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  1. I still have 5 unclaimed Ammo cans from my bulk order if anyone is interested in them
  2. You betcha - been in contact with the seller and after expenses, they are only $3 each. So far, 25 are already commited, so if you want more than 5, I'll need to up the order. I'd like to place the order today, so please send me an email (vdbalamo@pacbell.net) quote:Originally posted by GeoROCKS!: quote:Originally posted by vdbalamo:Cheap Ammo cans!! You eyeing that lot of 30? I'll take a bunch. Logistics?
  3. Anyone interested in some Ammo cans? I'm thinking about buying way too many off ebay - probably run a bit less than $4 each (all inclusive). Let me know ASAP.
  4. Caching Casey's human has a 4WD and will be available in July - if you are up to it. quote:Originally posted by marwagsalot:It's still there It has to be By looking at the map it doesn't look like a fun drive [This message was edited by marwagsalot on June 23, 2003 at 04:11 PM.] [This message was edited by vdbalamo on June 24, 2003 at 08:23 AM.]
  5. Most of the caching hikes on Mt. Diablo are very strenuous, but I'd recommend "Fog, Log, & Jog" and "Tiny Toys" as they are close together on a fairly level trail. For more fun on a much more strenuous and challenging day, I'd highly recommend: "Red Hot Fire Water", but be prepared for sweat and frustration. Good luck. quote:Originally posted by Team Dralasites:We're going to Mt. Diablo for the first time this weekend. What are your favorite caches there? There seem to be a lot of them in the area. We'll be hiking with someone who's recovering from a back injury, so we'll have to stick with easy hikes only, but we'll probably be back again in the future. So feel free to recommend more challenging caches, too. Thanks! Colleen and Andrew Dralasites: biological, not geological.
  6. Just razzing ya. I placed two more today, go beat fizzy. quote:Originally posted by kablooey:
  7. Back at ya Kablooey - I was busy composing a thank you post to Chuguy when your temporary "Wait Til Dark" post showed up. Also, why are you complaining when someone else has a head start on coordinates!! Fizzy gets the FTF prize for my McCarthy cache, an all expense paid vacation.......... quote:Originally posted by kablooey:Hey Lee - you weren't even Second to Log on Wait Until Dark.
  8. Hey Don - didn't know you reached any significant numbers yet!!!! By the way, thanks for logging "Wait Until Dark" before I drove the 2 minutes to get home and post my FTF. Congrat's on the big 400, call me next time your down here & I'll buy you a drink. quote:Originally posted by forman:Lee, What about me? :-( Don
  9. Congratulations are due to a bunch of folks who have reached significant milestones in the last few days: - TeamJiffy for making 500 b4 their anniversary - Fizzy for 800 and solving all the puzzle caches - bthomas for joining the 4-digit club Keep it up!!!!
  10. But I still can't figure out how to do filter searches some where else. For example, I'd like to do a filtered search in the South Bay (Markyland) since I frequently head down there for meetings. Doing the filter search from my home coordinates just gives extraneous noise from outlying areas (such as Marin and Sonoma) which I don't visit as often. quote:Originally posted by PhilippeGPS: quote:Originally posted by LilDevil: quote:Originally posted by The Rat:What's the deal with this new format for the Nearest To list? The first time I saw it, there were little boxes showing whether or not I had found the cache, ... Tonight when I looked, the little boxes were gone, ... You have to be logged in to see the hidden/found status. Also, from My Cache Page, under Search for nearest caches from your home coordinates, you can click on 'filter finds' and it will only show caches you haven't found. Good luck clearing you first page now! Lil Devil http://www.lildevil.org/images/smiley/lildevil.gif I was actually happily surprised with the new format, because of the found/hidden filtering option. It is now so much easier to find the nearest caches, and the new ones, not only from my home, but from any search option chosen. Agreed with Marky that you can not anymore say that yo've cleared x pages, but we'll have to work with miles. With the exception of Border Patrol #3 (more like Bother Patrol ....) I'm at 6.0 miles. So, sorry Rat, no complaint from me to Groundspeak. I think it's an improvement.
