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  1. The historical marker there lists the rock as a red sandstone .... all one word. If you ever visit the central Kansas area, you will find the red sandstone is plentiful here, it makes for beautiful buildings and is quite soft. The red sandstone is also quite fragile and you seldom see it being quarried in blocks like limestone. You can rub two of them together and get red sand falling almost immediately, neat stuff. Some area bluffs are red sandstone and they really stand out when the sun lights them at angles. Just tell them it is a red rock that is not native to that part of the world. Glen Thanks Glen. I know it sounds hokie but your coin has really tweaked my interest in benchmarks. One of these days, I hope to get out there and actually stand there!
  2. Who could resist? Please count me in for 1 of each metal. Thanks
  3. Glen, These are awesome coins! So I'm showing around these beautiful coins and two people ask me the same question - "a red sandstone what?" In other words, they interpreted the word sandstone as an adjective. I looked back at the description starting this thread and it shows a space between sand and stone "a red sand stone" Is this a typo then in the thread or on the coin?
  4. let me look and see what the problem is try it again,,, I just did a sample and was working ok just email me what you want and I will manually add you to the reservation list No luck. My computer just will not connect with your domain. I don't know what's going on! Perhaps, might there be an alternative order site? Hoorah! I finally got in and was able to place a reservation. Thanks Ranger!
  5. Email sent. Hope I had a shot at a getting a gold xle but not a big deal. This was one fine looking coin. I do not believe that the "limited" silver and gold editions will devalue the first run black knickel coins. I am just glad to have a shot at getting this coin in what ever metal and not having to pay "e-place" prices for it, cause I'd pretty much given up on ever getting one of these. Thanks Prowler!
  6. let me look and see what the problem is try it again,,, I just did a sample and was working ok No luck. My computer just will not connect with your domain. I don't know what's going on! Perhaps, might there be an alternative order site?
  7. Hello Ranger. Guess I need some help. I don't know what's going on, but I can't seem to be able to reach your reservation page - my browser says the server stops responding. I missed out the first time around, hate to miss these ones.
  8. First thing I would reconsider is that the GPSMAP 60CX lacks the compass and barometric altimeter contained in the explorist 600. I think you want to compare against the GPSMAP 60CSX which does have these important features. Frankly, I've been doing this same research and I am really interested in some real world experience with both of these units from forum users. Thanks for starting this topic!
  9. Hi Folks! The coins have indeed arrived, and they are AWESOME - we are in the process of preparing them for shipping. They will start going out on Monday! We would like to thank everyone for their support on this coin. There are still some remaining in the gallery at The Caching Place. Thanks and have a great weekend! Mrs Cach-U-Nuts! Next week is gonna be a good week!
  10. Hello. Caching Place website says these coins were to be shipped yesterday. Anybody get one yet?
  11. Just paypalled my order. This is going to be fun!
  12. That would be $8.75 each including S&H (see 1st line of text under picture) I also missed it the 1st time thru. NOTE: JSAM - email sent! Thanks for offering such a beautiful coin...
  13. What she said... Sent email requesting invoice. Thanks.
  14. yes you can.... email me your info and I will send you a paypal invoice Email sent. Thanks
  15. Hello. I went to the presale page and thought I might ask - since I want to reserve both sets in gold, do you want me to use the buttons and perform 2 PayPal transactions or can you invoice me with the total due for one of each set in gold so it's only one PayPal transaction? Just trying to keep it simple Oh yeah, I also emailed you with this question and my paypal address. Thanks for offering these cool coins.
  16. There are 4 different metals. <Edited by moderator>
  17. Nice coins! Please count me in for 2 antique gold. Thanks
  18. More than 1/4 of the coins have been reserved in the first day. Antique sets going quicker than the regular sets. Any thoughts on why? All other things being equal, is there a general preference for the antique look? Given the choice, I put in a reservation for a regular set. Just thinking out loud.
  19. This sounds like a lot of fun! Please count me in for a set. An awesome challenge for a newbie cacher!
  20. These are gonna be some really nice coins. I think Santa's coming early to my house! Please put me on the reserve list for one of each set. Thanks!
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