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  1. A local cacher here in NS shared the FB post within the Assoc of NS Geocachers group. I jumped on board as I am also part of a secret TB exchange group that runs year round Such fun!
  2. Name Sent: November 20th, 2016 Name Received: I sent my gift: My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  3. Personally, I really miss the 'newest in (your state/province) feature. Events were always listed at the top, and I fear I have missed some good ones since the removal of this feature.... Finn
  4. Finn

    Yukon Geocaching

    Anyone out there?
  5. Yeah, we kind of stick out like sore thumbs...Might wear a Geowoodstock shirt or something. I do know I have to find a cache that day, as April 21 is one of the only days left in the year that I haven't found a cache on. Hoping to be able to grab one close to our hotel that morning, and maybe the Miami Freedom Tower en route to the port Thanks everyone, for your suggestions Would be really cool to do an event on boardmind you....
  6. We aren't hitting the Bahamas, but will see Cozumel, Belize City, Roatan and Grand Cayman. I'm looking forward to it
  7. You could create an event and have everyone meet top-side after the life boat drill.. I was thinking about that, but not sure exactly what coords to use...? I haven't cruised out of Miami before...I know what terminal we are at....but not sure what to do about the coords of the ship. When do they normally do the life boat drills? Cruise departs at 4pm.... Thanks!!
  8. Thanks Pocahontas- I did join cruise critic back in Jamuary I have found cachers for my Alaskan cruise in September, but no one yet for the April trip. Will have a ball regardless!! Thanks!
  9. Been caching for 6 years and I think this is my first post here... We are crusing out of Miami on April 21, and are looking to see if anyone out there is going to be on our ship. I have several caches in the ports watchlisted, and it appears an awful lot of folks are cahing, but don't know they are on the ships together. Hoping to hear from some fellow caching cruisers, maybe even plan a Bon Voyage flash mob or something. Cheers.
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