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  1. TRADITIONALS, I am not a smart man! Ohhh and if possible stocked with lots of very expensive goodies and what-not.
  2. There's only 29 caches listed here. Hardly enough to be worth the effort. Please let me know when you get the place filled up a little better. I still have 3 ammo cans and some new puzzle ideas! Great! you guys take a group out in the day and place some FTFs for us going out that night. Haha nice try! You forget that I have to create the puzzle and the cache page and then submit it.... I have nothing but the utmost confidence in your abilities, might I recommend an early start to your day hike; that would leave the reviewer time to get to them before we head out there!
  3. There's only 29 caches listed here. Hardly enough to be worth the effort. Please let me know when you get the place filled up a little better. I still have 3 ammo cans and some new puzzle ideas! Great! you guys take a group out in the day and place some FTFs for us going out that night.
  4. I think there will be a few people to go along on a hike for those days, and you also have the option of the Event near Oceanside on Sunday, depending on when you have to be at the airport? If interested in the Event and don't want to drive up there from SD, I normally have a seat available in my vehicle, if you don't mind riding with the Piglit9. Let us know what type of caches you might find enjoyable, there is a whole valley of puzzles Spring Valley/Sweetwater Reservoir Puzzle area {not my thing, but others would be into it}, or myself I like the hikes in the hills. I think Mission trails may be the place though, has most everything there and something can be worked-up in different parts of it.
  5. Because the other half the loggers passed by one, but didn't see it!
  6. I'm in, just let me know which night so I can make work arangements .
  7. Here are the ones for the Carveacre area Carveacre Caches, also off to east across Japatul/Lyons Valley road is the Horse Thief Canyon Area Horse Thief. I think we might be doing the Carveacre walk the weekend prior though, since the moon is full then. Or this is one of the caches somewhat centrally located in Mission Trails Adrenaline you would have a choice of grasslands, medium hills or slightly difficult hills in this area. I am sure others will come-up with more possibilities as we get closer to that weekend.
  8. I believe my complaint is: Forum posters with over 19,000 posts between them not actually posting a complaint to a complaint forum, yet posting on where to obtain good information!
  9. Might I suggest one of the best nature guides might be the company of another cacher or two? Try posting in your local event forum and see if you can get any takers for a planned outing, not necessarily and event, just an impromptu get together. Or just take a peek and see if any others have posted their plans for an upcoming weekend and would like company. I have found leeching off the experience of others is the best way to learn.
  10. I am taking off that evening of the 4th from work anyhow to attend the above event, so I would be in for an evening or night hike. 1st that comes to mind would be the Carveacre Wind Caves to Gaskil hike, or if a bit longer is needed then it could be continued through all the Lawson peak ones also. Or even down into Horsethief on the loop and if a longer hike is wanted then one or two of the spurs. Whatever is agreed upon though I would be in.
  11. dougandsuzy have stepped up to the plate with an event just for you! On Aug 5th (noon til 3pm), there will be a Guajome Geo Jamboree! Close to Oceanside.
  12. Hey!!! Cool, never seen a frog like that, or have I. Thanks GratefulDad for the cache out there.
  13. Honk if you know where this RJTB has been.
  14. I’m basically a non-puzzler also, rather I enjoy the terrain to be difficult, but others find the puzzles to be great, place and thing for everybody. Now I am waiting for the “.25 x .25 cache" not only is the cache and log brought to you in your very own home, but it comes with a beer, a tub of caviar and crackers on the side. Then a Nobel laureate describes an adventure to you in their best prose!
  15. I know if I was Ed56 I would be insane by now One Word Logs? Just updating my itsnotaboutthenumbers numbers, redundant isn't it?, and came across some interesting info ! Yeah, one out of 5877 logs. Lock me up and throw away the key! Yes, I was being rude. So there. D! Be careful throwing stones if you live in a glass house... Ummmm 2 actually, but who's counting, ehhhh? All Done
  16. I know if I was Ed56 I would be insane by now One Word Logs? Just updating my itsnotaboutthenumbers numbers, redundant isn't it?, and came across some interesting info !
