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  1. A big thanks to the Cachebug blog for previewing your coin prior to your post here.
  2. As of June 6, two of the participating event locations are NOT in the US. These locations are in Nova Scotia and the Netherlands. IMO that says worldwide.
  3. CC's Evil Eye - wow! Age of Discovery IV Silver LE - very kewl! Letterboxing in bronze & copper - really incredible detail! Anxiously awaiting my laptops...
  4. Hope I'm not to late to get a set. Email sent.
  5. Very kewl! Ordered my school of fish with many pointy teeth
  6. Elemental Jay in copper and nickel - very kewl Look at what I did to it! Bigcall personal - gold - looks like money! Karma - glow in the dark & pins - Thanks Karma! Gaskins 2007 LE - red siam stone - wow!
  7. These came in today from Coins & Pins. How about something like this... I can easily bend the wire so as not to obscure the tracking id. Now, from the front... Contact me if you are interested.
  8. Still lookiong for Geopenguin as well. Will offer GW5 attendee coin for the geopenguin.
  9. 0R0B0RUS


    rounds: 211 shaped: 23 micros: 42
  10. Hi! Luminous Energy Set - the multi-tone LE is really kewl! Whale Tails in black nickel - nice daVinci Puzzle 3-coin Set - wow! - now to solve the puzzle... Go_JayBee geotag - thanks Paul!
  11. Thanks! Got your email. Would love to do a sunburst for you. Reply coming! Here's a picture of the seahorse I got in the trade with dorkfish. This is wrapped in sterling silver. The hardest thing is keeping it simple. My seahorse (like Karma's) is wrapped so it can be worn front or back. Thanks. Yep, the bezel's work great for ROUND coins, and I can work this design around some "roundish" coins like this dorkfish v1, but you have to get really creative with the odd-shaped coins. (I just finished one for Seabeck Tribe's GeoPoker Run 2, but I'll have to ask if I can post a pic since the event hasn't happenned yet, in fact, she hasn't seen it yet! It's in the mail, Dianne) If anyone is interested, contact me. So far, I haven't been charging for this work, but I am willing to trade for a wrap or two.
  12. Might you be interested in something like this? Custom wirewrap, for use as keychain or pendant...
  13. Today, Just some black nickel creachers! kewl!
  14. Very pretty coin! Email sent.
  15. Yesterday, a pair of Clay4 eyeballs in gold & silver - wow!
  16. This thread is absolutely hilarious! For those of us who missed GW5, could somebody please post a picture of some of these colorful birds?
  17. Whoa! Almost missed this Got a glow one and a pin set. Thanks Karma!
  18. Here's a picture of my GeoTag. I will have a few to trade. Contact me thru my profile.
  19. Much thanks to Mike! Trading GeoTags is here.
  20. Just got my order in for a set... now to solve the puzzle
  21. Just got my order in for this most delicious coin!
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