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  1. AR-15, I'm not sure how a Sportrak works, but on the explorist if you press the "menu" button then move the joystick left and right about 4 times it opens the "secret menu" enter "03" to open the WAAS screen. The only thing you can do on the explorist using this is to turn WAAS on or off. Here's where you go for more info: http://rhamphorinkx.newmail.ru/sf.htm TD Does anyone know what this website is for or why magellan dosent mention anything about it in the owner manual,instructions? Because these keystrokes are dangerous and magellan does not want to get sued for a feature that they might have made widely known. Actually, since magellan claims that they did not give any instruction whatsoever on how to do this they can void your warranty if you tell them that your unit locked up from doing this. All legal flab.
  2. You will have to get the serial port replaced by magellan unless you can find someone else who can get hold of a back and fix it.
  3. Ahhhh, That's not so great. I was WALKING in the woods with mine once and clocked 300+ MPH! (That's when I decided it was time for a change - to 60CSx!) Rick Pshhhhhh... I got y'all beat! I was just STANDING on a street corner : Wait.. I thought civilian units only tracked up to 950 mph due to sat restrictions or something.. is this not true?
  4. My explorist almost always has full signal strenght even under trees.
  5. Just a question. My friend says that his gps phone is "always wrong". Are they less accurate?
  6. Just edit the coords of a poi to that of the geocache.
  7. My explorist 400 (now dead in some costco) had a problem where it was doing almost every single hidden menu function. What I would suggest is remove the battery, remove the SD card if it has one, and then boot it up pushing goto/esc/pwr. If not return it and maggy will send you a new one.
  8. Try pushing the button on the right side of the receiver to reset it. If that does not work, magellan probably has an unlock patch on their website.
  9. That's what the LE is. It uses AAAs or li-ions.
  10. Download the basemap from http://www.rhamphorhinkx.ecohost.ru/maps/. I'm not sure witch is witch. drag it to the basemap folder. Or, if you do not want to risk voiding the warranty, send it back. They will replace it and give you a free accessory.
  11. I forgot to say, I'd want one that had full desktop capabilities including satellite communication.
  12. A: you don't need drivers, an explorist just works. B: just make a poi and click on the coords. edit them to that of the cache.
  13. The 500LE is very accurate and small. It is very easy to use and has a very short learning curve. It has lots of cool features. I would go with this. It gets a great signal in the car, great for caching.
  14. It will automatically determine whether or not to send it to the card or the internal memory. To make the caches show up, go to menu>prefs>active setup>geocaches>[name of cache folder]
  15. I tried it - unless there's a newer version, mine doesn't do "sphere" without some trickery. I was never good at art, though... If anyone else wants to try this, just make two cirles both centered around the sat. point, each on a diffetent axis and select one. Then bring up the "follow me" tool and click on the other circle. Do this to all of the sats and with the same size circle and viola! custom 3D triangulation example. Sounds tricky, but when you get the hang of it it's easy.
  16. I haven't had any experience with the Zire series. I have had afew lockups with my m500, and doing a hard reset (should be a hole on the back that says reset, a paperclip or similar inserted will do the hard reset) has always fixed it. Though you will lose anything that hadn't been hotsynced (clears all memory, back to defaults) Actually the hole is a soft reset.Try holding down the up button while inserting the paper clip. That is a hard reset.
  17. I have heard about custom icons. This includes custom images and things like when you get within x miles of it it will say "warning: x mph speed limit" or something else. Does anyone know how to do this with an explorist?
  18. You could use google sketchup. Use some software (I forget what) to find where satellites are and use their position as a reference point to a sphere.
  19. I cleared queue and did a soft reset on palm. It works fine now.
  20. Ya, explorist 100 has a great signal lock but no map, an explorist 200 has a basemap and a great signal lock, explorist 210 has a basemap, a great lock, and comp connectivity. very low $$$ units.
  21. That is what I plan to do. I will return my unit just before warranty runs out and buy another.
  22. Yes you can do all of that. If you want to be able to get lots of pois and driving instructions, get mapsend directroute. If you want a map that is topo and has streets and pois and trails and camping but won't give you driving directions, get topo 3d usa. How to do it is in the manual that comes with the software.
  23. Does anyone know how to clear the "queue" for files waiting to hotsync?
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