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  1. We are contemplating spending an extra night/day in Johannesburg arriving in the late afternoon on 18May19 and leaving in the evening of 19May19. Before I make these arrangements, we were wondering if any of the local cachers might be available to take us caching that day. If you don't recognize my geocaching name, you may be pleasantly surprised, just check out my profile. Please email me at alamogul@outlook.com
  2. PQs are also hosed! This is frustrating!!!!!! Going on a trip tomorrow and need to run PQs ASAP
  3. I'm having the same problem (I have also deleted the app several times now). Additionally, my iphone shows "9+" saved PQs, but there's nothing there. I'm at wits end, need help ASAP. Is someone from Groundspeak monitoring this thread? Thanks for replying. I've tried that, and even deleted the app and reinstalled it, but still no joy. I'm wondering if I should be saving the pocket query in a specific format - I *think* I've tried .loc as well as .gpx ... Anyone else want to suggest something I could try? (Edited for autocorrect fail..) Has anyone found a solution to this? My iPod touch has worked reliably for a long time now, but for the last few weeks I have been having the same trouble. It will start to download the PQ, then die somewhere in the middle. Internet connection is stable and I have tried it from several locations. Any ideas?
  4. Can someone in the South Bay please retrieve this TB. I don't know why all you hard core hikers have shunned Team Nazgul's cache (GCM8J3). We figured that there would have been a rash of finders Xmas week, goes to thow you. Thank you. ----------------- "Hi, I don't suppose there is any chance that you could rescue my travel bug from Grant Overlook. The bug is in a race and the cache you dropped it in hasn't been visited sine you went there in December. Alex. (Slytherin) User's Profile: http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=11...344981baf"
  5. Hey Robert - believe it or not, I got a call from your long-lost (at least to geocaching) brother! He has finally offered to archive his missing caches. Oops, this thread is about the BAB TB. It will be coming to the event on Sunday. I had some kindly geocachers mail it back from Colorado.
  6. Turns out you could get there without a boat!!!
  7. You should just meet at the trailhead. There is plenty of on street parking within a few hundred feet.
  8. The American River Bike trail is great! We (with DavidT1 & Fisherwoman and bthomas) averaged 1 per mile for the 30 mike trek this past summer. I've noticed that there are quite a few more caches there now.
  9. bthomas and I have had well over twenty 50+ cache days, with a 185 day in Cacheville (TN) and 125 in 13 hours in LaQuinta a few weeks ago.
  10. We prefer to be known as "Livermorons," thank you! Welcome, Limax. There are some great caches in Livermore; just not enough yet! I heard it through the grapevine that the evil Kryptonite has struck and will be posting a puzzle in Slivermore for you Livermorons.
  11. What are the actual dates? When I looked earlier today, it seemed like it was on a Fri (5/20) and Sat (5/21), but that didn't make sense? Is it correct? I sent an email to Monty, but he didn't get back to me.
  12. The only clue I can think of would give it away too much. Email Sanruft.... he is good at responding.. He has been traveling lately though so give him a couple of extra days. I will say that if you get more than 15 feet away from the fence and if you leave the flowershop property then yoaur e too far away from the cache! Sure glad I also have a devious mind as I fortunately found it quickly. Even though I'm all the way in the east bay and yet, I've received at least 5 lifeline calls from this one.
  13. 4wheeler and I ran into craigvince, in believe it or not, in a downpour in Concord the other night. We then toured the town for some new caches. It was great meeting you. By the way, please come back to Contra Costa county soon. The other guys that posted are coming to Alamo on 1/21 for a night time cache hike (GCG8QV: Wait Until Dark) followed by an event that I am hosting (GCME3G)
  14. Oooh! This looks mighty tempting! Jan. 22, 04 looks like a full Moon too! Might have to mark the Calender for this day. Thanks for the info Bill Let's see how much interest this generates,..... OK, so Geodanimal calls and wants to go on a night hunt, so we head out for Wait Until Dark. Didn't have to dodge too many raindrops. Trail was very slippery in spots (like oops! splat!). I saw many markers that I followed, until they blinked or moved! It was great fun. Recommended! (In fact, if ya'll go, I'd tag along just to do the hike again ) I'm just waiting for JeepySr's reply on January 21st cause we can't make it on the 22nd. Yup! Looks as if Friday the 21st of Jan. is good to go for us. Anyone else care to venture into the darkness? I have room for approx. 5 people. So if anyone is interested & needs a ride in the Stockton area just give us a holler. Looking forward to your visit: CVC Comes to Alamo (GCME3G)
  15. Sorry, "EMC of Northridge, CA" has well over a hundred and there are guys in Nashville boasting over 200.
  16. Well... it is in a pretty sketchy area... [] If you put a bunch of your (WalruZ's) micros inside, then we really can have a San Jose Cache Dispersal. We just need to be assured that the SJPD uses enough explosives so that the micros wind up at least 528 feet apart.
  17. BADGES Dinner #5 was just approved. Sunday November 21st 5PM in Dublin. Looking forward to seeing y'all there.
  18. Check out 4wheeler's claim to fame: Technology creates a new treasure hunt. Hey, where's the credit for the supporting staff? It was my cache mobile that got him there, and the original cache container was provided by WalruZ.
  19. We are currently targeting the weekend of November 20th for the next BADGES dinner. As soon as things get firmed up, we'll post the event.
  20. My flat was in the bike tire when returning back from the grand tour of the new Baylands caches.
  21. We have another big celebration planned for this weekend. DavidT21 & Fisherwoman @3K Unfortunately, we are not allowed to have another formal event (seems like Hemlock would be flogged if he were to approve it), so I will be bringing a commemorative cache to Saturday's Danville event, GCK85X. This commemorative cache will be hidden after the event. Please come celebrate with us.
  22. Just make sure YOU aren't bringing any with you! I'm going on Saturday.... Fisherwoman, 4wheeler and I are planning on Thursday this week is anyone is interested in joining us.
  23. Sorry we missed it, but we wuz out cachin'
  24. So where have all the Jeep TB's, from the Badges 3 Dinner event, disappeared to? I did a search for 20 miles from the event and the only cache with one in it had two log entries stating it has been picked up. Sounds like they became souvieners? If you look at the BADGES profile, you can track the 65 Jeeps. It appears that 10 have not been picked up as yet. Perhaps BADGES could send out a reminder to the attendees. In addition to those, 5 were placed in the South Bay before the event, one recently in the East Bay and two more were placed in Marin. It also appears that some are on the move out of the area, so hopefully some will start arriving here from elsewhere sometime soon.
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