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    I cannot seem to find the answers after looking, so here goes plan on getting a 400 c cheap

    and need some answers.

    1. whats the latest firmware for the unit?.

    2. largest microsd card it will take? plan on loading topo on it and removing the

    coastal data and replacing it with topo data.


    Thanks Tons


  1. Folks

    I need your help, I'm trying to fix a Meriplat That won't power on I have tried all the fixes, unit has new batteries. Is there any thing else I could try?. :)





  2. :blink: Hello you have many choices from Garmin and Magellan etrex vistas a good choice smallsize ect has a patch antenna tho. the magellans meridian series are good too they can use sd cards larger size and have helical antennas.

    Your choice I'm sure you'll find one you like. Check out Joe and Jack's website

    for info on GPS units I think theres a link to it on this website.


    Cache You Later


    Leemann :lol:


    PS Tree cover? then Magellans do better under tree cover.

    And the sd cards I heve the meridian green with 64 meg sd card

    lots of map there.

  3. Just go to your cache page click on the cache you have hidden that needs to be removed right hand corner of cache page click on archive.done deal. OOPS!. spelling duh


    Leemann <_<

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