  17. So much for what I thought was a bastion of defense against the hordes of political sock puppets to be found in the General Topics Section of the forums! I have found the SD threads to be one of least political, let’s just have fun, see what everybody else is doing, we just want to cache, no need to whine about it, and I don’t really care how we do it, but we are going to do it areas to visit. MY take on what a cache is: 1st a cache is nothing more than a house. Huhhhh?, yes it is only something you create for the purpose of inviting people into it. Now you can spend days or weeks on your house and make it one of the most stupendous, innovative, well furnished creations yet seen by the caching world or you can toss some tape on a JR tube, put a Glow-N-Dark Alien in it and make it ready to toss out “somewhere”. Now you go out and squat or more nicely said “homestead” a piece of land whether it be the top of some mountain or behind that trash can over there somewhere within your Geocaching area, you must homestead since placing your creation on your own land is frowned upon. So now that you have placed your house out there somewhere; you now invite people into that house to come take a look around at what you have done. You choose to make it a public Open House for anybody and everybody to visit by posting it where anybody can see your address. No one asked you to make that house or to put it where you did, yet you did, so let’s go out and see it. In opening our houses up to the public, we hope that only people of “quality” will come to them and be able to appreciate all or none of the hard work we have put into building, selecting the location, and furnishing our houses. Now the reality check, at times people will visit whose sole purpose is just to take a quick look around the inside, say they were here and move along. Others will take the time and look through your house pretty thoroughly and see what others have had to say about your house. Then there are others who made it a plan to visit your house and only your house that day for whatever reason they have in that head of theirs and they will sit in your house for hours not only enjoying your home, but maybe even enjoying the land where you placed your house, they will take their boots off and kick up their feet on your favorite “ottoman saddle”, start snacking on YOUR cheetos; all because you invited them to. If they are properly impressed in their mind about your house they may even be willing to write something about your house in public so as to maybe get other “Like Minded” visitors to that particular house. If you feel you don't want your house to be an "Open House", you can always go to one of those other listing services {Upwards turn of the nose and a haughty sniff of approval}{ohhhh just take it as the joke is what meant to be!!!}. We all make the attempt for the most part to impress those we invite to our house, yet we don’t always succeed. You can’t please everybody in everything you do, so it is best to just please yourself {talking our house here!}, one man’s mansion is another’s hole in the wall. If you feel you did a good job of it then you did, doesn’t really matter all that much what others think of your house, although it is nice to receive a kind word now and then on your try. For myself, I don’t really put them out there to make the community drop down to their knees and turn my house into a shrine, I understand that it is just a candy tube/ lock n lock/ ammo can/ or even one of them evil bison tubes, placed out there for other’s enjoyment, with some sort of comfortable furniture to entice then to come to it and they may enjoy it however they see fit to enjoy that house. I don’t get discouraged if it is a short log and don’t really expect a stupendous novel either, just that someone took the time to notice it and feel the need to visit was pretty cool. TNLNSL TFTC!- Guilty! Cut N Paste- Oh yeah super Guilty! Left a pretty good log when I found the day’s travels, day’s company, or even the cache to be something I want to remember and leave my mark – Guilty! On almost every caching experience so far I have found a way to experience some fun, whether in the cache, the solo trip, the drive, or the group outing and the conversation, or even just the 7-11 slurpy afterwards – Guilty! Is this a negative post, nope, I will still go out and enjoy my time caching in this great area and meeting those along the way that I do. I still find the experience to be more important or more fulfilling to ME, and that is just ME, than the actual container, location, hide, contents or whatever. I guess for me caching is just going out having an enjoyable time and treating each and every find as if it was my first. Do I agree with everybody here, nope not in the least, do I disagree with everybody here, nope not in the least, am I going to run out and put a bunch of caches on an ignore list now, nope, especially the 3* and above ones {my new goal}, have..... to..... raise..... my..... terrain...... rating. Enjoy! However it is that you do find enjoyment.
  18. Some simple plastic poker chip tokens that are made with the poker chip and water proof/resistant labels: FRONTS BACKS These are for my K9 cacher Piglit9, Myself, My Son, and Piglit9 again.
  19. Hey I was there! Congrats to Miragee and Fisnjack on their respective milestones!
  20. For some interesting local San Diego encounters there is also a very long thread located here: Critters!
  21. To the OP I believe you have met the requirements of "found", however you came to find that log, you did find it's location. Would it be any different if I am out on a hike and "discover" what I think is great hidey hole for a cache only to find that someone has already placed a cache there without the knowledge of the information contained in the posted listing? Would you log that find? Hey maybe you even developed a new off-shoot of the game, not only will we have the FTF hounds running out in their slippers and jammies at all times of the night "umm no honey, the house isn't on fire, but my phone just rang with a new cache listing not .3 miles away!", but now we can have a new stat; FTG!!!!! I can see it now avid geocachers hiding out in the most likely "good" hide spots left available staking that location out for long periods of time in their slippers and jammies! Just waiting to pounce when that unsuspecting placer feels he has made the most ingenious puzzle hide possible, walking off into the sunset wringing his hands with that evil cackling laugh only to find as soon as his cache is published: WooooHoooo FTG!!!!!! TNLN SL before it was actually published TFTC!
  22. Technically geocaching is one of the least expensive "hobbies" I partake in as far as what is a necessity. Now of course as well as my other hobbies as you get interested and it is within your means you tend to make it more expensive than it really needs to be! For geocaching all you need is a GPS, I started with a free GPS12 that someone gave to me. An internet connection and a computer, I had one already, but you could go to a local library and use them {if you have a local library and they provide this service}. You could walk to a cache I am sure, yes I know not everybody lives in a target rich enviorment, like I do; but there is normally some form of public transport or someone else with a car you could swindle into getting interested in your hobbie! A pen to log your finds. and really that is it, all the other things are nice to haves to make my caching experience a little easier. Other Hobbies: A Wife $$$$$$$$$$ {mainly bribes so I can go Geocaching} Archery $$$$$$$$$ {1 Bow and Arrows to start- 1000.00} Fishing $$$$$$$$$ {Just the one rod and some gear to start- 400.00} Firearms $$$$$$$$$$ {Just one of the guns and some ammo to start- 800.00} Again I have the means so none of those stopped at the listed starting price.
  23. If anyone is interested I was going to do the "Hunt For Red October" GCV283 on Monday the 18th, it will be my 1000th find. So far Miragee, Fisnjack and myself are going and we will be meeting at Hooley's in Rancho SD and making our way up to the far west end of Park Village Road north of PQ Canyon and start from there. Start time from Park Village will be about 7AM and we will be meeting at "RSD YMCA" GCR9W5 at about 06:30. If anyone hasn't done the PQ Canyon area there are a number of interesting hides down in there to include an Earthcache as well as great scenery.
  24. Hmmmmmmmmmm, now who the heck would do that! No, but really you forgot the jump from the initial GPS12 up to the GPSMap 60CSx after seeing thats what all the other cool cahers are sporting, not to mention the assorted carriers and holders, depending on the car I am driving or if the "GEOMobile" is in use. But after all is said and done the hunt is priceless! So for the OP, sure go for the $3 fee, you won't regret it! Thanks Miragee
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