  11. Inspector - you outdid yourself this time. There were three groups in the hunt (even a contingent from Marin) and Kablooey coming up as we were headed down. We gave the single guy (bthomas) the great FTF prize. Thanks for the fun, we all missed you and wondered why you weren't there to join us. Again, it was great.
  12. Snakes in the Grass I had an close encounter yesterday on my way down from: Manzanita, near Mitchell Rock. I was on the trail and heard the unmistakable rattle. I scrammed as fast as I could. Never did see the critter though. Be careful at this time of year.
  13. Congrats!! I'm going through geo-withdrawal - DTs and all that. Three days and no caching.........too much going on at home and believe it or not, work commitments. For the first time this year I didn't even make my monthly 200. June will even be much slower due to other commitments. BTW - I did break 1200 on 5/29 during another all day cachathon with bthomas. You ready to join us on a future all-day outing?
  14. Was that really you at Mama Cass or one of your team members? I just got a cache notification that you were there and got a rock. Do you need me to get some as well? quote:Originally posted by Inspector Henderson:Listen Kryptonite, Any job worth doing is worth doing together...as a team.
  15. Hi Pepper Yes, you were in the process of moving just as I was starting out. The impetus was that bthomas wanted to bring the daily record back to the bay area and I wanted to make some serious numbers to reach 1K. There were supposed to be four of us "East Bayers" that day but one couldn't make it. Sac was not a great choice for the feat as the urban caches are few, but it was an area that had hundreds of caches that we hadn't tackled as yet. Hope to meet you someday. quote:Originally posted by SuperGenius:Hi Jimswim, bthomas and vdbalamo the news of ya'lls caching day made it all the way up here to Redmon. At one point in time it was the topic of dicussion at our CITO Event in Carnation, WA. vdbalamo I never meet you while I was in CA but I did know the others you cache with that day and I'm wondering how did you three end up on that adventure. Pepper http://www.geocachingwa.org Horizontals where it's at!
  16. I am pleased to report that the world's record caching day (see Caching Post ) now resides with three crazy East Bay cachers (bthomas, jimswim and myself). I may never recover, but I did manage to be the first east Bayer to brak 1K!!
  17. Great! - Looking forward to the hunt - maybe next week. I looked at the topo maps and it seems like there may be a much shorter route from the east side. Your thoughts? quote:Originally posted by Unfurl:New Martinez Cache I planted my second cache yesterday in the Carquinez Regional park area. Check it out! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=65537 -Unfurl
  18. Marky&Joani's South Bay event and pizza bash was a blast last week, about 75 people showed. Any interest in a East Bay Pizza bash in late May? Any suggestions?
  19. We had a similar experience with her Geo Birds on Xmas day. We spent 15 minutes staring at a tree looking for little birdies and then, whola, they appeared, not 1 or 2 but there were still 7 left! We ran into her a little while later checking out her mini-sprints. I was hooked.
  20. That's a shame that your bananas cache is gone so soon. I was hoping to do it tomorrow and the new ones in Benecia on my run to 700 (only need 6 more, but there are very few in the area left for me to find).
  21. In honor of Marky & Joani's upcoming 1K accomplishment, we will be placing a cache on 4/6 just before the pizza event. Feel free to contact me or TeamJiffy to contribute some goodies in advance for the "Opus 1000" cache. Unfortunately for M&J, they now need to stop caching for the next week, so that we can all celebrate together!!
  22. quote:Originally posted by fizzymagic:You may find my log of one of the caches http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=59336. Your story is quite amusing, you deserve lunch just for the story. The cache is really straight forward, you seemed to have made it much more difficult than it should have been. Sorry about the 30 foot offset, but it was the best I could do and keep the puzzle simple. I had an issue with nosey homeowners when I tried to attach the cache onto a tree near their back yard, so I had to find a new location and spend an extra night redoing the puzzle.
  23. I just posted my first two puzzle caches. My turn to get even (a little). If someone is FTF on both, they get treated to lunch (reasonable - I am still unemployed). I will be out caching on Wednesday, but will be reachable by phone (enough of you already have my number).
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