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  1. Spoken like a true numbers grinder Old caches are what some of us cachers like to find. I don't want numbers, I want history. To me, nothing is better than finding an old cache, or better yet, an old original container/logbook. I agree with the OP. There should be a way to simply put caches up for adoption if the CO choose to do so. Maybe add adoption as a feature to the notifications function. I believe it would alleviate the abandonment issue, but not solve it completely.
  2. Not at all! As you can see, there are about as many answers as there are posters to this thread. Each of these opinions are equally valid, as will your opinion be, once you decide on a course of action. Personally, I lean toward Briansnat's view. My experience tells me that there are, essentially, two types of containers used in this hobby. Those which suck, and those which don't. I define sucking to mean any container which does not adequately protect its contents, be it a scrap of paper, or gobs of high end swag. Those who use crappy containers do so for, essentially, one of two reasons: ignorance or apathy. Either they don't know that their containers suck, or they don't care. If you make a habit of replacing soggy logs, placed by folks who don't know their containers suck, you deprive them of the chance to learn, through multiple maintenance visits, that they made a bad choice. Without this education, you increase the chances that they'll continue making poor choices. The same is true for those who don't care that they are using crappy containers. The difference is, you rob them of the consequences of their choices. Don't be a crappy cache enabler. On a related note, assuming I have consent from the cache owner, I will go way out of my way to fix up a quality cache. +1 I've seen a NM log on a P&G for a full log and the CO posted a PM saying "You really don't expect me to replace a full log, do you?". The CO lives <5 miles from the hide. Seriously? Don't enable bad caches and more importanly bad COs.
  3. Did you mean 300 feet? That's a tiny distance - I'm stunned if people aren't prepared to walk that far to find a cache Yep 300 ft. To some, if they can't drive right up to it, they don't bother.
  4. The numbers crows just care about finding pill bottles stuffed until lamp posts. No need for swag. I would agree that multis are likely ignored by this crowd, especially if it involves hiking of any sort. I own a cache stuffed with goodies that only has 4 finds, but it's a 300 ft hike along a well maintained/traveled trail. But a short distance away a LPC published around the same time has 3 times the finds. It's kinda sad
  5. If your concern is that someone didn't do any research in a group setting there isn't much you can/should do, but if your concern is that the person didn't actually attend the cache, add a pictoral requirement.
  6. Yeah, this irks me too. I recently saw a log where someone looking for a D/T 4/4 couldn't find it and said they were replacing the container because it's obviously not there and they need a smilie for my "Fizzy" grid. For real? Some egos are just too big for this game!
  7. Yeah, I've been wanting to place some caches in a nearby park but of course their are 3 puzzles and 2 multis I haven't done yet. Once this cold spell snaps I intend to finish them off.
  8. +1 - This really is one of the deadly sins to me. I recently ran across a P&G where a cacher posted a NM for a full wet log. Next day the CO posts a maintenance log saying "You really don't expect me to replace the log, do you?". Seriously? Might as well just through his cache in the nearest waste bin, in my opinion. This ties in with the geocachers who just care about numbers. They seem to be the COs that care least about their hides. It's a "I'll scratch your back, if you scratch mine" mentality by placing countless P&G to pump up each others numbers. Completely boggles my mind.
  9. Have we verified that he signed the logs in 150 of his own caches in one day?? Because if not, then he's cheating, & obligated as CO to delete his own "found" logs! As you can see he's wearing too many hats! As I heard it they went out as part of a larger group, with 150 pre-signed logs and simply replaced each log when they got to the cache. On that basis i.e. the CO being present and being against the clock - it's entirely possible that not only did nobody sign a log that day but nobody actually found a cache. But I'm speculating - of course That's part of the problem nowadays. Not only are cachers obsessed with numbers but sloppy COs aren't even bothering to verify logs. The whole game is getting really messy. Nowadays, so many people just need that +1, and many COs are just littering parking lots with micros while not maintaining their logs...so sad.
  10. +1 This. Or limit free apps to "Family Friendly" (green) type caches only. The FF option would at least give other cachers an opportunity to quickly identify a cache where they would NOT want to leave a trackable. I've only been in this game for a few months, but it seems obvious to me that if you leave trackables (especially pretty geocoins) amongst toys, you can pretty much guarantee the trackables will go missing. In my area of NJ there seems to be plenty of these type of caches around, so we wouldn't have to burden COs to change all their caches to PMO or have them update their cache page to indicate whether they should be viewable by free apps or not. Seems like a balanced solution to the issue. And no CO intervention would be necessary.
  11. Goodluck on the Jasmer.....that's a tough one. Most of us Jersey folk head down to Georgia to get the last couple year 2000 caches we need. I haven't done so yet, but I intend to sooner or later. Very ambitious goals for a new cacher. That's a good thing! Keep it up! Thanks for the encouragement. I find the older caches to be a bit more nostalgic and more off the beaten path; which I enjoy. Right now I got the Jersey Pine Barrens in my cross-hairs since there are many older caches there deep into the wild unknown. I think that should keep me busy well into next year. Newer ones tend toward number grinding, LPCs or P&G, which don't seem like too much fun...at least to me.
  12. I'm pretty new to geocaching but I'm currently leaning to the "Fizzy" D/T Challenge and the Jasmer Challenge. I found the "Fizzy" Challenge quite by accident as it just so happens to be right near my work place. To me these two Challenges best represent geocaching at its best. I figure if I do those two, the Delorme and County challenges will take care of themselves, but that doesn't mean I won't detour for a needed page fill
  13. I have the exact same problem. It's not YOU, it's THEM
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