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  1. Wow! That was quick. Already got my coins! These sure are beautiful Thanks Mauison
  2. The watchlist pays off big time! Away from my computer yesterday afternoon, I didn't check back until 6:55pm - argh! The GSA hit a local cache! This cache happens to be in a local establishment that closes at 7pm. I call and talk to a clerk and yes they're about to close the doors and yes there was a stranger in earlier who had asked to see the "geocache puzzle pieces" and they will re-open at 11am. Oh no! Anyone watching the GSA's profile would know there was a coin here and could possibly beat me to it. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep. I showed up in front of the door at 10:55am half expecting a line of cachers waiting to get in. I'm the first one here! Door opens at 11 and the prize is mine! The cache is full of swag. I leave a jailbreak geocoin. TFTC! see picture PS. I later asked the clerks if any one remembered the stranger and I got conflicting reports, one thought sure it was a man, but the other said it was a woman. In fact the only thing they agreed on was that the stranger was there for several hours reading comic books!
  3. These are very pretty poker chips. And I applaud the marketing ploy. I am sure you will sell thru this product, just like everything else being offered these days. But I think I am going to pass on this. IMHO, these are way expensive and with each purchase, you have no idea what you might get. Might as well buy one of those mystery bags on eBay.
  4. I am so happy I snagged one of these the last time you offered them up to the forum. Just wanted to log my praise for this finely crafted coin. You da man D22.
  5. Oh gosh Allie! what a beautiful design ...
  6. Forum Coins in gold & silver Can't wait for the red ones... idTimberwolf II Be Prepared Eagles in 4 metals Cruiserdude II copper Don't Tread on Me So many excellent coins! Gotta have 'em all! (don't tell my wife though ...)
  7. OMG! Very kewl Gotta have some of these!
  8. I like your design. I'd be in for a couple of these. Keep us updated here.
  9. After nearly a week of nothing, a whole load of padded envelopes today! Get Out of Jail Free Nero V2 - 3 antique metal finish set Postal LE Dawn Until Dusk LE Nurses Have Heart - two tone finish 2 Delicious Cache fish 2006 Walpurgis Event Saman Team 2006
  10. You may want to size up the text a little, but I like it! gotta get working on mine...
  11. Glad to see you back Allie!
  12. This is just to good of an idea to miss out on! Please count me in for 25 minimum. I like GeoTag! IMHO while I liked the idea of the pathtag, the trackability of a geocoin is preferable.
  13. Kewl! Can't wait to see them
  14. Wow! Almost missed this one! Ordered 2 of each
  15. Today: A reg GeoLuau III - beautiful coin! Gold OneEyedJack - thick and heavy - kewl
  16. Email sent requesting 1 gold & 1 silver. Hope I'm not too late.
  17. I think this is what your looking for here
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