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  1. OH YEAH! Luv this coin! Nothing says beautiful like a radar-guided missile!
  2. Hello GeoTaggers! Still got about a dozen of these left to trade... send me an email BTW, thanks to Team Sand Dollar for publishing the list of names! You know you want it! Let's make a trade
  3. You should read post #21 here. Seller offers refund.
  4. Can you post pictures of your sample coins? Most people like to see an actual coin before purchasing.
  5. WAKE UP PETE! It's all a bad dream You are still asleep! Whaat? They do this on TV all the time... doeh!
  6. Paula, I am sure I am just one of many who want to thank you for designing such a beautiful coin! It's a real gem! And thanks to Castle Man for deciding to mint even more sunbursts, these coins will be popular for a long time. What you do with your coins is your business and that's that. And I just love all of the DRAMA. That's what makes this forum so fun and interesting...
  7. I got my coins last week - kudos for pulling off this innovative & intricate design! I am quite pleased! IMHO your ordering system and customer service has been right on. It was well worth the wait.
  8. Today, nothing. But this past week, in no particular order: Noah's Ark 4-coin set Cinqo de Mayo BN LE White Dragon Clan! Groundspeak Lackey - thanks 911 turbos! 911turbos micro Interstate 10 - gold & silver 9 Key Personal Stonehenge Mystery Cache Prowler53 Panther 2007 - gold & silver Quigley 2007 Tallship - BN RE & Gold LE Geocoinclub May & June 2007 Geoswag Coin & Pin Club May 2007 Anthus Laptops - Blue LE & BN Moustik 2007 Butterflies - gold & silver RiverCity Personal Creaturesaur Gold LE Allanon 2007 Personal Glennk721 GeoTags Crowesfeat30 Geotag CF30 GW5 geochick Strider geotag Buffalo Wings geotag Team Sand Dollar geotag Cacher's Preserves Glitter LE - Rhodium
  9. Paula - this is coming back to you on Monday. I hope you like it.
  10. Ordered a couple. I really like this coin!
  11. Got my set today. Now I understand what everyone is saying, the pictures do not show the real beauty of these coins! Congrats.
  12. Thanks for the beautiful coins. So inspired, I had to do this...
  13. Got the whole family thinking about your coins! Look what my son found at the dollar store... (apologies for the shaky pic) HEH We've played the game a few times but no clues to solving your challenge!
  14. Hi Glen! Things are looking up. Good news. I got your package. Thanks for the GeoTags. This is what I'm sending back to you. Hope this helps cheer you up!
  15. Got mine yesterday. These coins are gorgeous! congrats Prowler!
  16. I have my personal geotag to trade. Or perhaps I could interest you in some custom wirewrapping like this:
  17. black nickel/antique silver black nickel/nickel ant.gold/ant.silver ant.silver/ant.gold tough choices very kewl design
  18. A few of you have asked to see pictures of the custom wirewrapping I have been working on. Aside from the picture already posted; here are some more examples with round and non-round coins. This is for Seabeck Tribe's upcoming GeoPoker Run 2 event. Lindychris' Personal Geosmirk Creacher's 2007 Personal All of these are wrapped with silver-plated copper wire which is quite economical vs. sterling silver wire. So far, I haven't charged for these services and have traded for coin instead. If you have any questions or would like to see one of your coins wirewrapped, please feel free to contact me.
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