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  1. Her website says not available until OCT 14.
  2. I use a Nikon 4300 in closeup mode and natural sunlight. The Nikon macro lens will allow you to get as close as 1.7 inches! Believe it or not, I just hold the coin out in front of the camera and shoot! No tripod. No lights. More here.
  3. Here's some of my latest custom wirewrapping. Suitable for pendants, keychains or whatever. Whenever you greet another cacher your coin can always be available to discover! More here.
  4. Here is something different. Gave this box away for Boy Scouts. I got the premade box for real cheap at Michaels then did a little finishing work myself. Pretty nice if you ask me.
  5. Her website says not available until October 14
  6. Pulleezzz! Put me on the list of landlubbers that can not attend this event but are willing to part with $$$ for a few of these beeyooteefull coins...
  7. This is a really incredibly beautiful coin so big Way to finish the series!
  8. Looks great! You know I'm in for one of these... BTW, thanks for the nickel geofluke!
  9. You still looking for someone who can do this for you? http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...t&p=2894156
  10. Yesterday & Today: cachanova silver geocide gold mudnuri - gosh it's big! Kangacacher Hitchhiker's Guide "42" - gold w/glitter & nickel Earthcrazy silver Huskies BN & gold LE Landsharkz Rockgarden - green/blue & copper/mango
  11. Geez Mike, once again you've done a helluva job here! Congrats! With regards to your above thoughts - no matter what you do some one is going to be mad... I also had to make a hard choice between BN or N, finally deciding to go with BN. I do want a nickel one, but isn't that what trading is all about? This way the buyer can choose which one of the set to trade. I see alot of extra work in allowing buyers to change orders now. Also, you could offer more colors in any combination and people would most certainly buy 'em all up (me included!) But, it looks like I'm just repeating what others are saying.
  12. Thanks for the update. The sample pics are gorgeous! Can't wait to see 'em!
  13. Awesome day! a trio of tadpoles! very kewl... Geocoin Collector Coins! Can't decide which finish is purtyer... Paula, you are amazing!
  14. Awesome design Paula! Can't wait to buy some of these. Sure would like to trade for a copper... Here's a preview of something I've been working on for dorkfish.
  15. Make no mistake, these are beautiful coins, mine are antique gold. But is it just me, or does anyone else have a problem with being able to read the letter inside the tiny window hole?
  16. Paid invoice! Can't wait to see 'em
  17. GMAIL presented me with this link FSM and Pastafarian Emblems - kewl stuff for those of us who missed out on the coin...
  18. Beautiful coin! I love the unique shape. Since this is a pre-order, am I gonna have to rush to get my order in at 6pm Sunday or will it be a bit more relaxed?
  19. What the heck... I guess 278.
  20. Oh! I DO hope that I am one of those randomly drawn! The copper looks awesome! CF30 ditto that CF!!
  21. Way to go Coins & Pins! Smooth sailing thru entire process - I encourage everyone to log on and get some of these new coins!
  22. Did they re-verify the number? I e-mailed them and they said "A friend gave it to me after the Midsouth Celebrate Summer geocaching event".
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