldn't open up the info on writing POIs to developers.


    Out of curiosity, have you tried to reverse-engineer the format of the map files?


    I would be curious to do or see a differential analysis of an empty map file containing custom waypoints against another one containing just a couple waypoints.




  6. Hi,


    I'd like to integrate GpxSonar with the Garmin 60cx / csx by having the application write waypoints directly to the micro SD card of the receiver via the SD card adapter of the PDA . I've used this method successfully on Magellan Meridians which also support SD cards.


    I'd like to know the following:


    1. Is the Garmin 60cx / csx is capable of loading waypoints directly from its SD card? I know it's possible with maps...


    2. When uploading waypoints to the Garmin 60cx / csx via MapSource or the Waypoint Manager software, are the waypoints stored as files on the SD card of the receiver and if so, in what format?


    Any information about this would be greatly appreciated.

  7. Hi all,


    Just a quick heads up...


    Blindleader: I've added the sort by timestamps feature already :unsure:


    Also, I've been slammed at work for the past 3 months and progress on GpxSonar has gone slower than expected. I may just release what I have (many significant improvements) now as 1.5 w/o GPS support and revisit it later.




  8. I would love to see the search feature integrated into the main page and not buried on a second screen. My thought was something like this.


    Good idea. I'll see if this could work.


    It would be nice if I could map my found caches to a unique MSST Push Pin.


    You can already do this. Simply name your found caches GPX file with the same name as your MSFT S&T map file. Check the export preferences for more details. You'll likely be limited to a small area though, so if you cached in many states or abroad, this is not the best approach for mapping your finds...

  9. KukiHN,


    is it possible to speed up the opening of gpx-files?


    Yes, by get a faster Pocket PC :lol: More seriously, large GPX files just take time to handle. I could improve the performance of the application by overhauling the architecture of the program but it's a huge effort that I'm not willing to undertake right now. Also, there would be some trade-offs with some of the features.


    It also would be great if closing gpxsonar with the "cross" (on top right) will complete and immediately close the program, same as File - Exit. Otherwise on every startup you have to select and open a gpx-file (...and wait).


    File - Exit already does what you need. Closing with the cross closes the current GPX file, not the application. This is the desired behavior and I don't see any reason to change it.


    Maybe the option "open last gpx-file" on startup would be helpfull


    You can already do that. Check File - App Config.




  10. Hi,


    The unit is in good shape and has been used to find about 300 caches. It comes with one 128 MB SD Card, a Mapsend TOPO CD (archive copy, I lost the original), unit manuals, a windshield mount and bike mount and cables.


    The MeriPlat has been good to me and a solid performer but I'm selling it because I'm mostly using my Garmin Quest for geocaching and auto-routing these days.


    Email me to my GC.com account if you're interested :lol:

  11. basssax,


    GpxSonar does not ever remove any data from the Gpx file. Instead, the application keeps track of the caches that you no longer want to see. If I were to actually remove data from the gpx file, the deleted data would come right back the next time you load a fresher version of the same pocket query and you'd need to delete it again...

  12. o&m,


    Unless the PQ referencing all of your finds also contains all of your logs, there's no way to do what you're asking for: currently, PQs only contain 5 logs and if yours isn't included, there's no way to know.


    As far as I'm concerned, your scenario is out of the scope of GpxSonar.


    You may want to talk to Clyde the owner of GSAK about this though.

  13. About VGA support in GpxSonar:


    This evening, I loaded up GpxSonar under a variety of Pocket PC emulators (PPC 2003, PPC 2003 SE (porttrait + landscape), PPC 2003 SE VGA (porttrait + landscape) and PPC 2003 SE VGA with square screen.


    The only issues that I've noticed were related to the size of some dialogs in landscape mode and on square screens (VGA or not). However, the application was functional and would display cache pages just fine.


    If you have experienced problems other than those that I've described above in VGA mode, please let me know what they are.




  14. AdventureBob


    I have a NEW Ipaq RX1950 trying to user your current software and can not save field notes. Would love to use this product and test the new version if I can save field notes


    Interesting. The RX1950 runs Windows Mobile 5.0 and I've never been able to test GpxSonar on this platform. It's odd to me that everything else runs OK except the field notes...


    Is there anyone else on this thread running GpxSonar on Windows Mobile 5.0 who could share their experience with it? Btw, this is why testers are SO needed.




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