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  1. Hello. I got my coins last week and am wondering if someone could post photos of the black nickel coin. I just got a black nickel Camp Explorer coin and it definately has a different finish than the black nickel EMTJMW coins I was sent. I will try posting pics of my coins tommorrow. Thanks.
  2. I did not think of that, I have changed the site so black nickel can be ordered by itself! Thanks much. Having already bought a couple of gold & silver sets, I was almost gonna pass on the black nickel coin until I saw this post.
  3. My set are all PC. A seriously awesome coin Nutlady Cachegame is right. Scarcity may make the error coins more collectible for some... IMHO, I may find it difficult to part with any of my nuts
  4. Great personal geocoin! I think I'd buy one of each color...
  5. Lovely coin. Will you be invoicing thru PayPal?
  6. wow! was I surprised to see these simply awesome! thanks
  7. $14.95! Yeah, I'm pushing the boundaries of reality...
  8. Gosh, I can't help myself... just had to Order these too! Geocoins are much more fun than marbles...
  9. I totally agree with the above! Matte black or shiny black, it looks the best!
  10. Beautiful coin! Just had to get one of these. Thanks!
  11. Got my coins today Very cool Thanks!
  12. Email sent for one set. Could not resist cool design.
  13. Just noticed I was not on your list so I resent my email.
  14. sweet! Thanks for the fun. Is it really -20 F up there right now?
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